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  1. Hope your test goes well. I am glad i had the ESOPHAGOGASTRODUODENOSCOPY WITH BIOPSY and COLONOSCOPY it did find notable issues. @Pistoli think you called Diverticulosis at one point. Procedure results: Z line deviation 2 cm 2 cm hiatal hernia Non erosive esophagitis Gastritis Diverticulosis Ascending colon polyp
  2. Haha yeah some foods hit out of the blue. I ate a couple of diabetic friendly brownie fiber bars total mistake. plugged me up for a week.
  3. every few months or more i would say. they tend to happen in succession a few days in a row then i am good for a while.
  4. @MaineDougpain can be bad during a episode (attack) thankfully they don't happen very often. no i am not taking Creon or some other PERT. i do watch my diet so less meat and fat for now. Glad to hear that Creon is working for you. sucks when sleep gets disrupted. before i was put on Ranolazine i had issues sleeping on my left side but, now that has cleared up. Cost of meds sometimes hard to swallow. this last year med costs for me were about $10,000. Glad insurance picked up the cost.
  5. Sorry Doug didn't mean to kill you off Lol....sure your hip replacement over time will really help. Can't stress enough how important exercise is and staying active is. I had some bad hip pain for a couple of years so i slacked on exercising and it was notable as to how i felt. so i jump on the treadmill every morning before breakfast (can't say i like it but i do it). Pulling for you and hope the surgery goes well.
  6. Yes i will be NPO before the procedure and only a sip of water to take meds the day of. prep is taken in two doses 12pm and 6pm and a bathroom is required. procedure is full anesthesia but may change once i talk to the anesthesiologist. Day before i will be on a liquid diet so stuff like broth coffee tea jello or popsicles are allowed. what i do for a NPO procedure is to drink a ton of water the day before. helps more than one would think. last procedure i had i only sucked down a half of a IV bag. normally i will drink down the whole bag.
  7. Thanks @JamisonSanchezi am happy with the purchase.
  8. @MaineDougwhat colon prep is your doc having you take? i was told to buy a store brand that starts with a M and ends with a X
  9. going back on my changes first was to get my meds worked out so meaning removing offending meds and then getting the new med doses right for me (in the past i was always overmedicated to a fault). next i figured out that i am sensitive to histamine (allergies, colds etc...) and would vasodilate me and cause presync for me so i take antihistamine when this happens and so far works for me. Yes then i suspected food was a huge stressor for me but went down quite a few rabbit holes till we figured out that i have atypical diabetes so having good control of my glucose and has been a huge help. when i mess up a bit the fatigue, blurry vision and orthostatics are right on que. Then we did treat for SIBO not to long ago all i can say is i have a ton more energy and gained more weight (sigh) not walking like the hunchback of notre dame. The last change my GI doc has me doing is not drinking milk and is noticeable. i don't feel like i need to explode when bending down or putting my socks on and see an improvement in bloating. after my scoping the Doc will be discussing food with me. Oh and my high doses of D3 and adding B12 i swear helps as well. my hip pain that i have dealt with for a couple of years cleared up. sure there is more but the this is the big ticket items for me.
  10. well if this asked last year at this time i would have said i was struggling with passing out just trying to get up had two visits to the ER for snocope related injuries and being upright was limited to just a few hours before i needed off my feet. Since i have made huge gains picking off one issue at a time. I kinda feeling guilty posting this but i can make it all day without issues or needing recliner time. Presyncope has been rare once a month and been very mild and is no longer a fear that was always on my mind. When i do feel the need to be of my feet is not linked to how long i have been up (well maybe) but what was the stressor that caused my symptoms. Just sharing my world for now
  11. My weight is up from 172 to 190 after i got my blood sugars under control. weight does wax and wane a little. Gastro does have me not drinking milk for now just to see if it helps with the bloating. Doug just shoot for a close BMI does not have to be perfect. sure the Creon is a good thing that will help. I have seen a dietitian a few times but has not always been helpful. GI will be discussing food at the next office visit.
  12. at the end of the month. thanks sending good vibes i will sending vibes back atcha. last scoping i did not do well with the anesthesia that was used sure i will be in better hands this time.
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