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  1. Yep! My left kidney is fine but my right kidney is an ectopic kidney I think? It's not in the correct spot- it's by my belly button. All of the doctors I have seen say it can't cause problems, but I'm still going to look into it further.
  2. Yes! It's one of the sypmtoms I hate the most because it scares me. Usually it happens when i'm in a really bad POTS flare and can't eat/ sleep normally.
  3. Yes. I can't even explain sometimes which is frustrating. I just say I feel "weird"...
  4. I don't faint, so I don't really have anything to say about that but I'm really sorry you are feeling so horrible . (Hugs).
  5. I'm getting a HIDA scan tomorrow to check my gallbladder. It's sounds simple but long. Is there anything POTS wise that might be a problem?
  6. This thread is really old but I wanted to say I just got back from the circus, I decided to try again. This year went great! I got a little over stimulated and dizzy but I was okay and had fun. Wooo I must be making progress!
  7. Okay, thank you . Do you think it's helping?
  8. I have my first appointment with a physical therapist tomorrow because my cardiologist thinks it would be a good way to get me back into exercise. They know what POTS is but they aren't specialists. I'm kind of scared because I have no idea what to expect and I went to a personal trainer once last year which was horrible... What does a physical therapist do? Thanks!
  9. You feel like you can never win When you go out the room starts to spin The doctors don't know the real me So they tell me it's anxiety I drank water until I floated And all it did was make me bloated When I get up I fall to the floor And my skin looks like Barney the Dinosaur POTS really takes so much away But tomorrow will be a better day
  10. It's really easy, I have had four. I asked for zofran and they gave me extra IV fluids and it was fine. My second one showed an ulcer/ lactose intolerance but the rest showed nothing.
  11. That's great! So happy you're feeling better!!
  12. I get tendonitis in my ankles, especially the right one, pretty often for no reason I can see. I don't have EDS but I am hyper mobile.
  13. I'm sorry, I know how you feel. I have been spending way too much time sitting on my couch feeling sad lately. I don't know what the weather is like where you live but getting outside in the sun even if I'm just sitting has been helping to get me out of my funk. Also I always feel better when I do something productive, even if I just unload the dishwasher. I'm really sorry your having such a rough time, I hope you feel better soon. You can PM me if you want .
  14. A lot of the doctors I have been to say that their POTS students are often straight A high achievers type people. I'm curious how this could relate to POTS...
  15. I went to school today because I had to take an SOL test and it went really well. It was two hours of sitting and staring at a computer screen so I was a little nervous I would feel sick but luckily I'm having a good day . Right now I have too many bad days in a week to make it school on a normal schedule but it gives me hope that I can get back in school before graduating. Hope your all having a good day!
  16. Does a primary infection mean you got chicken pox or does that mean any infection? I have never had chicken pox or shingles and I got the chicken pox vaccine when I was 5 I think and a booster shot a few years ago.
  17. That sounds so painful. I hope you're feeling better now!
  18. Yayyyyyyy! That is amazing! I'm so happy for you!!
  19. I was prescribed Ambien for two weeks to get out of the insomnia cycle I'm in. I have never had it before. I'm a little apprehensive about it because plain old Benadryl sometimes makes me feel so drugged and out of it who knows what Ambien will do... I know that you can also do stuff and not remember which is pretty scary. Has anyone tried it?
  20. It definitely increased for me! It used to be my legs/ backs of my arms would occasionally get purple but now it's constant unless they are in the air.
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