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  1. I have not had advil (or generic )in many years. At first I couldn't understand why I was reacting with increased symptomology, but I was, so I totally avoid it. I have had to mention this to anaesthesiologists because apparently something similar is mixed into the cocktail that they routinely give. Martha
  2. I am so sorry your daughter has these horrible symptoms. Reading your post reminded me of when I was initially ill and did not have a diagnosis. I vividly remember not being able to get up off a stretcher after having an MRI because my legs wouldn't support me--it was so frightening. I have had POTS for over 6 years and still have weakness in my legs on a regular basis--exercises have helped somewhat. Martha
  3. Yes, I have this quite often, mainly on my left side. And the squeezing was so, so much worse when I first developed POTS years ago, that I had multiple cardiac tests, including a stress test lying down! I usually get this symptom along with other POTSy symptoms and end up taking Xanax as it is distressing. Martha
  4. You should request that your son have a home tutor if he has been absent a certain number of days in a row, ie 3 days. It is hard to make up that level work by yourself. Being labeled "chronically ill" in my state has certain advantages, although no one likes to have a label. Martha
  5. Dear Brenda, I am so sorry to hear about your 11 year old daughter. It must be so difficult for your family, as I know it was for mine when I was initially ill and then didn't "get better" even after I was finally diagnosed 2 years later. Westchester Medical Center in Valhall, NY is supposed to have a good pediatric program--I'm too old, darn it. I initially had to spend alot of time just resting and sleeping for almost a year. Talk about role reversal, I "practiced" walking again holding on to my daughter's arm. It is easy to be deconditioned with this illness and important to keep your
  6. Oh Melissa, I can hardly believe it. I wish you a speedy recovery. Love, Martha
  7. Many local anaesthetics like novocaine may also contain epinephrine which I personally cannot tolerate. I also have chemical sensitivities to many medications as well-- more severely reactive than allergic-- reactions to Relafen and Alesse landed me in the hospital overnite twice without a good explanation. Martha
  8. Yes, it is hard to get up because I also have that where you have to wait for your muscles to wake up. If I drink something 20 minutes before I get up, it does help a little. Martha
  9. I usually lie down after eating for about 40 minutes, especially after breakfast. I immediately bloat, no matter what I eat or drink. I just accept this as part of my day. Best, Martha
  10. No, I am 5'9" tall and slender. My mom also bruises extremely easily without explanation after a full workup and her skin is paper thin. Martha
  11. I was instructed to drink enough fluids to make sure that my urine was almost clear and that if it wasn't, I wasn't drinking enough! I have to drink flulids during the night. Martha
  12. Hi Nina, I am also fair skinned and formed large keloids at the incisions following surgery on both my shoulders due to CALCIFICATIONS throughout both my rotator cuffs that I have yet to get an explanation for how they formed. (the keloids are somewahat painful also) The bone in my fractured wrist (when I fell when I was dizzy) healed up ok but the many muscles involved in making one's wrist move were extremely stiff and I needed so much extra therapy that I was in a constant fight with the insurance company. I also had to have CALCIFICATIONS of cysts in my breast tissue aspirated to make su
  13. Angela, I never heard of this before. I hope you get some relief. Take care of yourself. Martha
  14. I hope it goes better than you expect, because then you will get a moral boost! You deserve to be treated with respect. Martha
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