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More On Our Favorite Sunfish...

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A little more scoop on Melissa...

(Michelle, hope it is okay for me to update a little on Melissa in a new post?)

She had been feeling extra icky, like her TPN had been laced with heavy-duty benedryl...

Then, she woke up Saturday with fever, chills, shakes, pain around the site....

Soooo....she had to call 911, her parents zipped down from Toledo and they admitted her Saturday nite. She had a crazy reaction to antibiotics and well, she just never has a dull moment does she???

She spent the weekend pretty drugged up for pain and on heavy duty antibiotics. Last night she left me a message, and let's just say, she's a FUNKY FISH on morphine!

Today, she was off of it and called me right at noon when she knows I wake up and she sounded much better. Today, she was feeling better than she has since Thursday...(although, 'better' for her is not exactly running marathons, as we all know)

She hasn't been able to get her TPN nutrition and they are still deciding about whether or not they will have to pull the central line and place a new one. YUCK!

The only good thing is that the infection, as Michelle said, did not spread to her bloodstream. But, there is still swelling around the site, so they are going to check for a blood clot tomorrow.

If no blood clot, then they can flood the line with abx and she will be able to keep the line.

If a blood clot, then she will have to have the line pulled. Weird thing is that she had a PICC line for 4 months with no problems and they are so much more likely than a central line to get infected. As she would say.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

So, she is much more stable than she was over the weekend, thank goodness....but still has a few hurdles to go with the central line stuff....

She has to have the line to get her nutrition and fluids, since she cannot eat hardly anything...

I am sure Michelle and I will keep you updated as we know the scoop....


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Thanks Emily for keeping us updated. I sure do miss Melissa's presence on the board! Tell her that we are thinking of her and hope she gets better SOON!

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Here fishy, fishy, fishy... I have some special fish food to put in your bowl, er I mean into your line... :)

Come home soon fishy. Nina

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Are you on morphine too???? :) Sorry, your post had me laughing hysterically! I will have to tell her what you wrote (and everyone else) next time I talk to her! :)

Sometimes, like now, I will log on right before bed, and there will be such a funny post to brighten my dreams...and usually it's something you've written! Like your bug post! Or stats lesson.

I wish I had that sense of humor!

Okay, now, are you just luring the fish b/c you are a hungry mouse? I hope not! Okay, dumb joke.


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Teri has taken to calling me "BUG GIRL". :) Yesterday, we went to our neighbor's pool (they're away, so we had the place to ourselves). I spent the whole time looking at, whatelse!, BUGs. They had a few different kinds of colorful butterflies, and a really cool clearwinged moth that looks like a huge bee or hornet--and the area around the pools was FULL of them, along with dragon and damsel flies. BTW, I finally found out the difference between those two--dragons can't fold their wings & damsels can put their wings flush to their body when resting. Thus ends tonight's entomology lesson :)

I've been fighting strep throat and an ear infection--and I'm on more meds than usual, but I'll have to admit to just being my normal nutty self for now. Antibioitcs just give me hives, not mental or verbal sillies--although, oxycontic and any other pain meds make me HYPER in my speech and thoughts. Maybe I was channelling Melissa briefly in a morpine buzz? bbzzzzzz bzzzzz



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LOL! Nina you crack me up too!!!! When I take Vicadin I get very happy and chatty. If ever I have some good moments and begin getting silly or chatting, my kids now tease me and alwasy ask "Are you on Vicadin?" LOL!

Our poor little sunfish.... I love her so much! Thank you so much my dear dancing light for updating us!

Melissia, if you're reading this, Melanie is praying for your LOTS! My husband just gave a message last weekend on trusting God and he reminded me that God's agenda is more glorious than we can imagine... I sure wonder why he's allowing you to go through all this, but I guess we have to trust and pray and hold on. I wish sooooooo badly I could come and visit you!!!!!!

High Five to Nina, wink wink to Emily and a big hug for Melissa.


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Oohh, Roselover! Can I have hug too? :ph34r: hehehehehe! Just being goofy!

I will post when I hear more news from our Sunfish. Last night I left her a message and read ALL of the messages she has received to her voicemail! So, that will be what she woke up to this morning when she checked her messages! I will read the newest ones to her tonight...after she's asleep, I call and leave her a voice message, so she has it when she wakes up.

Okay, my turn to nap now!

Love, Em


Go back and read your post...you will laugh at your typos! And, thanks for the entymology lesson! So, the abx are kinda messing with your brain a little I think, or it could just be the heat! Sorry, poking more fun at you, but I know you can handle it!

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every time i?m off the forum (for a vacation or just to rest a bit) you are in the hospital! now i promise you this: i won't leave the forum anymore, not even for a day (i will rest in between) but i will check on you every day. you better get well soon now because the best place to be is at home!!!! sending you warm wishes and a big hug and hoping that you will feel better soon.

thank you so much emily for keeping us updated. i think you didn't have time to send melissa a fairy card yet, did you???? if not (and nobody will blame you) i will make one for melissa.

warm wishes all (nina, you made ME laugh as well, like em i thought about the morphine!!!)

corina :ph34r:

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wow!! sunfish is having to go thru so much! i hope she feels better soon and they get this all figured out!! i bet she's funny on morphine, even tho i've never met her, because i was a crazy on it! i really do recognize that i'm kinda "out there" anyways, but when i was on a morphine PCA i said the funkiest stuff and have NO recollection of it at all!!

my brother said i said, "you know, like kate moss" and "that's why i like horseback riding" out of the CLEAR BLUE during a conversation. my husband tells me i watched an entire hour of spongebob squarepants and thought it was "genius" and "brilliant." :ph34r: it wasn't me, i swear!! it was that other-drug-affected lulu!!! oxycontin and some abx make me the same way.

i am glad to hear that sunfish isn't in pain, but i hope she is back on her feet soon. thanks for the posts, Emily and Nina. you guys were cracking me up! and i know we're all glad to know more about fishy's condition. :)

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thanks for the update em.. i am sending her hugs and warm wishes -happy thoghts that she gets better soon!!

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