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I dont know if anyone remembers my post about having depression, but i went to go see my doctor and his reaction was "well i dont see how your medicine (florinef) could do this to you" so basically ill just stick you with a needle and take more of your blood and tell you that will do something for you. I am truly frustrated. he was like "why do you think you are depressed?" "do you cry?" which made me feel a bit better but by the end of the visit i still felt like i had NO answers whatsoever. my bloodwork came back normal but i feel like he told me basically that i am crazzzy!!! arg... im just ;) angry!!

oh and does anyone have one of those handicapped parking permits? my school is up on a hill and the other day it was very very humid here and i felt like i was going to die walking up the hill, i mentioned this to my doctor and his response was "you are just afraid of a little excercise" then he told me if i tell the dmv that i have tachycardia that they wont let me drive? does anyone know about this at all? i fell like im falling apart and im only 19!!

thanks for leting my rant and rave... it feels good to vent to people who actually understand that i am going thru this and not making it up.

*sigh* off to class i gooo

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Unbelievable--these doctors--your doctor! His offhand comments about exercise and depression make me so incredibly angry. I don't know what his point was regarding dmv and tachycardia--THAT sounds crazy.

Doctors are supposedly devoted to making us feel better. I am so sorry that you were treated in such a patriarchal, non-empathetic fashion. Does this doctor know anything about POTS particularly? Is he a specialist?

I don't know anything about florinef--except I think some other folks on this board have had depression problems that may have been associated with it. Can you get a second opinion from another doctor?

If you can exercise, as hard and awful as it is, you should really try to, as becoming more conditioned will help with time to improve your symptoms. (as long as your doctor says it is ok to.) Although, climbing up a hill in hot, humid weather is not fun at all, and if it triggers symptoms that make you unable to function well afterwards, then you probably should look into getting a special parking permit for awhile.

Hope you have a better day today. ;)

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Dear Shana,

I have a handicapped hang tag and I love it. I do exercise, but I choose my times to do so. If I had to walk up a steep hill then work, I wouldn't have any energy left to work.

I have never been told not to drive with POTS. However, I am not a fainter. I think the restriction on driving is related to whether or not you faint.

Because POTS is not a very well understood condition, I asked my allergist to fill out the form for the hang tag. I got mine on the basis of asthma.

The basis for approval of the hang tag depends on not being able to walk so many feet at one time. I think all you need to get one is to have the doctor sign that you can't do this due to some condition or disease. Wouldn't tacardia fit under the general description of a heart condition? Anyway, a sympathetic doctor who understands your condition should be able to fill out the form in such a way as to get you that permit.

Michigan Jan

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I hate the "Well doctor mentallity" Basically meaning, he doesn't know what it's like to be ill!

He should've issued you the disability pass. You can log onto your local DMV website and see what they say about disabilities and driving. Tachycardia isn't a reason to take your license away!

Florinef isn't an anti-depressant or even used to treat that. It is a corticosteroid used to help balance minerals and water in your body.

I don't know how long you've been seeing this doctor or if you really like him. But this is my advice for what ever it's worth. If you want to stay with him - sit down and tell him if he can't take you seriously and LISTEN to you then he's fired. Or save yourself the trouble and find someone that has the experience of Dysautonomia, POTS, OI and the other problems we have.

Steph (No patience for idiocy and inhumanity anymore)

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Hi Shanna,

although I know a lot of people don't understand POTS (I often don't understand it myself ;) ) you should expect your doctor to help you. This is why he's a doctor. I agree with Steph to go talk this out or find yourself someone who cares and at least someone who gives it a try. You deserve it. Sorry if I sound a little angry but that's just what your story makes me feel and I am very sorry you had to go through this. Hope you'll get things settled with your doctor or find yourself a better one. All the best,


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time for a new doctor shanna, sorry you have to deal with this. but it's the doctor that approves the handicap tag, and there is no spot for tachy. just can't walk far etc. nothing really really specific. so he's being a total jerk. did you say you were a student? you might be able to get a disability tag from the scool. see the disability counselor and explain your problem. my son has one. it won't help you anywhere else, but that's better than nothing! new doctor time. morgan

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I am so sorry that your doctor had these comments for you. It is incredibly frustrating when medical professionals can't even take the time to really listen to and care about our problems, and it happens all too often.

Also- Florinef can most definitely cause hormonal imbalances which may or may not lead to feelings of depression...I had lots of problems getting things balanced when I first started on that particular medication. It's obviusly a steroid...I would've asked him how he came to the conclusion that a steroid wouldn't interfere with that....arrghhh ;)

Anyways I hope you can find a better doctor, and please don't be afraid to assert yourself...after all, you are paying them for their service to you, and you have the right to expect it to be first rate ;)

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I live in Chicago where it's plenty flat, but downtown where I work, there are a couple of what I call "hills" that healthy people (those who would even notice them) would refer to as "inclines." Today I went for a short walk at lunch and it's really hot out (the August we never had) and I had to walk up an incline with my arms crossed in front of me to support my upper body and I was huffing and puffing and my tachycardia was going nuts ... Grrr. I was OK after a glass of gatorade and 2 glasses of water and some sitting still in the air conditioning.

