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  1. This thread is really old but I wanted to say I just got back from the circus, I decided to try again. This year went great! I got a little over stimulated and dizzy but I was okay and had fun. Wooo I must be making progress!
  2. You feel like you can never win When you go out the room starts to spin The doctors don't know the real me So they tell me it's anxiety I drank water until I floated And all it did was make me bloated When I get up I fall to the floor And my skin looks like Barney the Dinosaur POTS really takes so much away But tomorrow will be a better day
  3. I'm really excited! I have been trying to think of a way I could inform my school about POTS, because two kids besides me at my school have it too! So maybe there are more... Anyways, I'm getting a little article in our yearbook all about POTS and home bound schooling. Yay!
  4. Hi! Dr. Abdallah in Reston, VA is a great doctor but he is so incredibly busy that is hard to reach him and get an appointment. He is very kind and compassionate though and really knows his stuff. I'm seeing Dr. Patrick Callahan in Fairfax now, he seems really good but I have only seen him once so far. I think he is only a pediatric doctor though.
  5. Lately I seem to catch every little cold and virus that comes through even though my whole family and I are super good with hand washing, coughing into your elbow etc... So, can POTS lower your immune system? Or could it make me more susceptible to illness? Thanks!
  6. I had to drink a 64 ounce orange Gatorade for my colonoscopy prep and it made me feel so sick. Straight Gatorade always does. I thought it just didn't agree with me but maybe it is the dye.
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone! I didn't finish all of the prep drink but I had enough. The results are everything is fine. Yay? Not really.... I wanted something they could fix. Oh well, going to take another route- probably looking more into adrenal gland kind of stuff. Also, the nurses and doctors took POTS seriously which is great!! They gave me two bags of saline which I wish I could get everyday lol.
  8. I have a colonoscopy/ endoscopy on Thursday. I seriously do not know how i'm going to drink the chalky stuff they give you before hand. I can barely drink enough water because of my stomach problems/ nausea. Has anyone else had this problem? Can they give you something to help? Is there anything else I should know about POTS wise? Thanks!
  9. I'm just so confused. I'm having extreme pelvic pain today and other symptoms recently that aren't from POTS. I was diagnosed with PCOS but pelvic pain is not usually a symptom. Now I'm all alone on Christmas because I feel too bad to go to my grandmothers house. I just wish I knew what else is wrong with me.
  10. Hi, I had blood tests done to find out. My symptoms of this syndrome are high insulin, swelling, no periods, and obesity even though I barely eat anything since POTS gives me nausea. Thanks, if I have a question I will pm you .
  11. I was diagnosed with PCOS yesterday. Could it be the cause of POTS or is it just like another name they slap on for the symptoms your having? If it can't cause it then I want to keep searching for why I have these syndromes... Thanks in advance!
  12. Kind of. For me everything has kind of dark haze but lights look really bright.
  13. Wow. This is so interesting! I really hope this helps you- can't wait to hear how it goes!
  14. This is just so sad I can't even believe it. Those poor little children and their families and classmates.
  15. I love "Stand" by Cassadee Pope. Really ironic title too lol.
  16. That's so great!! Congratulations! You will make an awesome doctor.
  17. Hiya! I can so relate to the insomnia thing. It's one of my worst issues right now, and I haven't found anything that helps yet either. I also jerk awake as I'm dozing off and I think it has to do with adrenalin.
  18. It's been one year today since I have been diagnosed with POTS. I'm still not any better, but I don't think I'm worse either. I have definitely made progress doctor wise and learned a lot... I just hope I get actual results soon. :/
  19. I used to be fine in math but now I can barely do any mental math at all. It's really embarrassing especially when my homebound teacher is sitting right there staring at me. :/ I guess it could be from lack of blood to the brain? Has anyone else noticed this?
  20. . Me too! Eating makes me feel awful, but if I don't eat for a while it makes me feel bad too. I'm on this weird schedule where I won't eat for a day and then if I feel better after that I will eat too much which makes me feel bad... Ugh vicious cycle.
  21. Thanks everyone. My new cardiologist is very nice and wants to help me find the cause, so I still have hope. Hippychic- thanks for showing that to me.
  22. My pets make me feel so much better. We have four dogs ( we are foster failures ) a cat, a conure, and fish. The macaw is so gorgeous! Animals are so good at telling when you're not feeling well.
  23. My gastro doctor called today and said "there is nothing more that he can do". Two blood results have come back that there is an infection somewhere in my body and nausea/ other GI problems are still my worst symptoms. He thinks my other doctors should take care of it. I guess I might get a new one or just stick with my cardio/ endocrinologist for now. Just a little disheartening when they say stuff like that.
  24. One of my doctors said "pleasant young female". I think they are just trying to describe their impression of you for other doctors.
  25. I have my first appointment with one in two weeks. I'm hoping it will help me to find out the cause of my POTS, and hopefully then they will know how to treat me more efficiently. Good luck- I hope your appointment goes well!
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