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  1. Hi, just read your post about tachycardia and and really identified. the post was from some time ago have you found an answer and are you any better. i have run into a period of random tachycardia, irregular hr and adrenaline surges. i felt very alone until i read your post

  2. For those of you who do well on Afrin, do you have very easily stimulated adrenaline-like responses? I have serious problems with my ears when I fly, but am too scared to try Afrin because even half of a cup of 99.5% decaf coffee sets me off with high heart rate, tremors and anxiety. I use Omnaris right now which helps a lot. But I still have a lot of problems when flying, and I have another flight coming up in two weeks that I am very nervous about.
  3. Beliver, how would you describe your pressure headaches?
  4. HAha, so true, Simmy! The truth is I always do better at high altitudes. Last year, I was having a bad flare and took a trip to Utah. I almost cancelled my trip because I was feeling so sick, but my boyfriend was really excited, so I was prepared for a huge amount of discomfort. As soon as we ascended to a higher elevation, I felt almost total relief. By the next day, I was doing great. I do believe it's because it's super dry and I do very well in dry dry dry. I also don't have issues in dry heat. Give me a 120 degree day here in CA over an 85 degree humid day on the east. But it's very stran
  5. I live in CA, but moved to Maryland last September. The climate was so horrible for me, I had to move back to CA. I found that I was much much more POTSY on humid, rainy/cloudy days, but even worse was the intense head pressure. The whooshing pounding all day long in my head. I didn't feel like this on just the humid days - only when a storm was coming in - so I naturally attributed it to low pressure. However, I do just fine when storms come in here in CA, and also, ironically, I do GREAT at high altitudes. In fact, I just returned from a trip to New Mexico at 7,000 feet where I felt great, a
  6. I don't think anyone here can assure you that you'll be fine if you double up your beta blocker dose, but for me personally, I take higher doses when I know that I am doing something more stimulating. I am on propranolol but usually take a very, very low dose. So for me to double my normal dose is still a really low dose. I am sensitive to meds, so I assume that if I took a dose that someone more normal would take, I could end up very ill. In regards to pot, I used to smoke pot very occasionally prior to POTS with no problem. I tried it once after becoming sick and had a horrible, horrible res
  7. That makes total sense. There is no doubt I have some kind of autonomic dysfunction going on. I am just afraid that with a diagnosis, now everything is being clumped into that box. Doctors don't want to acknowledge other symptoms because they're all POTS. But what if I don't actually have POTS? I have some really incredibly debilitating symptoms, so I know my level of dysautonomia is not really mild. Which is why I am confused as to why I have been diagnosed with POTS when there are clearly other more severe things going on besides the classic POTS symptom - the heart rate increase or blood pr
  8. My heart rate and blood pressure did not change at all!!! I was told that I have pots because it is the most common. But I cant help but shake that I had a tilt table test that was negative for the typical pots symptoms. I only had the odd heart response -sinus tachycardia at 200bpm immediately after the isuprel wore off - I have similar responses after my heart rate has been at a sustained level for awhile, so something with it starting to slow down causes it to kick back up. but this does not necessarily mean pots, no?? Is it odd that I am just now, over a year later, developing the more typ
  9. i am wondering if anyone was diagnosed with pots but had a negative tilt table test?? i did, until the end, when i had an episode of sinus tachycardia after the isuprel infusion. when i took the TTT, i had been experiencing symptoms for about eight months. however, a racing heart or dropping blood pressure was not one of them. hence, a negative TTT. but i was diagnosed with POTS from that heart issue. i think if i took the TTT today, then i would fail for having orthostatic tachycardia when upright. but i am wondering if in POTS, the tachycardia is one of the first symptoms to develop, or can
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