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introducing ourselves...


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5 questions, I'll go first

1) Name (real or screen, doesn't matter)

2) Favourite book

3) Favourite film

4) Things that make you happy

5) Something about you that no one here knows...

1) Persephone (screen), 2) So difficult to choose, I just did a degre in English! I love Medieval Literature, but modern books wise it would have to be Kanark by Alasadair Gray, or The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark

3)Bridget Jones, of course-- Colin Firth is divine!

4) Cuddles, rainbows, vegan food, friends, laughing, Little Britain and other similarly ridiculous comedy shows

5) I am left handed and Scottish!

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1) Gayla

2) Cider House Rules - I read it YEARS before it became a movie!

3) From Noon Until 3 - early Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland

4) Corned Beef Hash - cooked crispy. My cat Hector - watching birds - watching our chickens; oh wait... I guess they're birds too??

5) I am a left-handed dyslexic redhead from Arkansas - no wonder I have problems!!

Thanks Persephone!

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Sweet idea, Persephone!

1) Name: Katherine

2) Favourite book: (this is hard!) Jane Eyre

3) Favourite film: Like Water for Chocolate

4) Things that make you happy: my 2-year old; feeling well; perfectly ripe mangoes; kayaking; yoga; the beach

5) Something about you that no one here knows...my husband and I own diesel vehicles and run them completely on soy-based biodiesel; I am ALSO left-handed, btw!

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Fun - a nice diversion and another way to know each other!

1) screen name Opus, given name Julie (but I legally changed my name a few years ago to something that suits me a whole lot better)

2) so many, not good with titles - a favorite novel was For Richer, For Poorer - a multi-generational epic about a poor woman's revenge on a rich family

3) again, so many - perhaps Seabiscuit

4) (in no particular order) the beach, warm weather, feeling good, sense of accomplishment, my hubby, playing the piano, reading, watching (or hearing) the crazy antics of my parrot, etc., etc., etc.

5) I started playing the piano at age 4 and had my first recital at age 5

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1) Name (real or screen, doesn't matter): Screen: RunnerGirl; Real: Daryle (pronounced like the more commonly spelled Darrell or Daryl); I was named after the famous quarterback of the mid to late 60 and early 70s Daryle Lamonica - aka "The Mad Bomber" - who played for Notre Dame and the Oakland Raiders! (You guessed it - Dad wanted a boy!)

2) Favourite book: Classic: Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime & Punishment; Contemporary: John Krakauer's Into Thin Air (I adore real-life adventure stories!)

3) Favourite film: Oh, that's just too hard! I like everything from heady, intense dramas (the likes of "Platoon" or "Schindler's List") to funny, cheesy comedies (Tommy Boy, The Wedding Singer, Airplane, etc.)

4) Things that make you happy: Running in the sunshine; my fiancee, Dave; running in the rain; long-distance hikes; running marathons to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; international and domestic travel; running half marathons; politics; running alone; running with 50,000 other people; cycling; weight training; kisses from my four-legged canine friend, Dobbin; a good Pinot Noir; eating chips and salsa after a nice long run! (Notice a theme, here?)

5) Something about you that no one here knows...

I would like to run - for a national, public office someday!

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1. Guess I can't make up a name since you all know its Stacey :-)

2. Ring Of Endless Light Madeleine L'Engel

3. Sorry but Colin Firth is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Favorite movies couldn't decide which one Persausion,Pride and Prejudice (mine mine mine), Moosnstruck and Say Anything

4.Things that make me happy, my husband Jim, crocheting, watching romances, playing with my niece Sofia and being with my family, getting letters from Litty.

5.We sponsor a child in India named Litty, who is 12 and the sweetest girl you could ever meet Oh and I can cross my little toes over my fourth toe. Impressive huh???

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1) Name: Rachel

2) Favourite book: "A Voice in the Wind" and "An Echo in the Darkness," the first two books in The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers

3) Favourite film: "The Sound of Music"

4) Things that make you happy: my husband, chicken nuggets, a nice bath, a phone call or visit from a friend, shrimp scampi

5) Something about you that no one here knows... Three years ago I played Maria in "The Sound of Music" at the local community theater.

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Name: Amy

Favorite book: "Wuthering Heights"

Favorite film: It's a tie between "Gone with the Wind" and "Alice in Wonderland" (I know, they're not really even in the same category!)

Things that make me happy: My daughter's hugs, sunshine, laughter, a clean house, turtle sundaes, road trips to places I've never been, a glass of red wine

Something no one here knows: I have been secretly watching "Dawson's Creek" reruns in the mornings when I'm home with my daughter. That Joey ... what a drama queen!

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1) lalalisa Lisa

2) book: The Bible - it brings me true hope

3) film: Home Alone - It just really makes me laugh!

4) happy: My husband, children, chocolate, and great music!

5) No one here knows...that I pray for you guys as I read your posts and I'm from a small farming town in Virginia.

