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  1. You mention stomach issues, ramakentesh. This is a new symptom for me. I haven't been able to eat a whole lot over the last two weeks. My stomach hurts just thinking about eating. I have been eating a lot of yogurt lately because that is the only food that doesn't make it hurt. It is always interesting to discover the new ways this craziness affects me. Julie
  2. Tommy, That's exactly it. You've nailed it exactly. I'm afraid the new meds aren't going to help or just make things worse. It's so frustrating. Thank you. Julie
  3. Hi all, I haven't been posting in a while because things had been going well for me. I actually had about a month of feeling somewhat normal. Now, strange and annoying things are happening again, and I am not sure how to handle it. I have been waking up with a racing heart during the night as well as in the morning. I am also have some annoying chest pain with any bit of stress. This can extend into my left arm. It does not hurt a ton, just enough to bother me and make me stop what I am doing. I had similar symptoms when I was on flecainide, but I went off of that and the symptoms disapp
  4. Hi, I am about 30 miles from Milwaukee. I have been to Froedtert for autonomic testing. I have been diagnosed with POTS, Sjogrens, and Raynauds. I did not know that there was a support group in the area. I am not sure what time the group meets, and my problem is that after working all day, I am too tired to take that kind of drive at night. My vision stinks by the end of the day. Night driving is a nightmare. I'd be interested in hearing more about the group though. Julie
  5. I have been dealing with migraines since I was 13. The keys for me are two fold. One was to find my triggers. I cannot eat many, many foods because they are sure to cause a migraine between hours and a day. Some of these foods include any rice product (crazy, huh), any product with BHT (a preservative in many cereals and gum), sausages, caffine, root beer barrels , movie theater popcorn, and the list goes on. Second, I have to take between 2 and 4 ibuprofen as soon as I feel the aura coming on. If I don't catch it early, I am done. I hope this helps a little. Julie
  6. Thank you for your replies. Kits, no one mentioned me looking or sounding any different when I was talking to them. All I know is that I could feel it happening. I did have visual disturbances for the prior two days. I see wavy rainbow lines in my vision. I did not feel the bathroom urge either. As far as searching for words, that is daily for me. Others often have to help me find the words I'm looking for. Thank goodness it hasn't happened since then. I will be starting on baby aspirin tomorrow, and I probably not wait a week until I call the doctor next time. Thanks again, Julie
  7. I had another new and for me strange symptom, and I am not sure what to think. I have had all of the typical symptoms of POTS, Sjogrens, and Raynauds. I experience dizziness, fatigue, irregular heart beats, and more, but brain fog is setting in and I can't remember them. Oh, that's a biggie, brain fog. I actually got rid of some of the dizziness by going off of flecainide. However, my irregular beats are back. That being said, last week, I experienced something new for me. I was talking to my co workers, and slowly, I could feel the right side of my body becoming heavier. My right chee
  8. I am being pretty whimpy about this. Today I feel pretty good, and I think why bother going. Things are going well. Tomorrow I will feel crummy and still not want to go. At this point I don't even think its about Mayo. Its just a matter of having more testing. I shouldn't complain because I have had many fewer tests than most. I am just sick of dealing with this. I know I have to learn to cope, but it is always on my mind. Eventually I'll make up my mind. Happy Valentine's Day to all, Julie
  9. If I do go, it would be to Rochester, and I will either wait until spring break or until the summer. I have school aged children who both have some anxiety issues. I don't want them to worry about me any more than they already do. I am told that I should get it scheduled now though. Ugh. I did have back surgery when I was 19. Twenty years later, I still remember some of the procedures I had done back then. I think that is also adding to my hesitancy. Thank you for all of your input. I am not sure when I will make up my mind. My sister laughs at me because she knows that I always take a
  10. I had this happen to me just when I was drinking water. I actually had to spit the water out because it felt like my throat was completely closed. I also have problems with losing my voice which can be a problem because my job requires meto talk all day long. My students probably enjoy it. LOL
  11. I've heard about them, but no, I don't have one. I just use a knife. Yikes. Sometimes they don't exactly split in half either. And, the halves go flying. Yikes again.
  12. It makes me nervous just posting this. The thought of going to Mayo is actually making me sweat as I type this. Wow! Here's the scoop. I was diagnosed with POTS in May of 08. Then, by Sept. they added Sjogrens and Raynauds. There is also some buzz about MS. We have been managing my symptoms with a variety of meds but because of my med intolerance, I am down to just Metoprolol twice a day. I have my bad days and then I have my really bad days just like all of you. My dilemma is this. My primary dr and the cardio have suggested that I go to Mayo. They still think there could be some
  13. I can absolutely relate to the pill splitting. I kind of begged my pharmacist to let me go back to my 50mg tablets twice a day because I too have had to split pills since the recall. This is probably pretty whimpy, but the pressure that it takes to split the 100's would make me have the crazy head rushes that I normally get when I stand. Luckily the 50's are back in.
  14. Although it's getting late, my curiosity about the recall would not leave. So after reading jump's response, I decided to do some research too. I did find one article that said there was something not right with the dosage and the size of the tablets. I also read one forum that had many people communicating about side effects they had been experiencing with Metoprolol lately. I too just went through a round of nasty side effects, but we thought it was the flecainide I was taking. I have recently stopped taking flecainide, and for now, I feel as ok as I can with this crazy condition. I d
  15. I had the same problem last month, Amber. However, my pharmacist told me that they (the national suppliers) just hadn't sent enough??? He didn't give any explanation as to why. I was able to fill my prescription this month with no trouble. I just filled it last week. I was offered the brand name drug but that was out of my price range, and they had just enough left to tide me over until they had enough. Hopefully, they will get it in where you live too. Julie
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