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Our Doggie


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Hi All

Just wanted to share that we had to put our 16-yr old golden retriever down yesterday. She had declined greatly over the past week. I was still unsure if we were doing the right thing, but when our vet came over (who has been caring for her since she was a puppy) and saw her and said that it would be cruel to make her go on--I felt it was right. She went gently and peacefully.

She was a very patient and tolerant companion for Giuliana, and a loving and sweet pet. We all miss her. Giuliana brought a few snapshots of Sabine to school today and her teacher put them on a bulletin board, which was sweet of her.

Here's a photo--for some reason I can't paste it in.



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your dog looked like a very faithful friend. what a sweet looking dog, and very cute child to boot! i am so sorry to hear of your loss.....my german shepherd just passed away 5 months ago at 12 years old, so i know what you're going through. take care.

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Oh, I feel for you and your family--I know how hard it is. I still miss my Jeri (my cat) every day. Sabine had sweet eyes and loving eyes and I'm sure she must have been even sweeter in person.

Hugs. Nina

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Oh Katherine,

I am soooo sorry. It is so hard to put a pet down, but you did the right thing.

I know it will feel so empty not to hear her pitter patter of toenails on the hardwood floors. And G will miss her along with you and yoru husband.

I don't have any words of wisdom. Pets are our family and losing them is incredibly painful.


p.s. what a gorgeous picture!

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Oh my heart goes out to you!!

We just put down our Mastiff (5 years old) due to a mass cell tumor.

It's never easy and I understand your pain!!


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Oh Katherine


I know how hard it is to lose a dog- a faithful friend, a family member. It's heartbreaking. Making the decision is an incredibly hard thing to do, but thank you for being a responsible pet owner. My cousin works at a major vet hospital in Miami, and she knows how hard it is to make that sad decision, but she really praises the loving pet owners that do it and are responsible to not let the dog suffer any longer. I'm sure Sabine had a long, wonderful, happy life. (((HUGS))) again. Give Guiliana lots of hugs, too!!

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I'm so sorry. We have 2 dogs and Sammi is 16 and we will be looking at having to do the same thing. She is on prednisone everyday and is getting weaker. I can imagine what you are going through as I am trying to prepare myself for the day. I cannot imagine life without her. We love them like children (sometimes more than our children). Try to remember what a good life you gave her.

Sending an angel of comfort your way.


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I'm sorry MomtoGiualina--------What a nice picture, and how sweet they look together.

One of my Cats is getting old-----14 this year, but she shows no signs of slowing down yet-- :)

We dearly love all our animals---India who is 7 years old, and Spencer, my other Cat who is 2---and of course Samantha.

We lost Maxine a couple years ago ------our first Cat together, she was 15 and had a stroke. It was hard, but we knew she needed to be at peace. It was my husbands first pet, and he had a really hard time.

I know your doggie is in a happier place now------no longer suffering.

Sending you HUGS

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I cried when I read your post and saw that wonderfully sweet picture.

My two dogs are my children. I had to put my 14-year old poodle down several years ago and it was the hardest thing in the world but I knew it was best. He had congestive heart failure. I still dream about him often.

My heart goes out to you in your time of grief and sadness.

Lots of hugs,


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I'm sorry for your loss. Pets really do claim a big part of our lives.

I have a suggestion. When my last two dogs died, I jotted down a few things about them: their nicknames, strange things they did, that sort of thing. After reading your post, I just pulled those out and read them, and enjoyed them all over again. Some of the things I would have forgotten had I not done this - especially some of the nicknames (all of my pets have numerous nicknames).

For example, my lab Basil had numerous names, the most consistently used was Mr. Distinguished, coined by one of my friends because of how he would pose for photos and Thunderbolt, affectionately assigned by my husband when he slowed down in his latter years. Basil was most known for his frisbee catching skill but the most unique was his ability to body surf on the waves of Lake Michigan - it was really something to see him close his eyes, push his paws forward and surf onto the beach.

My Airedale Pete was something else. Devil Dog was the name most associated with him but he was also referred to as Bloomer Butt, Poodle Head (both due to a bad haircut) and Mr. Hunka among others. Pete loved to smell the roses and then eat or stomp any bees that flew out of the bush! His favorite toy was a pumpkin - he stole one from a decorative autumn display on the front porch and had so much fun with it that we continued to buy him pumpkins and gourds to play with the rest of his life. And he was the only "double scratcher" I know of - he would balance on his rear and then scratch with both back paws at the same time.

I think your daughter will love coming across this when she is older and fondly remembers her first pet (and so will you).

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