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  1. Also i have had this really annoying floater in my right eye for over a year now. It will not go away and it drives me crazy because I can constantly see it. I also have blind spots too.
  2. I had optic neuritis. They were really worried about MS for awhile. Mine are because mine dont work together. Dr. Goodman actually found it when he put his light in front of my eyes, and instead of constricting, they dilated . They are also VERY slow with dilation and constriction, so if I go from a dark room to light, it takes forever for them to catch up. Movie theaters are BAD. When I get out of one, they are so dilated that everything seems very off and I actually walk into walls. I refuse to get them dilated when I saw the neuro opthamologist.
  3. For me, the only reason I am not a smoker now is because I don't want my daughter around it. If I didn't have a child, I would for sure be a smoker. I would gladly give up some years on my life if it meant I had a better quality of life. I cannot imagine having to live the rest of my life feeling like I do right now.
  4. Smoking was a miracle cure for me. Nothing other than an SSRI helped my POTS, but I would go as far as to say that smoking made me about 90 percent better. I did have to smoke a lot though (1 every couple hours). My POTS went nuts when I quit, and I have been terrible since. I don't advocate it, but for some of us, it works wonders. Because it is a vasoconstrictor and raised my bp, my heart didn't work as hard, so I didn't get tachycardia.
  5. Tip I have the same thing too. Every thing is.dim and dark and I only notice certain things that I am really looking at. This is also a big reason I can't drive. Do you also have problems looking at things that are higher up in your vision field? For instance, IM sitting in front of my Christmas tree and I only notice the bottom part. I have to squint my eyes to look up. This happens in grocery stores and pretty much everywhere. It's really hard to explain. I notice some relief.when I tilt my head back. I think organs to due with not enough blood flow to the vision center of the brain.
  6. I was great with my POTS before pregnancy, bad the third trimester, great post partum and horrid 6 months after until now. Of I was completely breast fed, never had formula and my health is terrible. I had chronic ear infections, UTIs, strep infections, ect. growing up. I was constantly sick.
  7. Yup I was for 8 months and after afew meds and getting my muscles back I started working and driving again. Wasnt completely back like a normal person but 80 percent better.
  8. ive noticed that if i am already having hig adrenaline leves, it does not take much to set me off. its funny you just mentioned this because it happened to me tonight. i lost it with my dad and i felt the surge or rage, even to the point my vision turns white. its really scary after it happens to know i can get that angry. it never happened like that pre pots, vut i noticedmit really hapened a lot for me when i was in my first trimester during pregnancy, so maybe hormones?
  9. Now if only I could teach my 20 month old daughter to do all this....LOL she is there for me emotionally, just wears me out physically. I would love to just have a dog, but I too worry about the exercise. I might get a mastiff... we had one growing up and they hate exercise lol
  10. That is true about taking care of the dog.... I find it extremely difficult just taking care of my daughter, let alone another living thing. Did you have to pay for yours? How long did you have to wait to get it approved? This is really interesting!
  11. How do you even get one?? I think my doctor would be in hysterics if I brought up getting one LOL... but that would be awesome to have!
  12. i was taking 20 mg of lexapro, after 4 years i started to cut the pill in half, and am still ok taking 10 mg. i have tried to go off the lexapro due to the weight gain, but when i do my POTS symptoms return. i feel so much better on lexapro.

  13. My anxiety is secondary to my pots. I never,had an ounce of it before I came down with dysautonomia. That is a very interesting atricle, but does not apply yo me I can see my counselor all day long, but will still have pots at the end of the day lol
  14. I have that also, but it came from having POTS.
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