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  1. Beware of the "antivaccination" arguments you read over the Internet. As the "Pathguy" has shown, antivaccination zealots often lie: http://www.pathguy.com/antiimmu.htm Of course, we wouldn't have to worry so much about new strains of influenza if we'd simply stop growing poultry and swine for food. What's really nuts is that people are growing these animals in huge "factory farms" and even feeding them antiviral drugs. You couldn't come up with a more effective way of developing dangerous new strains of treatment-resistant flu. http://birdflubook.com/
  2. According to my blood volume measurement, I was in class II when I was really sick. Ironically, I wasn't anxious or agitated, probably because it had gone on so long that I was used to it. Of course, the complete absence of anxiety or agitation proves that my problem was psychological. Not. And they laughed at me when I asked for hetastarch!
  3. When you say that you are not anemic, does that mean that your total red cell mass is normal? Some doctors think that normal hematocrit means that you aren't anemic. But if you have a plasma deficit and a normal hematocrit, then you have a decreased red cell mass, which by definition means that you are anemic.
  4. I don't know. Has your blood volume been measured? If the plasma volume is low, have you tried increasing your salt and water intake and drinking licorice tea? Have you tried fludrocortisone (Florinef)? If your red cell mass is low, have you tried taking extra iron supplements and extra B vitamins? Have you had B vitamin shots? Those are the cheap and easy things. The next step, of course, is Epogen, which doesn't seem to have helped you. Did it increase your red cell mass at all? When I tried it, it increased my red cell mass but my plasma volume went down even further. I don't know how one
  5. Back when I worked at a veterinary journal, I edited a series of articles on fluid therapy for dogs and cats. The articles explained that if a dog or cat had lost a lot of blood, you could expand the blood volume for a short time by giving a "crystalloid" solution intravenously (i.e., a salt solution like saline or lactated Ringer's). However, the kidneys would notice that the blood was dilute and the excess salt and water would be lost in the urine in a short time. In order to keep the blood volume expanded, you had to give the poor beastie a "colloid" solution intravenously. Colloids are par
  6. I haven't fainted for years, but when I did, I didn't actually lose consciousness. I couldn't see, and I lost muscle tone and fell down, but I was still aware of what was happening.
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