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  1. They would most likely check you with a pulse oximeter, and probably give you a breathing treatment. I get minor cases of asthma caused by pollen allergy. I dont wheeze, but tend to cough and gasp. Between fits of coughing and gasping, you wouldn't know I am having a attack. The few times I have went to the er for this, I told them what was happening, what I needed, got the breathing treatment, symptoms resolved and I went on my way. Never had a problem getting treatment for this.
  2. "RAVENOUS for food!" I haven't really been on midodrine long enough to notice any weight fluctuation, but it does make me very hungry! I cant eat in the morning (I vomit it back up) so I get awfully hungry by lunch time with the midodrine. I take 5mg twice a day
  3. During one of my EP visits, he warned me of the possibility of needing a ablation or pacemaker. I don't think I will need either, I came to the conclusion I would skip having the ablation and only consider it or a pacemaker if it was absolutely needed to save my life. I dont have a answer, just want to say I can relate. I have been trying to get back to exercising, and I have been experiencing a bunch of arrhythmia as a result. I only get tachy when standing (during a bp drop), and normally have a low bp (100/70 with midodrine) and low resting hr. I tend to experience arrhythmia at rest when m
  4. Just found these doctors listed on a dysautonomia website, might be worth a try, Dr. Michael J. GiulianiUniversity of PittsburghDept. of Neurology325 Scaife HallPittsburgh, PA 15261Phone: (412) 687-5424Dr. Susan Baser, M.D. Allegheny Professional Building 490 East North AvenueSuite 500Pittsburgh, PA 15212Telephone: 412-359-8860Fax: 412-359-8809Specialty: Neurology, Movement Disorder, Shy-Drager Syndrome
  5. I am interested in the same thing! I live about a hour outside of Pittsburgh, and am trying to find a doctor in my insurence coverage area. If you dont mind me asking, what insurence do you have? Have you tried UPMC? I am trying to determine if UPMC has any doctors that would be helpful. It might be worth a call. Sorry I dont know any doctors to suggest, but I will sure let you know if I find one!
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