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  1. I recently posted a post about 2 dear friends of mine passing away suddenly. Now, I have a very close friend whom has had a milignant brain tumor removed, however, the operation left her without the ability to speak, or perform fine motor skills. I can only wish it was me. I'm already damaged - she had her whole life in front of her, and she is reduced to asking for what she wants from a children't type picture book. I should be me. She doesn't deserve it. Oh, I'm so mad........ I just don't know who at!
  2. BTW - It's my Birthday today! 29 today!
  3. Hi Jackie, I'm soooo sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I had a similar problem - get the brochures from DINET - they helped me expain what POTS is. That's all I can offer I'm afraid. D
  4. Hi Guys and Gals, It's been a long time since my last post. I've been diagnosed as being clinally depressed, and of course am no questioning my belief systems. I've two close friends pass away recently due to what they call 'SADS'. And I find myself wishing I could trade places with one of them - they deserve to live much more than I do. It's probably not the most positive thing to post, however, I find I am annoyed every time I wake up - I seem to be hoping that one day I won't wake up. And I have more problems to face (not all mine) - being Buddhist - I guess I must have to face these things. I have this awful POTS, however my mother seems to think it's a gift. It allows me to be more caring, artistic and intelligent. I just wish I could get rid of some of the liguering anxiety that hangs over my head. For one, I am sorry about a post/poll I posted about aliens - if you took offence, please don't, I would never make POTS or any Autonomic Nervious System a Disorder, a face that made it look like it was imaginary - I suffer the same as you. And second, I would like to apoloise to Michelle - I went a bit off about a topic we know about, and think it may have been the depression, as I don't have any of those feelings. I trust you will find it in yout big heart to forgive me - It's been a hard time.
  5. This is deviating from the original topic - but how do you ask for it? I take a high dose of BB's, I've tried cutting down, but it's no use. I also take between 2 and 4mg of Xanax per day as well as 40mg of Prozac. I too have terriable trouble sleeping, but the doctors can't see why. From the med's I'm on, I should be feeling fairly drowsy all the time, but I don't at all. My doctor will prescribe immovaine, but then the pharmisist looks at me like I'm a junkie. I tried to prove to my doctor that these are very real, and on purpose stopped taking everything for 2 days and went and see him - my resting HR was 160, and my BP was very low (I can't remember the figures, but he was concerned). I know that I need something to help me sleep, I've tried Valerian (the Herbal stuff), warm milk, peanut butter, warm bath etc, nothing seems to work. I can't seem to convince anyone that my 'wiring' is wrong, and I am very 'on edge' all the time. I've also enquired about Klonopin, which the doctors agree would be worthwhile, however they aren't allowed to prescribe it unless I have epilepsy. What can I do? I know there are medications to help me, but the doctors either can't prescribe them, or the combinations look dodgy to the pharmisist, which makes me reluctant to get them....?
  6. I've written many comments on my best little friend 'Chyna the Chocolate Chihuhua', but yesterday she could very well have saved my life. I had been out in the morning, and got home around noon - she greated me as normal, but kept running to the laundry room and barking and then coming back to me and then to the laundry room repeatadly. I assumed she was barking at the neighbours dog. I eventually got up to get to her, and he had cornered a 2 metre long (approx.) Brown Snake in the laundry room (One of the top 10 most deadly snakes in the world). I guess if it wasn't for Chyna - the snake would either have hidden in the laundry basket (with laundry in it), and I would have had a nasty surprise when I went to fold it, or it would have roamed the house. Either way, I could have ended up with a fatal bite - and so could she - for some reason, she knew to keep her distance, and although the snake was striking, she kept out of range - She just keeps amazing me! Luckily, the snake was right by the laundry ranch slider, which was unlocked, so I managed to open it with a very long broom handle, and then 'encourage' the snake outside. Just wanted to let you know how lucky I am for my little furry friend.
  7. Wow, I would have to list it as the following: 1. To be able to fly 2. To be able to turn back time, and correct my mistakes 3. To be able to morph into something or someone else 4. To have magical powers like Harry Potter 5. To be able to make myself 'intangible' i.e. walk through walls But mostly, I just love to be able to fly!
