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  1. I have a question i hope one of u smart cookies can answer for me..=) i am being driven to my breaking point with pvcs, pacs, afib, and now possibly v tach arthymias....sigh...i can deal with the tachy (sometimes) and the low bp (sometimes lol) and all the other endless symptoms but these arythmias are making me lose my grip. I know generally ablation is frowned upon for us causing a worsening in symptoms, but i was wondering if anyone knows why? What mechanics cause this? Im starting to consider ablation to lessen some of these events but i cant risk an even lower bp(im rarely over 90/70 even
  2. Im the same as u angela...long time smoker...ive quit a few times and am trying to wean back now but its hard when everyone around u smokes. My first cigg in the am makes me black out a bit..feels like it drops my bp or maybe oxygen deprivation for amoment..yyet the rest of the day it helps calm me down. Im asthmatic from allergies so i know i have to quit but its a powerful addiction. I dont think it helps my hypotensive states at all which it really should since its a vasoconstrictor but im a walking contradiction anyways so? I have noticed afew times i think its triggered runs of pvcs. Ano
  3. I have several visual changes since all this got worse. AT times things do seem dim or dark. They also just seem off? It is hard to describe for sure. Kind of like things are moving too fast or Im looking through a fishbowl...but yet I see fine. My night vision got much worse and in one eye I am blind at night cant see my hand in front of my face in a dim room. With that said, my biggest problems are outside or in artificial lighting, especially fluorescents. I dont know how to describe it other than a visual seizure...?? my eyes feel jumpy and cant focus on anything or hold still, it makes me
  4. Loved all of these,so can relate and really made me giggle.... Only one on the cardiac wing allowed salt Only patient your pcp has suggested adding potatoe chips to their breakfast routine
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