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  1. I saw this - wow, is that interesting. I have never found any kind of oral rehydration to work very well, but IV fluids are magical.
  2. It’s amazing how no one seems alarmed about my weight loss, either. I am quite light for my height and was never overweight. I supplement calories like crazy and still don’t gain... I have no GI issues but also lost my appetite permanently about 18 months ago. I force a lot of meals anyway!
  3. Persistent 20 percent weight loss after having been an extremely stable weight -no matter what- for 30 years or so. I was the same size since I was 12 and now I’m smaller!
  4. Me, too, exactly. I bought a quality BP cuff and it never accurately measured my BP which is low. I would do one arm manually or have my RN husband do it, and use the automated cuff on the other arm. My BP doesn’t vary that much between arms, and I'd get something like 74/56 manually, and 118/70 with the automated cuff. I have the same experience in medical settings. "Oh look, your BP is great!" when I was talking when they took it, and just came in from traffic and aggravation, AND they use a machine. I think they are good - I used them as an EMT - but not meant for those low (or high?) readi
  5. I don’t have hyper POTS and have very low BP - "better" for me is higher, towards 80/60 if I can! I don’t find much effect on my HR from adderall. Maybe it’s a little lower if I’m doing better, but I’m on a beta blocker anyway. So, when I take a dose of Adderall, I’m less orthostatic, better able to exercise, and my BP is higher/healthier.
  6. No, but I only took mine 6 days per week, and I now take it as needed. I have quite a bit on hand from when I realized I wouldn’t pay to take it daily.
  7. I can’t get a prior authorization which is why I don’t take it regularly - I have a script but it’s too expensive without it.
  8. I feel somewhat better when I take as little as 2.5mg adderall. 5mg is better. I have better BP readings and exercise tolerance and definitely am less orthostatic.
  9. There are legitimate versions available... but these were a lot cheaper! I stitched the edges of the pillows together, but I tried just using Velcro straps at first. Thanks, though! I love to "invent"!
  10. Thanks. Pillows strapped to my feet help, and oddly, so have supplements.
  11. For me, it does not seem to relate to the sun. Anything that has pressure on it at night becomes red, hot, and painful, but my ears seem to do this for no reason as well.
  12. I seem to have erythromelalgia, too. It affects my ears, as well as my heels and elbows at night...
  13. Can you take a bath instead of showering? It helps me to be laying down and have the pressure of the water around me. You’d probably like weighted blankets like I do - to me they are the sleeping equivalent of compression stockings. I also use sequential compression devices for a hour or so each evening. That machine doesn’t want to go into the shower, though. I have a really hard time getting my 30-40mmHg stockings on, so I use a mixture of these interventions. The stockings are definitely hot in the summer. I try to keep splashing myself with water...
  14. Just slippage while adjusting myself - if one isn’t in good contact, the other feels like a shock - the same happens with regular TENS use. Ouch!
  15. Ooooh that could hurt! Be sure both clips are in good contact, too. Ask me how I know!
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