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Breathless After Reading Question


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Okay, so my daughter loves to have us read books to her, but for some reason I get very breathless/short of breath when I try to read more than two pages to her (these are very short pages, like two sentences on each page). It is so frustrating since I can't run and play with her, I'd at least like to be able to read

to her :wub: Does anyone else have a hard time with this... also singing is impossible for me about 90% of the time.

- Tammy

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I'm sorry reading and singing are so difficult.

Yes, I have the same problem. My son is just over one year old and he loves books. And even more he loves song books. I can usually read if I've been resting for a while. But if I just walked to another room, or if I'd been sitting and working on something then it can be hard to read out loud without being short of breath. And then trying to read just makes it worse!

Singing is especially difficult. And that's hard on me because I love to sing. Sometimes when I'm singing to my son there will be a long pause as I take a few deep breaths. And other times I have to just stop.

I'm sorry this is hard for you too.


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I have the same problem, often singing and reading out loud are a no-go. Lately, even having a conversation that lasts more than a minute has been impossible.

I'm sorry you have this symptom, but hopefully it'll get better. I go through periods where I can sing and read out loud with no problems, so hopefully you'll be the same.

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Tammy, as the others have said, I too have a very hard time singing or reading outloud. This illness is all about learning to restructure life and cope. When I read your concern I coudl relate to you not wanting to lose this time with your daughter, so I had this idea. How about getting books on tape and listen to them together? Also, children's music on tape or children's music videos. You can still snuggle and be together, but it'a adjusting to where you are physically,

I know it's hard... I've been doing it now for several years, and I keep finding things that I have to adjust... I just always ask myslef, "how can I still accomplish my goal in a different way?"


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You are not alone. I also have the same problem

I am better now, though if I read loud or sing, I am ill the following day...

I never thought this could be related with POTS. I even thought I had problems with my vocal choirds but after going to a specialist, he confirmed that there was nothing wrong with them... I wondered what the problem was, but as I had no answer, I stopped reading loud and singing (which I always loved doing)... The same happens to me when I dance... I had to stop dancing too ;)

On Christmas Eve (a few years ago), I had family home. We danced for a while to celebrate the New Year. I was feeling quite well... The following day I woke up with a terrible headache, nauseas, dizziness... I had to stay in bed for the whole day... The same happens if I sing, speak louder, read loud and cry.

If I argue (loud), I feel breathless and even some chest discomfort... (And I use to drink plenty of fluids)...

There are times that I feel better, but even though feeling better, I cannot dance, sing, etc.

:unsure: I wish I knew how to cope with it... It is frustrating.



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I'm sorry your having a hard time reading. I too can have problems. If I push myself anyway I will get lightheaded as well as out of breath.

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Years ago when I first started taking Toprol I could not even get up out of bed without being completely breathless. I could not carry a conversation at all. It was like I was suffocating. Went to several doctors and no one knew why I was suffering so bad. Then I had a doctor tell me that with dysautonomia it could be my diaphram is not relaxing so I am not able to take a full deep breath. He said it's all related to the dysfuntion of the ANS. Still to this day I struggle on and off with breathlessness, but it is tolerable at this point

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hi tammy,

i have the exact same problem. i haven't been able to sing for years now and reading for my kids has always been a big problem until it became a no-no. since i was diagnosed with pots my pcp understood why i couldn't sing (can't get enough oxygen to the brain while singing, so it's cut down). although i thought it was too stupid to ask i once asked him because i got so many strange symptoms :) . maybe you and your little one can listen to a book on tape (cd)??? i know it is very different from reading yourself, it's just an option i think?!

corina :)

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