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stuck on a thorn

Guest tearose

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Guest tearose

health challenges, accommodations, weakness, small steps, meditation, good nutrition, set-backs, poor sleep, exhaustion, sigh....oh no, I'm here again...

hello up there!

What is hard sometimes is not being in the posthole again,

its the unknown length of time I will be here.

I make myself comfy and think of the beauty of the outside.

I hope I'm up and around again soon.

feeling the thorns, tearose

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Sending good vibes your way, Tearose. Sorry you're having a rough period. As you well know, there's not much you can do that you probably aren't already doing. But I know that positive thinking and indulging in some guilty pleasures (chocolate, maybe? Cake? Just make it something you like) always helps me get through the day. Just don't overdo it.


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Guest tearose

Amy, Thanks for the swift response!

I was focusing on what got me here this time. Trying to learn so I don't come this way again. First the disability hearing which still isn't resolved, my stuffy sinuses, I can't get the clothing formula right to stay warm for the cold weather yet this season...forgetaboutit.

I'm letting it go for now.

Thank you for the support.

A warm hot chocolate does sound soothing.

reporting from the pit, tearose


Geneva, thanks for the good wishes and I understand you can't pull me out. Just don't fall in or I'll need more cocoa.

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mmmmm... that sounds GOOD! Tearose, hang in there. This too shall pass, yeah? It's hard when you trip and fall, but you'll make your way up again. Have to, doncha know?

Two days ago my heart rate soared into the 150s without any effort on my part at all. Just sitting quietly at my desk, not stressing about anything, and wham! I spent the day between 120 and 155. Yesterday, also without any effort on my part (tho maybe I shouldn't underestimate the power of a salt tablet or two, which I made a point to take), it was back to "normal-for-me": 105-125. Go figure.

All that's to say, what? I dunno. Just making conversation. :) Know that I'll be watching where I walk, and if I fall all the way in, well--I'll take comfort knowing I'm in great company.

Stuffy sinuses are the worst. Have some chicken soup! (And Afrin, if you can tolerate it. I much prefer a speedy heart rate, which I'm used to anyway, than a stuffy head! Not breathing makes everything feel worse anyway.) If you're still chilly, wear a hat around the house. No sweater ever warmed as much as a hat. (You might even sleep in one if the head of your bed is next to an outside wall.)

take care,


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Guest tearose

I've got beautiful pictures from Stephanie, I've got chicken soup, afrin and a warm hat from Merrill, I've got land o lakes cocoa from geneva and layer cake with buttercream icing from Amy.

You don't have to say anything emily.

Just sit beside me.

Oh, please bring your own hat!

feeling not so alone, tearose

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(that was my shovel)

I decided to just dig in and rest. Hot tea (Earl Grey is my fav) and Gessy, my black, dsh cat, who is recovering from surgery (got fixed and front declaw) is trying to crawl up my throat to tuck under my hair. She is very small and almost full grown (tipped the scale at 4.4 pounds at the clinic), she is my private purr pillow (does anyone remember those) and my nearly constant companion for several days now. Before I couldn't sleep, now I can't wake up.

Well, I guess I'll see you all when I "pop" up again.


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those things sound really good all put together!

as for the hat....well, i knitted one...but i still have to actually do the "felting" part...so it is about 5 sizes too big until then. maybe this will motivate me to get it finished...so i can come sit beside you with it!

yup, it's rare for me to not have something to ramble about!

i'm going to settle in with the harry potter movie now. and cuddling with asher.

it is so nice to know we aren't truly alone on these crummy days isn't it???

later alligators (my fellow folks in the potshole right now)


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I know what put me here. I cleaned out the chicken house. It was only about a 15 minute job but it was a beautiful day and I knew bad weather was coming. But I had to sit and rest before I could get back to the house. That was with Hubby doing all the shoveling and carrying. Oh well, I know my chickens are snuggled down in clean straw - at least they're happy. I am enjoying Constant Comment tea and snuggling Hector the cat. Hope we all dig out of the pit soon!

(Does that make us PitSisters or something??)

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Guest tearose

good mornin' fellow bottom dwellers, those circling above and those elsewhere.

Welcome ernie, blackwolf and gayla! (gessy and hector too) Good thing we have afrin down here cause I'm allergic to cats. You are all very funny and clever. I like the shovel and the thump and the pitsisters...but unless ernie is exploring his feminine side, we'll need a different name.

We all know this space.

I never shared it with so many others before.

I'm still here, just feeling cushioned.

No more awareness of thorns, tearose

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Dear Tearose, Blackwolf, and Gayla,

I am so sorry you are all in the pits! At least you are there together.

Tearose, you are so amazing to reply to my other thread and say how happy you are that I am doing better right now while you are on the bottom. That says a lot about the kind of person you are. And your other comment about feeling cushioned shows you have optimism in the face of it.

