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On the lighter side--worst job for a Pots Person

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I think we all need a chuckle to get us through the day, to take our mind off of how badly we may be feeling, etc.

Here is a question to ponder: What would/could be the worst job a person with POTS could have? Perhaps we could come up with a list of the 10 worst jobs (kinda what Leno/Letterman do) and put that in the DINET newsletter.

For me, the worse job would be a roadworker who stands in the sun and has a sign that says stop or slow when there is road work going on.

What jobs come to mind? <_<

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HAH! Good one!

I would have to say a guard at Buckingham Palace for sure!!!


How about the top 10 reasons POTS sufferers don't date:

#10. Your date might think they're too good looking if they show up and you faint after answering the door

# 9. It's no fun having your blood pressure go down during your first goodnight kiss

# 8. Your date thinks you always need to use the bathroom because you can't stop crossing your legs

# 7. When you finally get the nerve to tell them you have POTS, your date says "Let's light one up and party!"

# 6. Tired of having them cry because when you say "I need to sit down." they think you're gonna dump 'em

# 5. Florinef is not Viagra

# 4. Tired of telling them you have autonomic failure and they recommend a good transmission repair man

# 3. Afraid there will be one to many "standing ovations" at the show you're supposed to go to

# 2. Your heart races even if they're ugly

# 1. You can't take being stood up

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Guest tearose

Great thread! Thank you!

The first job that came to mind...

A zen master!

I once passed out while sitting motionless on my zazen cushion...I fell forward on my face and didn't know what happened till I woke up with a sore nose!!!


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All that standing, plus the effects of altitude and recirculated cabin air (dehydration, etc.). And the hypersenstivity to stress and anxiety some of us with hyperadrenergic variants get - yikes. Turbulence, obnoxious passengers, delays for bad weather, being prepared for emergencies, scanning for terrorists...


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These are all great. Jacoby, I loved your top 10 list of reasons for not dating! :wacko:

I think the worst job for me (mentioned above) would definitaely have to be the flight attendant job.

However a close second would be a roofer in Miami. I used to live in S. Florida and I remember watching those guys baking up there in the 100 degree sunshine on the black surface of the roof, working with tar pitch and heavy loads of shingles, and worrying about not falling off! My heart would definitely go into sudden cardiac arrest! <_<

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Love it...let's keep them coming.

Jacoby....I do like the Buckingham Palace job.

The 10 top reasons should be included in the next Dinet Newsletter!

Gena--a roofer in the sun - that's a good one

How about a garbage collector who has to ride on the back of the truck standing up in the heat?

I was fainted being a bridesmaid in a wedding! Does that count as a job?

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My worst job was being a lifeguard standing in the sun beside the swimming pool.

The most difficult would be an National Guard standing motionless for hours in the sun in Ottawa (100F) dressed with the bear fur hat and wool outfit.

The most dangerous would be a airplain pilot.

How about being caugh in a bank robbery and having to stand motionless with your hands above your head!!!!!

The most perilous: being kidnapped and attached to a post so that you don't run away!

Or skydiver: you pass out as you jump off the plane and don't wake up to open your parachute!

Like living dangerously!


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How about a steel worker who has to stand at the top of the building and rivet or something. :-)

UPS person in Florida at christmas??? :-)

A reporter waiting outside Martha Stewarts?? LOL

Love your dating thing!

Needed a smile thanks for this!

Stacey :-)

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A full time greeter at Wal mart or Costco.  The standing, the noise!!!!  morgan

One of my jobs last summer when I came home from college was being a greeter a furniture store (it's similar to a Wal-mart or Costco greeter). It was not a good job at all for someone with POTS... I had to stand up for long periods of time. Luckily, I was able to work it out where I had a chair, and if I wasn't greeting I could sit down. It turned out ok, but like every day I feared that I would just pass out and someone would walk in and see me there on the floor, haha! :lol: Luckily it never happened though!

This is a funny topic! Keep posting ideas...

Hope that everyone is feeling ok.

~Meghan :)

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Hey Everyone,

My husband and I enjoyed reading this post together. It was so funny and the dating part was hilarious. This is the job that comes to my mind but I don't know what it's called........the guy that stands on the runway and holds the lights to direct the planes. Can you imagine. This was very uplifting.


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These are great.

How about

Singer in a choir, wearing a long robe in a warm, packed church, standing on the top steps of the choir stand. I have sung in choirs since a child and ALWAYS hated being put at or towards the top. I always felt a bit unbalanced in that position. Once as a teenager I did nearly pass out during practice!

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Actually, I have applied for a job with the TSA, which means I will be standing up 3 hours at a time. My orthostatic hypotension is very mild. I have never fainted or came close to it.

I guess this will be a real test, I will let you know how it goes.

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Costco - I was thinking of the high ceiling and how it sometimes aggravates those horrible POTS visual problems.

Worst jobs

Laying tar in Hawaii :lol:

Loading airplanes on the hot tarmac of Arizona or Hawaii

Brain surgeon while having tremors and having to stand in a cold O.R.

A mascot dressed in one of those ridiculous suits in the baking sun with all the noise and commotion.

A stand up comic (under the spot light), noise, adrenaline rush

A high diver

Sky diver


Bomb Squad

Ok, guess I let my imagination run wild.

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Here are my 10 Worst Jobs:

10 - Soldier in the army, all that running, standing, fighting eek. Imagine passing out whilst fighting, the'd leave u there thinking your dead.

9 - Lorry Driver, Could you imagine passing out........SHrrreechhhh

8 - Gardner, All that bending down, then standing up, it don't work wonders for your BP.

7 - Scuba Diver, Wouldnt be nice to have an attack underwater

6 - Fitness Instructor, Image how you would look if you were to run on a treadmill and pass out

5 - Bar Attendent, all those flashing lights, mooving people, i think anxiety would definatly kick in

4 - Air Hostess, anxiety would definatly dominate the job.

3 - Paramedic - Watching people go into arrest, dieing, blood, bones ewwwwwwwww.

2 - Sky Scrapper Window Cleaner, imagine doing the empire state building

1 - Astronaught - not that many of us get the oppertunity....

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Guvna, I liked your list. However, astronaut may not be so bad. They wear anti-gravity suits. Those suits are perfect for POTS sufferers. My doc once told me that I would feel a lot better if I could wear an anti-gravity suit since those suits tend to push the blood back up--so no pooling.

Let's keep this list going.

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Ha! You guys are cracking me up here. Dan, I loved the top ten list....would love to include it in the newsletter, as suggested, but I need to make sure it is your original work and that you want it published, of course. (On a side note, it's nice to see you on the forum. Hope you are feeling better :D )


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