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  1. No, I don't feel faint or anything before hand - I feel fine, but after it's happened, it feels like a relief - like when you pop a black head it doesn't bother you too much before, but feels good once it's gone. There is no pain or anything involved. Just the sound and feeling of fluid squirting.... Must just be a design flaw. Anyhow, I'm seeing the neurologist later this week. I'll ask her again, and see if she can come up with something. I'm not worried about it - just wanted to know if anyone else experiences it. As no-one I know has a clue what I mean.
  2. Hi, I just thought I'd put this on here and see if anyone else experiences the same thing. Everyday, especially around noon, I can hear/feel fluid squirting up and down the back of my neck/head (inside my head and neck). I've asked some of my friends and they don't have any idea what I am talking about. I've also asked my neurologist, and she doesn't have an explaination for it. Whilst it isn't painful, I feel kind of relieved once it has happened. Is this normal??? Maybe I am just sensitive and can feel/hear it whereas others can't??? Just thought I'd see if anyone else knows about this.
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