This forum is a wonderful place with wonderful people. I wish I could just give all the current bottom dwellers a hand up right now.

I do have something to say about the stuffy nose. I had a terrible time with that for years. I put the mattress and box springs into barrier bags, and I wash all the bedding in hot water every week and these things do help, however the best thing has been the cortisone nasal spray. The biggest thing about chronic nasal congestion is inflamation. The afrin is very short term relief and if you use it more than 3 or 4 days, it makes the original problem worse. I use Nasacort and it works very well. I use it every day morning and evening and no more symptoms. Of course I still keep up with the allergy bedclothes routine. Nasacort is prescription, and yes, it does have cortisone, but it is fairly local, meaning just the nasal passages. And it addresses inflamation which is often the cause.

I hope all the bottom dwellers are up at the top very soon. I think it is amazing that you can just be good with being where you are at the time. That is what works best for me when I get on the bottom and I have been there often and for prolonged periods over the years. I will likely visit again. When I do, I just tell myself it is really okay and I actually manage to relax and wait it out.

I have never stayed there permanently, so you will all crawl out soon.

With you all in spirit,

Michigan Jan

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Tearose...sorry to hear you are feeling down...isn 't it great that our friends on this board are so supportive :P I'm just popping in to commiserate, even though my problems are pregnancy related and not from POTS, I am still going through some rough days here. It brings back haunting memories of being so sick with POTS I couldn't really get up off the couch, or shower, or clean...much less leave the house. I know it's only temporary but the depression is hard to overcome. We will get through it!

I was going to make a suggestion for something that really helps me...but I forgot I live in Florida now, lol...I've been opening the windows and letting the breeze in the house, since I can't get out much. But I wouldn't recommend that remedy in November anywhere else, lol. Chin up :)

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Guest tearose

OOPs sorry ernie! I'll be more careful not to assume!

Thanks Jan, it was day two on afrin so tomorrow I'm switching to rhinocort. I guess I'm glad I can deal with the pits and be happy for you at the same time...I've probably learned it on a previous trip here.

There must be different kind of potsholes we are all experiencing even though we are all in the trenches, we have different experiences.

My temperature is getting higher, my heart alarm keeps going off and I'm weak and slow but okay. I must be fighting a cold plus I am cold to the core. My present posthole is about doing much less, finding myself short of breath, being very slow, backing out of time socializing, and not starting physical therapy yet. It's like my life is frozen and I go into survival mode to reserve any energy. I don't feel blue, just look blue. brrrr. This time it is all about wanting to do more and knowing if I do, I'll have to pay a price. I'm trying to figure out what expectations to let go of and what is reasonable to do.

I want to clean out the chicken house like gayla too!!!

Wish we knew what caused the setbacks. That may be my introspective lesson this trip....I get frustrated that I can't know, or reliably predict what the consequences will be.

Sigh, didn't I know this already? enough thinking, I want more cake, tearose

PS Jessica, thanks for popping in. Yes, we are fortunate to have such a group! Hang in there and if you need to visit we'll get some preggie pops. Sure would love some of that Florida sunshine today. They are talking about light snowflakes for the weekend. again, brrrr tearose

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I am sorry you are so deep but just wanted you to know that I understand and send you a little light and a hug!

Hot tea works wonders for me and my favorite is PG Tips from England.. It gives me warmth and as the English would say braces me for the day.

I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

Keep those thorns nipped if you can! :-)

Stacey :-)

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Guest Mary from OH

Well, I'm a little late and I hope no one is still here, actually. On the other hand.... I kinda don't want to be here by myself!!! I've been in a BIG potshole myself!! I've felt lousy over the last week! My dh came down with the flu on Friday which didn't help, and I've been tring to survive!! My poor daughter!! She's 5 and both of us are sick!! Anyhow, I basically passed out yesterday and fell into the wall and almost knocked over the bookcase and all my husband could do is yell at me and say "what the **** are you doing?"!! I quickly apologized and said, next time I'll make sure that I pass out completely and don't catch myself!! GRRRR!

Hope you're feeling better!!!! Hot cocoa sounds good!! I made homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade potato and cheese soup too!


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Dear Tearose,

And everyone who is at the moment down under .... I offer a warm hug and a gentle song:


My daughter and I recorded this yesterday. Isn't it amazing what you can do slowly sitting at a computer. On the days that is that we can actually sit up! Good thoughts to everyone. I am grateful to be having a few of those days.



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Earth Mother, What a beautiful recording! I love the "living in my mind, prisoner of time" I wish you could post the words to the entire song. For those of you who haven't listened yet, it takes a moment to download but is well worth it. This could be DINET's official song. Some people are so talented. Thank you for sharing. Martha

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