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  1. Jessica, What city in the DC area do you live in? I am from Gaithersburg, MD Tim
  2. I wonder why this isn't a recognized symptoms of POTS. My guess is that it would be considered tachycardia which is already a recognized symptom.
  3. Its not a big deal for me. It only jumps 20-30 bpm and then goes back to normal within 30 seconds. It must be an autonomic response/over-response as stated before.
  4. I wonder what causes it. It has never been a symptom that bothers me, it never happened to me before POTS.
  5. Sometimes when I roll over in bed at night my heart will speed up for 20-30 seconds and then calm down. It's not a symptom that really bothers me, but I am curious if any of you experience this.
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