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  1. I wish I could pin this for the amount of time I have written it lol but I've found it is extremely common when starting an SSRI to feel terrible for the first month. I have dealt with this myself and talked to tons of people about it. I had CRAZY symptoms, but they all went away after awhile. Unless you are having an allergic reaction, you might want to keep trying it.
  2. I am so sorry. Just know it was NOT because of you! People like that would have cheated anyways. I know its hard, but just realize that its for the best because you dont want to waste a second more with someone like that
  3. I think it really depends on what kind of POTS you have. I have had a period where mine wasnt too bad, so I had virtually no anxiety. Now I have constant adrenaline problems and my sympathetic nervous system is always activated, so anxiety is always there.I have been in therapy for a couple years now and its helped a bit, but I am really started to realize this a physical problem more so than a mental for me.
  4. I got lucky and had my hearing on the 10th of January and my decision came in the mail on the 18th! Sometimes it can go very fast
  5. Yes it is very expensive! It costs 300 per hour :/ If it helps, it will be totally worth it though
  6. I just did my first session! The actual hypno part went very well, but I did have symptoms after because I wasnt smart enough to realize that i should lay down while doing it, instead of sitting upright in a chair for an hour :/ Next time i will for sure lay down on the couch they have lol. I just makes you feel very relaxed. I remember every word he said and could have got myself out of the trance if I wanted to very easily. It does not feel like a drugged state of mind, just a total body relaxation that is great IF you are laying down lol
  7. I am sorry :/ I am 23 and have a 3 year old that I can barely keep up with. Its very hard. I am putting her in pre school on Tuesday, so hopefully that will help a bit. I take midodrine right now. It honestly only helps a bit. It worked a lot better in the beginning, and just kinda burnt out. However, there are a lot of other meds to try!
  8. i did read that hypnotherapy can lower your bp and hr because your body and muscles relax. Maybe that is what caused the symptoms?
  9. Also i have had this really annoying floater in my right eye for over a year now. It will not go away and it drives me crazy because I can constantly see it. I also have blind spots too.
  10. I had optic neuritis. They were really worried about MS for awhile. Mine are because mine dont work together. Dr. Goodman actually found it when he put his light in front of my eyes, and instead of constricting, they dilated . They are also VERY slow with dilation and constriction, so if I go from a dark room to light, it takes forever for them to catch up. Movie theaters are BAD. When I get out of one, they are so dilated that everything seems very off and I actually walk into walls. I refuse to get them dilated when I saw the neuro opthamologist.
  11. Lieze- Where they even able to hypnotize you? Usually you have to be very relaxed and they cannot do it unless you want to be. I am worried about being too anxious for them to hypnotize me. Joann- I am meeting with the guy tomorrow and Ill post and update! I am really hoping this works because its basically my last hope. My phobia has just gotten so out of control, that i am unwililng to try any new med at this point. I was noticing how I wont even take an antibiotic when i need one because I am so afraid of the side effects. All this is def. stems from my POTS because I have never had this issue before I became sick. Cognitive therapy helps a bit, but when you have an out of control phobia, if feel like you just need more.
  12. Does anyone notice a pattern where each generation gets it worse than the previous? My grandma had fainting spells, but lived a very normal life otherwise. My mom has always had autoimmune health problems, but didnt come down fully with POTS until she was 50. Even with all her problems (crohns, ulcertive colitis, POTS,ect) she is still able to work, drive, and life a fairly normal life. I came down with it at 18 and my life just ***** lol. I just wanted to see if anyone else has the same thing?
  13. Oh no I wish I wouldnt have read that! lol I hate feeling like that :/ I really hope i can go through with it!
  14. I have a big medication phobia from POTS (go figure with all my crazy medication problems). I have been in therapy for over 3 years, but I just cant kick that med phobia. I have made an appt for a consult for hypnotherapy from a guy that is well known and actually knows his stuff. I am really hoping it helps. I know it wont be a miracle cure, but if he can get me to the point where I can swallow a pill without shear panic, then I will be VERY happy! Has anyone tried this before?
  15. SSRIs re regulate your nervous system. I am not sure how (maybe some one else knows on here). Like Momtogiuliana said, there is that adjustment period that will go away.
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