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Taking My Pulse


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Ok i was taking my pulse for a full Minute and while i was i noticed some strange things.

A) I breathe in deep and my HR slows down (dramaticly, for a few beats)

:) I swallow and my HR goes fast for a second or two.

C) Occasionly when i breathed out my HR would rise.

Why is this, someone said its 2 do with the vagus (spelt wrong) nerve or something.

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My heart rate slows when I breathe out, also. However that is not a POTS thing. It is a normal thing.

I have a computer biofeedback game called the Wild Devine. It is a game that uses finger sensors to measure pulse rate and I believe perspiration and body temperature. You can make things happen on the screen of the computer by controlling your breathing. You can use breathing to summon energy -- breathing very fast, like huffing and puffing, or you can use slow, timed breaths to enter a relaxed state.

It is an interesting game in that you can train yourself to relax with feedback. Anticipating the next question, if you want to find out more about the game just google for Wild Devine Project.

I am not sure how good the game is for someone with POTS because certain parts of it requires that you summon energy by breathing fast and for a person with POTS if can make me almost hyperventilated. However, this is one way I learned about breathing and the effects it has on pulse, temperature, and perspiration. I also had biofeedback at a hospital several years ago.

In yoga there are different kinds of breaths with names, breath of fire, the heart breath and so on. Each one has a different effect on the state of the body. I may be wrong about the names because I don't know Yoga, but Yoga breathing may be something worthwhile in terms of the autonomic nervous system.

Since the autonomic nervous system controls breathing, breath may be a way to communicate and alter the autonomic nervous system. However, in my experience, it does not help POTS.

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Guest Belinda

I think you all hit it on the head. It is called sinus arrythmia and is very normal, I have it like many people.

The heart just speeds up and slows down. It happens even when your not breathing different or payinf attention. But I like you, am concerned right now with every thing weird feeling in my body. SO beleive me I understand. Everything is scary... but I assure you it is very common..Belinda

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Sorry to get off topic a little, but just wanted to mention that I have the biofeedback software game Wild Divine as well. I like it a lot. I haven't finished it yet though.

I do have to say that it has taught me a lot about breathing and heart rate and how to better control these things. However, if you're feeling POTSY or having an off day, the game can be frustrating. Well, at least I get frustrated with myself because I can't make my body do what it needs to know matter how hard I try. But overall I like the game and enjoy the graphics, the music and the biofeedback challenges! :)


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