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  1. I'm someone who got close to full recovery of my POTS back in 2011, 12, 13. I was able to return to work, but it seemed like autonomic glitches continued to hum underneath. I was still pretty grateful to get "better". Around 2015 I was having some terrible stomach pain and I was annoyed b/c the POTS was better. I was diagnosed with Celiac, went gluten free without much change, then continued to live somewhat half hearted gluten free. I would've called myself gluten sensitive. The stomach pain flares would come and go and didn't seem to have anything to do with gluten. This past November I had
  2. Recently I returned to needing Midodrine after being med free and feeling close to 85% better since my flare of 2011. Not sure why. I caught a cold, but not the flu. I traveled a lot since October and I'm completely over tired. Hang in to all looking for reasons for flares, clues to calm the insides down and a CURE!
  3. At one point I also had elevated testosterone. Never figured it out. Good luck
  4. Just wanted you all to know that it is possible to get better. I had dysautonomia probably most of my life following multiple orthopedic surgeries as a child. Had a few POTS flares off and on t/o adult life never knowing a name to the "crashes". Had a terrible time end of 2011-2012 (hope my timeline is correct) - was bedridden for weeks. Barely functioning for the remainder of 2012. I started to get better with movement (not too little, not too much - I know that's vague), midodrine, salt, diet changes, and meditation. I did have a few clues for my POTS. Low blood volume and autoimmunity
  5. I do. This was the drug that got me on my feet. I use as needed today (which is 3 years post flare) and about 85-95% better
  6. I improved significantly. It can happen. Most days I feel about 90-95% better. Occasional slides/flares that I can manage. Seems like my body has intense environmental sensitivity to food, temp, smells, light, endurance, - you name it and it can flare me. I've adapted some things, avoid some things but also challenge some things to desensitize myself. I've had to learn to listen to my body. For me - perfumes are a complete no; but exercise in a tolerable form is an absolute. Good luck!! Stay positive
  7. I had a lab test for the low blood volume issue. Honestly, I can't remember what it was...I was so sick at the time. It was around the time that I was having adrenal testing, aldosterone, renin etc..... The Doc I had hated me. He just thought I was nuts. Said all my adrenal tests were negative except that I had a little blood volume problem. Once I completed my lab stuff with him, I took my results and ran. I bought meditation CD's which helped me greatly in terms of emotional health. Deepak Chopra did a series with Oprah called "Perfect Health" - the best $40 I spent in 2013. I was s
  8. I have a love/hate relationship with cardio training. I have a dislocated hip and I'm an amputee so running is challenging - If I do a ton of treadmill then I either have a short period of feeling really good followed by a crash or I just crash. I actually did way better with weight training over time - a span of 8 months or so until I felt consistently better in 2012. I also used other things such as hydrocortisone, some midodrine and seems like a big help was having a uterine ablation which significantly helped my anemia and suspected blood volume issue. My reason for POTs was suspected t
  9. Some drinking helped me when I was more routinely symptomatic. It seemed to calm my ANS quite a bit. I realized that with dysaut symptoms I was drunk - quick. So pacing myself was/is key. Hydration too, I usually start with half a coconut water, drink 1:1 water to alcohol and finish the coconut water before bed. So if I want to include some drinking - this is how I do it. As with POTs there's always a management to it and sometimes a catch. Cheers!
  10. LooneyMom ~ You're a warrior. Kids shouldn't be able to have dysautonomias. I admire your fight for him and my heart reaches out to both of you every time you post. I am fairly recovered from a pretty terrible flare in Dec2011/Jan2012. New things creep up here and there however I function most days. There was a time that I was so sick and confused that a day like today was all I hoped for. I hope your son makes a full, 100% recovery and never looks back. xo
  11. 3 hard boiled egg whites with sea salt and a cup of coffee. about an hour later I eat a 100 calorie pack of sea salted almonds
  12. I'm still better -- usually around 90-95%. I typically can figure a reason for symptoms to creep back up - not enough water, sleep, storm systems, menstrual cycle, over exercising. I can usually correct with Midrodine and or hydrocortisone although I haven't used either since March of this year. I've actually had some significant stressors that didn't seem to set me back but I've been very mindful during those times to take care of myself. Stay positive all!!!
  13. I was diagnosed low blood volume, retest showed low end of normal. I have anemia. I was also told my RBC's die a little early (???) but I can't remember how or why that was suggested or tested. I had an endometrial ablation (I was significantly improved at that point but still easily suffering flares) and since have made even more recovery. I do believe low blood volume was/is the reason for my POTs but why I have low blood volume - I have no idea. I was 22 years old when I started being rejected to give blood, I was 25 when I was diagnosed with low blood pressure. Always prone to POTs-
  14. Happy for your son and for you. Seems like you guys have had a rough run. I only sporadically check the forum these days but I'm glad I saw something positive for your young man. Fingers crossed....good luck
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