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  1. my uncle and i were just talking about this last night. he said this happened to him.
  2. i was put on isoniazid because of a positive tb test; i was suppose to take it for 9 months, but the dr. took me off after 7 months. it made me very sick, and made my liver enzymes high. i can take an ssri, but not a ssnri.
  3. i was taking 20 mg of lexapro, after 4 years i started to cut the pill in half, and am still ok taking 10 mg. i have tried to go off the lexapro due to the weight gain, but when i do my POTS symptoms return. i feel so much better on lexapro.

  4. what is von Willebrand's? how do you get tested for this?

  5. speaking of hair, i had a PTT treatment done a few years ago, it's a protein treatment by redken, don't make them anymore, anyway, I use to get them done all the time, my hair would feel soft afterwards, then this one night I had a treatment, within minutes after her applying it to my hair, it starting burning my scalp, it had never burned my scalp before, and might I remind you, I was perfectly healthy before this night, I go home, I go to bed, I wake up with this very weird headache, I had this weird feeling in my head, was extremely nauseated, my heart was racing, and I felt like I was goin
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