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  1. Thanks. it helps to know that I'm not alone on this.
  2. How do you deal with doctors who won't listen or believe your problems? Like my temp. My normal temp is 96.6 so If i get a fever of 99.8 I feel pretty bad. My face even gets red. Yet when I try to tell a doctor I had a fever. I always know it' s coming. "How high was it.? ..um 99 . OH that's not a fever... Yeah but my normal temp is 96.6. yes but that's not a fever. normal temperatures can fluctuate and be a little over 98.8. Yes but my normal temp is 96.6..and on and on. They just can't accept that since my temp is low, a 99.8 is equal to about 101. ANd I feel really bad. I dont' understand
  3. I was just curious , do others here find it's hard for them to get rid of infections or viruses? It seems whenever I get sick it takes longer than normal to get rid of these things. My brother and aunt had a stomach virus and they got rid of theirs. Then I got something and at first it seemed vague. I was just kind of sick, but then eventually I got really sick and figured it was the same virus they had but it stayed with me. I went to the doctor and she even gave me antibiotics because she thought it was a bacterial infection. But then after the five days of antibiotic I still had whatever
  4. Yeah that's the problems with nutritionists. They used to dealing with certain things. I would think if they a good nutritionist they should be able to help you figure out what's right for you as an individual..but maybe that' hoping for too much.
  5. I was thinking would it be possible to see a nutritionist? They might have some answers of these questions. I know certain foods effect certain people in different ways. Like someone mentioned protein and the kidneys. I know my Dad has liver problems and so extra protein could be a problem for him, So, maybe you should check with a Nutritionist so that they can help you eat right for your body.
  6. Melissa, I'm so sorry for your problems. I know you probably aren't up to answering this but I thought i"d ask some questions anyway. You said you originally had some tests..blood cultures and they didn't show anything But later on they found a partially collapsed lung and pneumonia? sorry If i didn't get this right but I'm having trouble reading right now ans I am not feeling well. I am having fever too. Not as bad as yours but daily. And my normal temp is about 96.5 so when I go to the doctor and it's 98.8 they'll say oh that's not a fever. I tell them about the fact hat I run low but they n
  7. I was just wondering if there is any way to take potassium besides hard pills? I had to begin supplements again. WHen I used to take them sometimes they would come out in the toilet. I had IBS and sometimes I get that with certain pills. So Some of them I have to chew or get a liquid version. I was wondering if anyone else had this trouble with potassium and what they did. I don't' know if I can crumble them up maybe? I just don't' feel comfortable not knowing whether or not they are getting into my system. Since my Potassium is a little on the low side I want to make sure I get the benefit of
  8. Thanks for all of the replies. I am so confused about what to do though,LOL It so hard because it' s different for everyone. I do see that some of you had trouble with the hormones. Right now I'm thinking maybe I should try to stop the Prempro and see how it feels. I'm scared because i don't know if maybe I just need more hormones. Maybe it's not enough. Then it could be too much or this paritcular brand could be upsetting me. I just wish i knew one way or the other. I've been feeling sick now for a few weeks. And now I feel more exhausted. I saw a GP and she said to try a week off and see if
  9. HI. I've recently had my ovaries removed. I tired to keep off of HRT but I found I was just getting too many bad symptoms. I felt I needed something. Anyway they put me on Prempro, which is in the same family as Premarin. I think it' s been a month. The thing is I feel very weak and tired. I felt that way before the Prempro, But I feel it' s gotten worse. Now I have read an article by the author of "Screaming to be heard" and in it she stated that Premarin was not good for patients with CFS or Fibro as it could worsen symptoms. I have been told I have CFS prior to being diagnosed with POTS a
  10. I think it's mainly because salt can cause a high BP. You always hear about how bad salt is but people don't realize if you have a salt deficiency it is going to help you. Salt is bad for most people, so people just assume it's bad for everyone. In most cases of P.O.T.S. we are trying to raise out BP. Of course like some of the people hear have said you have to monitor your BP and your electrolytes while you are adding salt and water. But if you already have high BP and P.O.T.S. that's a different story. You'd have to go about things differently and i"m not even sure how. You'd have to ask
  11. I haven't been reading much lately . I can' t read much cause I have trouble with my eyes, but I read a little bits at a time . I have read are books are to do with Zen, budisum, The I ching, Etc. So I have heard of Thich Nhat Hanh and particularly that book. I guess I was afraid to read it. LOL See, I had a near death experience years ago. After that I didn't really have a great fear of death. But then my brother died, and then I went through an experience in the hospital where thought I was going to die after that. Part of what was hard was that I felt bad for leaving my family afte
  12. Angela, I'm so glad that you're child is alright now. That must have been so horrible to have to go through. But I see you know what I mean. It's a reaction that you don't really think about, it just happens automatically. I'm glad you found something to help you. My mother's a big reader. I wish I could read but I have trouble because of my eyes. I have thought about books on tape. I htought maybe I would try to listen to that at night and maybe it would be relaxing. I'm gonna look tonight and see if they have any online that I can download right into the computer. Thanks for the suggestio
  13. Thanks. I think that's the thing. I'm trying to deal with the fear. It' s so hard. It' s just hard to address all of the issues I have in therapy in just 45 minutes a week. I need about three hours.LOL I want to try hypnosis with my therapist. Problem is right now I'm too sick to ride all that way..She's pretty far so we do phone sessions. But I was hoping that might help me deal with the fear easier.
  14. Thanks, Yeah I have done those types of excersizes in the past, and found them helpful. I guess what happens is when have trouble breathing it gets harder to do them. Or when I feel this really weak feeling. It' shard to describe but when I am falling asleep, it' s like all the life is draining from my body. Then that scares me and I wake up. I can do the excersizes and get to the point of relaxation enough to start sleeping but then like I said I get these weird feelings and get scared and then that wakes me up. I gets really frustrating relaxing yourself with all of these excersizes and then
  15. Thanks for your understanding. I also have been taught the relaxation techniques..for trying to sleep etc. I guess it' s difficult.. sometimes it helps and sometimes I just get nervous about using my breathing to relax. See when my brother passed one o f the things that was so upsetting was he couldn't breathe. So the subject of relaxing my breathing brings up conflicted feelings. It' s hard to explain. But I'm trying to get through this. Talking about it helps. I have tended to avoid talking about the breathing thing for a while. But I need to address so .. Thanks for your understanding.. it
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