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right now/ the five people you meet in heaven

pride and prejudice (Colin firth, a big yummy) or sense and sensibility

my son on the president's honor role in school, my kids, grandkids, hubby (most of the time) and especially my best companion, my westie chloe

i don't have any secrets, ask and i shall tell, maybe that's what it is

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No Debbie and Persephone I am sorry but as I have stated Colin Firth is mine so you two just stop!!! (though his wife might have something to say about that!)


This is a great idea to introduce ourselves to each other.

Stacey :-)

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Also i can fly planes and pre-POTS honestly wanted to be a pilot and astronaut, now I haven't come across a pilot I can bribe to let me pass the physical but I have gone out flying with a few friends and still love it more than anything.

Steph: Don't give up on your flying dreams! You're still so young - and remember that so many of us do improve over time. There may surely come a day when you won't need to bribe anyone to pass an FAA physical! My fiancee is an airline pilot, and he is one of the few people I know who 1) positively loves his job and (2) makes a makes a very good living. Regrettably, these two things are often mutually exclusive. So keep the faith! :-)


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could you have asked some harder questions- i'm just kidding. answers, oh boy...

1. blackwolf aka jennifer eppe(that's epp, not eppeee)

2. Octagon Magic by Andre Norton. named my daughter after the main character-Lorrie, anything by Robert Hienline comes close too, Piers Anthony, also Terry Johnson (sexy westerns), Loius Lamar, ok, so I read everything :)

3. Bond, James Bond-Sean, Roger and George- not the new guys, Moonstruck, Chocolat, Hatair!, Farenhight 451 (i know that isn't spelled right :) ), Harry Potter (all), any Studio Ghibli, blah blah.....

4. crochet, quilting, reading, alone of to my kids, Friday nite "movie and dinner and junk food" not every Friday, horses, my cat and dog, feeling better than i do now.

5. I would like to start a home based business for making and selling regular and personalized quilts and crocheted items.


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1. Kristin

2. Ooo..that's tough. I like a lot of books! The one I'm currently reading is called A Matter of Character, about Pres. Bush.

3. Forrest Gump (YES, FORREST GUMP!!! :huh: )

4. Family, friends, music, laughing, prayers, class, love, hugs, kisses...lots of things

5. Umm... I'm righthanded, an only child, and am having a terrible time figuring out which college I want to transfer to in the fall.



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1-Name: Ginger

2-Books: Well, as a former English teacher, I can't possibly just choose one. Right now, I'm going through the Dan Brown books. Also want to start another Jeanne Ray book titled, "Eat Cake"... her "Julie and Romeo" made me laugh outloud! And I need to catch up on the latest Harry Potter.

3-Movies: Oh, gosh. Much Ado About Nothing, Good Will Hunting, What Dreams May Come, Star Wars (the original 3), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, so many. And I must admit, all time favorite list has to include Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail. At Christmas, it has to include Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

4-Happiest: with family and friends, hugs and playing and special moments with kids, gardening, fishing, skiing (well, before last year), walking (again, before), reading with kitty in my lap, time with my husband, various arts, good music, quiet moments outside in nature

5-What you don't know: I know German (college major, English minor) and traveled to Europe. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue and fold tongue in half at the tip (aren't you glad you asked :huh: )


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Great Questions!!

Hmmm, Sue my neices call me Dewey

No favorite book, but love my womans weekly from the grocery store!!

Mask/major lesson in life here, I have never looked at another human the same since seeing this movie. Looks are only skin deep!!

My happy place is with my family!!

I wish I had a juicy secret to tell you all but I don't :P

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1) Angela (real), Muggie (pet name my brothers made up for me)

2) The Bible -- my lifeline!

3) Ah...so difficult! The Scarlet Pimpernel (Jane Seymour & Anthony Andrews) is a good bet for favourite. Others I enjoy are: The Gods Must Be Crazy (so very much like home), Pride and Prejudice (another Colin Firth fan!), Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow & crew), Friendly Persuasion (Gary Cooper), Sargeant York (another Gary Cooper)....I could go on

4) Oh. Another toughie! :)

Studying (especially European social history), travelling to new places, wombats, my deaf 14-year old Basenji-Beagle (plays nursemaid for me when I'm really feeling sick), my neices, people's smiles, foxtrotting into the wee hours of morning (if you're ever in NYC you have to dance with Lou Brockman at Dance Manhattan -- he's an amazing ballroom instuctor and tons of fun! :) ), singing Christmas carols with my family (between the 7 of us, we cover all voice parts as well as piano), sitting atop mountains in Maine in late summer, recounting memories as I scrapbook with my sister, teaching children and watching their delighted discovery of new concepts, cathcing up with old friends....

5) I'm currently employed (from home) in transcribing and editing interviews for the memoirs of Nic Rodriguez, a famous master jazz pianist who gave up dentistry studies at NYU to perform with jazz greats including Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, and Louis Russell.

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