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  1. Thanks Pistol, I am taking a third course of antibiotics (Rifaximin for the first time) and hope this works. Looking back I think a lot of my POTs symptoms are related to SIBO as well. As this got better so did the POTs. I just had a relapse after flu. As I understand it SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) creates lots of toxins in the body and I think may have played a big part in my POTs symptoms. Just wondering if anyone else thinks along the same lines or had similar problems. Thank
  2. Hi, I haven't been on the site for ages but it was once a life-line. As I have got better from POTs I have got worse from SIBO. I have had two courses of antibiotics but in England you can't get Rifaximin which is the best I understand. Can anyone help me with up to date information as SIBO is debilitating me. I have bloating, pain, burping, and it sets off POTs episodes. After the first course of antibiotics where I took 2 different types at once and then followed a Fodmap diet I eventually became really well. But it has returned. My original breath tests showed an extreme reac
  3. Yes, I've posted a few times about this as it been a problem for me too - bit different as it's during the flight but this can continue afterwards. I used to fly lots and had many difficult flight before i knew why. Then I found hydrating really worked until the last flight when I had a bad episode and am still building up courage to try a short flight - there are not many ways of getting out of England otherwise. Once I went straight from the flight to casualty and was in for 2 days. And another trip triggered a three week episode with a few hospital visits. This was all before I knew what w
  4. Hi Emma, I hope you are having a good day!

  5. I managed to access my notes and sure enough the cardio wrote " 1.Non cardiac chest pain 2. pain unlikely to be due to POTs" This then sits in my notes and next time i see a doctor it gets even more difficult for them to believe that these symptoms are down to pots. Am on Florinef now and this has really helped with the chest pain and the surges. Thanks everyone who reassured me that they had same or similar.
  6. Thanks Jackie/Todd/Lotus etc Had another episode on friday which went on for 5 hours. lay in recovery position for 2 hours. Can you tell me is it this bad for you? I can't speak, don't want any noise and this time it was intense pressure in my chest - no arm pain this time. Like someone standing on my chest. At the same time my heart keeps peeking upwards then coming down. I crunched half a bb and half a valium and this stopped surges going so high but it still went on. I could still feel the adrenaline in my body - it just was not having such an impact on my heart.After 4 hours repeated the
  7. Thanks for all those replies. it is really reassuring. Had another episode last night with adrenaline surges which lasted 5 hours, spent 2 hours on the floor in the recovery position despite valium, bblocker and paracetemol. its the worse i have been. But it is like a very heavy person standing on my chest and i can feel the adrenaline. i think my bp is up too. Does it affect your blood pressure or it actually the result of raised blood pressure and have you found anything to help with the pain. Houswoea i think you have mentioned the gabapentin before i will mention this next time.
  8. Hi, Thanks both. Bren i do not really suffer with my stomach but i bought benadryl on friday and maybe should have tried it. lots say that works. Like a lot of people i am really frightened once i am in that state to take something for the first time that could possibly make me feel even i% worse. But it is really reassurring that you experience the same when i am being told it is not pots. Not that i would wish it on anyone. And the truth is i feel like i am going to die as my chest is so squeezed and sometimes feels like it will explode. And it burns. Thanks again - can go back armed with mo
  9. Have just had another overnight stay in hospital - chest pain, tachycardia, bradycardia, feeling very unwell, shaking, v cold. First doctor so glib and rude but when pressed had never heard of hyperpots. He also told me wearing a heart monitor was bad idea as was probably causing anxiety. Second doc - cardio - very unfriendly but said my chest pain does not fit with micro vascular angina as it still is present when i lie down. it is brought on by exertion and goes into neck and arm and have sharp pains in the chest. But when it is bad it is still there when resting. This has gone on all week
  10. Hi, just read your post about tachycardia and and really identified. the post was from some time ago have you found an answer and are you any better. i have run into a period of random tachycardia, irregular hr and adrenaline surges. i felt very alone until i read your post

  11. hi,

    thanks for you reply - it was really helpful. i have replied - but-

    Can you tell me what ans is?

  12. Diagnosed POTS Dec 2010

  13. Hey Emma246's,

    Thanks for the reply and yes I too would rather not have POTS or any other disorder or disease. I am like you and agree at least with a diagnosis you can relax a bit knowing what it is and stop the mental questioning not to mention the frustration of going to Dr.to Dr.....it becomes quite costly too.

    Hope you are doing well, best wishes.


  14. Hey, how are you?

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