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Hi All


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Hello to everyone.

Well before January of this year I had never heard of POTS, but believe me after 4 years I was actually delighted to hear I actually had something with a name wrong with me other than your possibly CRAZY B) . I hope this post comes across ok...somedays I'm walking around in a fog. I have been reading a bunch of the posts and it totally amazes me that all the symptoms that I have been having all these years are actually what you all talk about.

I was lucky enough to find an Internal Medicine Doctor who has helped me. I take Flourinef & Toprol and it seems to help. I have a supportive hubby who trys to stay postive when I am down flat sometimes for days. I have been reading him lots of the posts and doctor information and I think it is helping as well as my children. I have 3 kids who are all grown now so I depend on him more than ever.

I just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the information that you post on this site. It has really helped me.


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welcome patty-

i'll give my standard byline - sorry that you have reason to be here but glad that you found the forum. it's a great place with lots of good info & pretty nifty people to go along with it:-) i have autonomic neuropathy, OI/POTS, & NCS along with a few other sundry things that may or may not be related. i DEFINITELY agree with you that a diagnosis is SO much better than being stuck in the endless search that in and of itself could make anyone crazy; this is something you'll find many on the forum can relate to. it's also great to hear that you have a helpful doc & supportive family; both make SUCH a huge difference.

again, welcome!

B) melissa

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It is very nice to meet someone new, eventhough the reasons we have for meeting others is really not a positive reason. Ican think of sort of a positive reason though if we had never gotton this disease we would have never received the chance to find such a great friendship between each other on this forum. Just the same we could of really all just met for the fun of you guys.

I hope that in this forum you find the same kind of friendship that has been offered to me. Everyone I have met so far has always been so open minded and not insulting. I wish I could say that for some of the treatment we have received.

Nice to meet you,

Rita s

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Welcome Patty!

I'm so glad that you've finally got a diagnosis from which to make a plan of action -- isn't it a relief to finally have a name for your problem, even if no one you talk to has ever heard of it?! :)

I'm glad that your husband has been so supportive through your health troubles, and that you've been able to find information from our site educational and encouraging to you both. It's been very helpful to me and my family, too.

Welcome again, friend. Hope you're able to find additional effective treatments to help you on your way back to better health.


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