  8. I am sorry you are having this symptom - I am on the other side of the world, so it would cost an arm and leg to call me, however in the last 6 months or so, I am noticing that I am holding my breath involuntarily - it takes me a while to realise that I actually need to draw breath, and I am with you 100% on that fact that it is very, very scary. I worry that one day, I won't realise that I need to take a breath.... I'm discussing this with my neuro at the moment, however, it seems to be a symptom she is not aware of as yet. Anywho, please feel free to PM me, if you want. All the best, Daniel
  9. Yeah, I get this also, I also get a 'phantom itch', that seems like it is coming from somewhere (say my wrist), but when I scratch it, it feels like I am way off target - the itch is actually in my hand - strange. My guess is that the autonomic nervious system is such in intergral part of our bodies, that dysautonomia can bring out the strangest feelings/sensations.
  10. I am not a doctor, however these symptoms could be POTS. However there are numerous other illnesses that have similar symptoms. Asking your doctor for a Tilt Table Test (TTT), would be the first place to start - they can normally diagnose POTS there and then (In my experience anyway). If it is POTS, don't worry, it's not a death sentance - some common sense, and change of lifestyle (for me a radical change), can make the symptoms less problemlamatic. And, if it is POTS, you'll find this forum a useful tool for asking questions, venting etc. I wish you the best. Daniel
  11. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I was at a wedding on Sunday, and as I was leaving, I got into the passenger side of the car, and was still talking to everyone standing by the car, and realised that there was something on my seat, so I lifted myself up, by grabbing the door frame, and at the same time someone slammed the door shut, without realising where my hand was - OMG, it hurt so much, and my fingers are all cut and bruised. I've taped my index and middle fingers, as they are the worst, in an effort to get them to heal quicker, as I have a bagpiping comp in a couple of weeks. I put them in ice as soon as I got home. Any hints on what to do to ease the bruising, and pain? I'm sure they aren't broken, just squashed! Thanks, Daniel
  12. When I'm at work, I have reminders set in OUTLOOK that pop up and remind me to take my medication (as I'm at the computer most of the day). During the weekend I leave them on the kitchen bench (it's okay there are no kids in my house - however, I was going through a lot of Xanax recently, and the doctor was asking questions about how I could have taken so many, only to catch my now ex-flatmate taking them one day for fun). But I digress, when they are on the kitchen bench, I am bound to pass them several times during the day, which helps me remember when to take them.
  13. Did the lights by any chance have a strobing effect? Or even a flicker (like flourescent lights do)? I believe flashing, strobing or flickering lights can make you feel a bit dissoritated.
  14. What exactly is Klonopin? I have asked my drs about this, as I suffer terrible anxiety almost daily, it starts at about 3pm and lasts until about midnight - so far they have only been able to control it with Xanax (one at 3pm and one at 9pm), but I find Xanax is fairly short lasting, and have heard that Klonopin is longer lasting? Is that correct? Also, does it go by other names? As my drs haven't heard of it.
  15. I too am sorry that you have to put up with this ignorance. I have been through the same things, from being told I am lazy, to that it's all in my head etc. Even recently my father wanted to come and see me, and I said 'Dad, I don't think it's a good idea at the moment, I really am not well', but he insisted, only to find me in bed, and pretty much unable to do anything. I made an effort to get up and make him a cup of coffee, and fainted in the kitchen - his response was 'Oh, that happens if you've been laying down for too long' - then he wanted to go out for lunch. When I told him that I literally could not dress myself in the state I'm in - let alone drive to a restaurant, sit up and eat. So one of my friends went with him instead. When he got back home, he called all my brothers and sisters, and told them that I had some form of manic depression. I've given him the brochures on POTS and everything, but I guess you can lead a horse to water - - - Anyway, now my family all thinks that I have a psychiatric problem, and that the POTS thing is something I made up to cover it up - 'POTS isn't real Daniel, we've never heard of it before' is what they say 'Just admit what's really wrong with you, so we can get you the help you need'. So, I've had to limit my contact with them - it breaks my heart that my father has managed to convince them that I am mentally ill, and that there is no such condition as POTS. I don't have an answer for you in your situation. It's very difficult, I know. I guess all you can do is try and make them understand. Some people simply never well. Others will.
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