All that's to say, how dare he tell you you're "afraid of a little exercise" -- for a person with pots, just standing up is like jogging in place for most other people. Sheesh. If you have to contend with a steep hill just to go to class and the weather's still warm AND doing so triggers a very uncomfortable episode that's hard to recover from, I'd definitely pursue a school disability tag like the one Morgan described (if not a disabled tag from your city) so you can park closer.

You're not falling apart; you're making your way in the world. Don't let anyone diminish you or your experience.


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What a jerk. I ahve had doctors question my use of a parking sticker. One said I was deconditioned and I had to walk more. I love my sticker. That way I can use my energy and upright time doing things that are more important. I still exercise, but I have to pace myself. Walking up a hill to school, especially when it is hot is just not worth it. Because you are going to feel lousey and not be able to concentrate in class! You need to find a Dr who will issue you one. Best of luck.

ALso Jessica is right! Florinif can cause depression. I hope you can find a Dr willing to listen to you and work with you. You do not need an expert in POTS. Just someone willing to read a little literature. Someone who is willing to work as a team.

Best Wishes,


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I am so sorry for your horrible experience. I have had to "move on" from a few Dr's after just one visit from similar experiences. I simply asked for my records and never saw them again. I would keep looking for a dr. who is compassionate about your situation --- if at all possible!!!

My father is a family physician who is WONDERFUL and COMPASSIONATE and I hope you will find someone like him.....they are out there, I promise!!

Hang in here, I know this is hard!!


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Shanna, that really stinks. Glad that you feel you can vent here, that's the purpose of this site ;)

Sounds like you need a new doctor ;) I know that finding a good one is a chore--and doesn't always pan out on the first, second or even third try. Please don't give up on the system. There really are good doctors out there. One thing to try to is ask a doctor you trust for a recommendation for a good general practitioner.

As for the handicapped parking, you need to get the forms from you local government and then your doctor needs to fill them out (easier said than done, as you need a good doctor FIRST).

Hang in there!!! Nina

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i love your username...lilbanana! it makes me smile. chiquita banana, and i'm here to say, la-la-la...i don't remember the rest of the words!


i just wanted to send you hugs...and let you know my heart goes out to you....i cannot imagine being 19 and dealing with all of this...

yes, i do remember your eariler post and i am glad that you updated us...

your experience is ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING...and unfortunately, all too familiar.

i'm sorry, but your doc is wrong about the florinef...and i am not just being alarmist or know it all...it CAN make you depressed....

of course, maybe it isn't the culprit, but it is a possibility...and he sure didn't take it seriously....

i cannot tell you how many doctors i have seen, and even been accused of 'doctor shopping' too much and have had my share of times leaving appts. in tears. no matter how hard i try not to let the doctors be that powerful, they still get to me.

what you have experienced is not acceptable...and you definitely need to find another doc....and do not believe him! hopefully you can find someone soon, in case it is the florinef....b/c that is just not cool to have to stay on it and suffer if it is the cause.

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. althtough we have all been told it a zillion times on this board.

another option would also be a psychiatrist...that can be a good thing b/c they will verify that your illness is NOT psychological. or acknowledge that your depression is a symptom, not a cause, of your illness. also, maybe they would be able to tease out the florinef problem. it is hard to find good ones though, but overall i have had good experiences. and found much relief from their help. it is just another avenue if you can't get any docs to take you seriously.

i have a letter that says...her illness is not psychological!! you shouldn't have to go around trying to prove yourself when you are so sick, but unfortunatley that is often the deal.

definitely listen to your gut, and don't take no for an answer from this doc...or any others for that matter. it is hard to persist and hard to keep fighting the medical profession...but hopefully you will find someone soon.

it just makes me so angry i could scream. the awareness in the medical world is so bad right now.

i am guessing that you were dismissed so readily as a psych case/hypochondriac or whatever he thinks you are...b/c you are a YOUNG WOMAN. that was my experience...you can't be 19 and sick and you are just anxious and depressed and need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. UGH! do the docs think you WANT to feel this way. i cannot believe the exercise comment....well, i can....one doc told me that he could prove to me that i wasn't exercise intolerant and there was nothing wrong with me and that i was just deconditioned...he would just put me on a treadmill. ugh.

sorry, as you can see, your experience really hit a nerve with me....i just feel for you so strongly...your experience was so unjust.

please keep us posted...and i promise no more ranting on my end! ;)

just remember, you can always come here for validation!


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I have had adverse reactions from a lot of medications I've been on, and depression seem to be a possible side effect of most meds. Out of curiousity I looked up Florinef side effects, and sure enough:

What side effects can this medication cause?

Although side effects from Florinef are not common, they can occur. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

upset stomach

stomach irritation









increased hair growth

easy bruising

irregular or absent menstrual periods

Maybe if you look on the paper that came with your prescriptions it might have this listed, and then you can bring it to your doctor and show him. If even you want to bother with him anymore.

I don't understand his reasoning, if you don't cry you're not depressed? And that comment about just being afraid of a little excersize..ugh! I have been through a lot of doctors with a similar attitude, so have a lot of people on this board, and I think we all agree people shouldn't be treated this way by thier doctor.


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I am sorry that the doctor mistreated you. It is difficult to find competent doctors when we have a rare disorder. As others have mentioned, doctors tend to give us psychiatric diagnosis when they don't know what we have. Many of them have such big egos.

I am slowly learning not to hate this "species". I know all the apples are not rotten but there are surely a lot of them.

Good luck finding a new doctor.


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