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Started With Personal Trainer A Few Weeks Ago


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Hi everyone, I thought I'd update you all on what's going on here in the house of mouse.

Firstly, as I mentioned in a prior post, I had that horrible stomach virus as did Teri a few weeks ago. We both then got sinus infections to follow.

Right after the stomach thing, I started with a personal trainer twice a week--I decided it's where my car payment money will go now that I've paid off my car. (Okay, I REALLY want a mini cooper, but my body needs work first) :) I do have an Rx from my neuro to get PT, but I decided PT costs me nearly as much as the trainer (my copay, that is); however, the trainer comes to MY house, following MY schedule and works with me for a full hour. He's been super cautious to increase activity very slowly and carefully. Anyway, I was going to cancel my first few visits b/c of my illness, but he promise me we'd go easy.

I'm sharing this exercise stuff with you b/c I'm really doing better than I expected painwise both during and after. I think the key was that he really started with very small goals and activities for me, and with no weights--and then we little by little built up from there. I just didn't expect to notice big changes already; but I already noticed that my posture is much improved, my belly is flatter, and I am definitely stronger with regard to carrying things.

Symptomwise, I've got a bit more endurance (i.e. I don't have to take a nap immediately upon arriving home from work at 4). I haven't really noticed any changes with my heart rate or bp, but I'm hoping to see my resting HR drop over the weeks to come. My resting rate on day one was 72bpm before I got out of bed that day.

He has me do all my aerobic stuff on my own on days when he's not here--on my recumbent bike and with my hr to go between 110 and 120, no higher (ha, I do that getting out of bed every morning ;)) for about 10 minutes a day--and most of the weight activities he's designed for me have me on the floor, or on a laying on a therapy ball, or even seated on my bike or leaning on it. He knows I get dizzy when I'm up too long while doing weight stuff--so we've managed to find really good adaptations that get the job done. Also, I didn't really spend that much money buying stuff--I already had the bike, and the therapy ball, therapy bands that I had from previous PT, and I spent about 60 bucks on a compact weight set that is similar to the one my trainer brings with him (but his set costs 300!).

Thought I'd share something nice in case anyone else might benefit or get some ideas.

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That's great news! I've been working with a trainer since Oct 2005. Since last summer it has been with a pilates trainer like mkoven. We work on the machine, which is mostly lying down. I have also tried to do the bike or the elliptical a few times a week, keeping my HR below 130. (I have generally been doing this weekly, though it has been 2 months since the last time I was at the gym, LOL). I've gotten a lot of benefits along the same lines as you - it has been really gradual, but totally worth it -- I think the biggest factor in the improvement of my symptoms. Good luck with your training and keep us posted.


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Fabulous news nina,

i have an appointment on monday with a govenment run charity to help people wit long term health conditions get fit and lose weight, cos i can't afford the gym and i need supervision. This is called BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Excercising People) i'm a bit nervous about the appointment because it's with a doctor and he'll have to do fitness tests and weigh me and stuff and i'm always scared the scales will scream "get off fatty!!" but at least i'm doing something now.

Good luck with your training and i'll let you know how mine goes!

becks x x x

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That sounds awesome. I never thought of having a trainer come to my house. I always wanted to get one but was worried about having to commit to driving and leaving the house to go to an overstimulating gym. What a great idea Thank you for sharing this with us and I'm happy your enjoying it.

Keep it up


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Glad that others are doing similarly with pilates. I tried to go it alone--but I just didn't have the motivation, had bad form and therefore was in more pain afterward, and pushed too hard too soon. I needed to have him reign me in a bit.

Today happens to be one of the first ones where my muscles are sore--we did a lot of arm and shoulder work, where I'm really weak. The only other muscles that gave me complaint were my hip flexors (lower abdomen, they assist with lifting knees upward).

There are quite a number of services that offer personal trainers at home. I searched online and went through a referral service which gave me three well rated groups that I could potentially interview. I picked one of those three. I got a significant discount for signing a contract for 60 visits in advance--I didn't have to pay for them all at once, they only bill me each month for the sessions I've used that month. This suited me well b/c I really know I need to establish a routine and paying visit by visit and not making a comitment to regular time slots would give me an easy "out".


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Sounds great!

As I'm sure you know, form is key, and not all instructors/trainers are equally attentive. My pilates people actually have better eyes for misalignment than pt's I've had. I ever so slightly hike up my right shoulder and hip, but on an eds body, every millimeter counts. So it's great to have someone there telling me when I'm asymmetrical, or rushing and losing control of a movement, or or losing my "scoop and squeeze." Nothing like having someone's hand on your tummy or rear and saying "suqeeze MORE!" to make you squeeze harder than you thought you could! (I"m always surprised that they can feel and see what the muscles under my "natural cusioning" are up to!)

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