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    I like to garden, paint, woodcarve,needlepont.I even still enjoying cooking despite I can't eat most of the food.I like to watch educational tv. I love funny movies and an occasional ghost story.

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  1. I have gastroparesis. And all that you shared is something I have often. At first the symptoms were really bad reflux and pain in my gut. Reflux so bad I would lose my voice. I have only vomited a few times but have many friends that have gp that vomit all the time. A GI dr. can perform a gastric emptying test to see if you have gp. I have had gp since 2008 but not til 2010 did it get bad. I was overweight when it started to get bad , so I had a weight buffer. I am down 90 pounds and still losing. It is a horrible thing to have. I hope you don't have it. But the best way to be sure is the gastric emptying test. In the meantime stay away from fiber, raw fruits and veggies. Very small meals 5- 6 times a day. Keep a diary of the foods you eat and that bother you. I am no longer eating solids. I have found that dairy and gluten seem to make things worse for me. I drink Boost and PowerAde. But people can be at different places with gp.Not everyone gets to this point, some can still eat solids. One thing I know for sure is everyone is different. And each day can be different. What might be ok one day may not be the next. The vagus nerve controls so much. With dys. the chances of developing gastroparesis , I have found, can be common. So sorry you are suffering. Praying things get better for you.
  2. I have gastroparesis also. Have eaten some food,not a lot. But I feel super swimmy headed. BP is high when I stand up 120/114. BP gets low when I sit down. Have no idea what is going on, feel very faint.
  3. Sorry to hear of your diagnoses. I am going to Vanderbilt in July in hopes to find out what form of dys. I have. My dr.'s have mentioned PAF and Shy-Dragers. I too have gastroparesis. In a horrible flare. Seems I am in a flare all the time. Pain and nausea just keeps getting worse. I have the numbness in my arms and hands, if I sleep on my right side my left hand and arm will go numb. I get very shaky sometimes too. Not to mention trouble breathing and lots more stuff that makes no sense. Hope some answers are given to help you.
  4. Was 141/120 last night and now in the low 90's over low 50's. Have been in bed all day. So weak. Is this typical stuff with dys. I have so many questions. can't wait to get into Vanderbilt.
  5. Thanks everyone. I think I am dehydrated again. I can't seem to stay hydrated. So hard with the nausea and pain. I am going to call my dr. in the morning.
  6. Thanks for helping me with this. Is this serious? I feel so lost right now. With this and the gastroparesis, I have so much going wrong. Is this something that warrants calling my cardiologist or going to the ER?
  7. I have been very bloated all week. Gastroparesis is giving me a hard time. On liquids but hard cause of nausea and pain. Today I was feeling weird, heart felt funny, pain in chest and back, nausea , was shaking. So checked BP and it was 141/120 and heart rate was 78. Have checked it a few times since then and it is staying around 110/70 but heart rate is higher...86. Still feel funny. I was told on a facebook dys. page that when there is less than 30 points between the two numbers that could be serious and may need to go to the ER. Anyone else know what this may mean?
  8. I have been dehydrated many times and needed fluids. I also have gastroparesis that makes me so sick to my stomach and lots of pain. In another downward spiral. So hard to get in fluids. I have read that others with dys. have trouble staying hydrated. Is it due to nausea for everyone?
  9. I have times where it feels like my body has forgotten how to breath. I had an awful spell Monday. I have some 02 to help me. Even taking a shower can be over powering, hard to breath. Have to turn down the temp. of the water and keep the curtain half opened so I can breath. The steam and heat make me feel suffocated. I always start off having to take deep breaths , some coughing...then the breathing gets very difficult. Horrible feeling. Scary too. A few times when I was so sick from dys. and gastroparesis...I was afraid I would stop breathing all together when I went to bed.
  10. I have many friends with gastroparesis and require feeding tubes of all kinds. It is something that I am fighting very hard to stay away from cause I know how difficult it is. So sorry you are having to do your feedings this way, I can imagine as a mom how hard it is for you.
  11. I also have gastroparesis and colonic inertia. My diet is mostly liquids. I drink Boost ( can't do dairy, soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk...all caused pain). I mix in some PowerAde too. I can get by with some baked potatoes and peanut butter crackers at times. And when I am feeling really wild a can of chicken noodle soup. My diet is mainly a diet to keep me off feeding tubes. I am losing weight still but not too fast. I have found that a liquid diet is best for me. I don't tend to have as much pain or nausea. But I can end up on the floor in pain even on all liquids. They joys of gastroparesis. And thanks to a colon that barely works anymore I need to stay with a mostly liquid diet or else things don't move along very well and have to use large amounts of miralax ( dr.'s orders ). And to add to my wonderful mix of problems, due to a bladder that is losing it's functions, dr. said no caffine or carbonated drinks. My diet is pretty simple but boring. I will take it though over feeding tubes. Have many friends that need feeding tubes to stay alive. Those tubes get infections so easily, scares me. I do enjoy lollipops though, I get those wonderful Gourmet Lollipops, cotton candy flavor. I can have these on days that I am needing sugar for my hypoglycemia or on days that I am a little hungry and don't need to eat or feel too full to drink. Life is full of fun things, isn't it?
  12. I have noticed a bit of anxiety and depression creeping in on me. I have had depression before, at times very badly. Being sick for so long, since 2010. It could be just from that. It has been a very tough year for me and my family. So many things that could be adding to the sadness. But I wonder how many find that anxiety and depression increase when your dsy. gets worse?
  13. Sounds like my house. Sorry you both are having a tough time. I have gastroparesis also. The whole digestive system is slowing down plus my bladder is losing some function too. Fun stuff, not!
  14. Nope, not on a beta blocker. Wonder what the dr.'s at Vanderbilt will do with me in July.
  15. Thanks everyone. It was one of the weirdest feelings. To be waken up feeling like the bed was flipping. I am trying to get in fluids today. I have gastroparesis too, so the nausea is even worse along with horrible stomach and chest pain. Dehydration is such a problem for me. I did notice that my heart has been beating irregular today, not the first time. I did have an abnormal EKG in the ER last year. had some tests done on my heart and it was fine, did have some irregular beats and other things, but nothing to explain the abnormal EKG. So can't wait to go to Vancerbilt. I am wondering if they will do more tests while I am there since I am getting worse. Dropping weight and these weird dizzy spells along with near fainting spells. I thought we are going to have to call EMS to transport me to the hospital. Still may happen.
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