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can't believe it

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I went to the Boundary Waters with my husband for my 50th birthday last week. This still amazes all who know me. Had a good time. When we got home late last night, we opened the garage door--our mail goes into hole in door and into a trash can!!!! So I started to pick up this mail and had in my hand a letter from social securty. My arrorneys said it would take up to 6 mos. to hear. So I cautiosly opened it and the first thing I saw was "Notice of Decision-Fully Favorable"!!!!!!!

I just had my hearing 9/7---and the response was dated 9/16.........................

It goes back to 2/14/2002, whatever that means. The most important letter that he considered was from my therapist whom I have seen for 3 years. And he was quoted all through the 9 page answer, My PCP also went into detail of no more than 6 hours a day must be able to elevate legs, and have time to lie down.

I hope this is it. Miriam :ph34r:

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I did not know what "fully favorable" meant when I got my letter and I had to call my lawyer. I was so convinced I'd never get SSDI, that I had to keep asking over and over, "You mean I got it?" "I'm getting paid?"

Yep, you got it. And you should also be getting a nice BIG check that covers since 2002 (or whenever they told you.).

Word of caution. It is tempting to go and spend the money, but you have to pay taxes on it (at least I did). So keep some around. I think it depends what tax bracket you're in, but I know we have to pay taxes on my SSDI.

Great news!

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Congratulations Miriam!!!! :):P:ph34r::(

Yes Lois, they do tax it and give you the option of taking it out before you get it, or paying for it at the end of the year. If you opt to have it deducted, they take 15%, or at least that's what would have come out of my check. We just do it with our combined taxes at the end of the year. If that was my only money, I wouldn't be taxed, because I would be well below poverty level, but because my hubs works, some gets taken out. morgan

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I just called the IRS. On line 20A of the 1040, you list your SS income. On line 20B, using a worksheet (which is on page 25 of the 1040 instruction manual, so I was told), you determine HOW MUCH of the SS income is taxable. It has to do with how much total income there is in the household, I think.

That first check is the biggest since it goes back a ways.

Your lawyer probably told you already how much he will get.

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Wow! Miriam that is great!!

Good for you.. fully favorable means that you have been approved!

I did not know that you had to pay taxes on your lump sum..Do you have to pay taxes on your monthly check too?

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It could be taxable or a portion of it could be taxable. If you own a home or have other itemized expenses that will help. It all depends on your income bracket, because I receive money from both SSDI and my employers LTD plan I actually have to pay taxes on my LTD plan and I have to pay taxes on a small % of my SS because of it but since I have such large medical expenses I am able to itemize and I don't actually end up owing anything.

The first year I was taxed at 23% on SSDI though.

Consult and acct if you need to.

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congrats congrats congrats!!!

and happy belated birthday too :( i hope you had a great day!

:( melissa

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Guest Mary from OH

Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope your husband was close by to catch you, because I'm sure you had to sit down/pass out quickly when you read the letter!! It couldn't have happened to a nicer lady!!

Hopefully this will be the first of MANY favorable decisons to come through our way soon!! Maybe they are finally "seeing the light" and we are getting better at providing them with the necessary documentation for their bureaucratic nightmare!! (I guess I can say that since I was a former employee!?)

Good luck to you and I hope you get sound advice about the payouts, etc.


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