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  1. I am actually going through this now as we speak. And I did ask my gp if it was normal, she did say yes, as it is your body's way to fight the infection. Temp will spike, and HR will compensate for the fever. My hr last night was 167! What the heck!! But today, my fever broke, and HR is back to norm (well, potsie norm)
  2. I am the opposite, Cymbalta has not flared up my symptoms, and does calm down my chronic pain.. I do have a tendency to react the complete opposite of everyone else on the same medication though....
  3. Yes!!! Oh my goodness, I was having the darndest time trying to explain this to my hubby... And I am still dealing with the brain fog...simple things are just blustering me up...Very frustrating.
  4. I am actually being sent to a genetics doctor, my gp just put in the refferal....kind of nervous...
  5. I wear the full pantyhose, I was tired of looking like I had multiple bum cheeks with the thigh highs....lol I generally wear 20-30 toeless and 30-40 with toes. I typically shop through brightlifedirect.com Especially since they ship to canada for free ( a bonus for me ) Good luck
  6. I can say that I was put on cymbalta, it has helped.....How much I can't tell you for sure. I am on florinef and propranolol as well as tecta..... My bp is still low (not so low,to have me passing out) But I haven't seen it go past 112/89. And my hr is still a wonder. With the meds I'm on, my resting is 63-76 and I sit or stand it jumps to 116+ I climbed the stairs with a laundry basket and I was sweating profusely and red and splotchy and my hr was 204.... So all to be said. I don't know. I do still wake up with the rushes of adrenaline somenights, even through my sleep meds.. But as you may notbe aware of, what works for one of us may not work for you and vice versa. Love and luck with your journey.
  7. Boy do i ever! All the time. It takes me a while to get it straight in my thought process before I can even spit it outl very frustrating for everyone.
  8. I was doing a pt program at our cardiac rehabilitation facility, it was okay. I definitely stood out from everyone. Everyone else was walking and doing group exercise and I couldn't follow along. That was the only frustrating part. I did end up on a rower for 20 minutes, which I loved. Right now I am doing yoga every Monday and I find that helps as well. I would love to have a personal trainer who knows about the symptoms and how to go about treating us, mine was more frustrated because I didn't really belong (in her mind anyway...lol) Enjoy it, and just make sure you document how you are feeling and what your body is doing, this way, you will know for the next time that maybe "X" amount worked great or didn't... Good Luck
  9. Hi there, I can say I am of mixed race. My father is irish and mother is west Indian (Caribbean- Jamaica and st.Kitts but Portuguese on that one). Can I say I am a heinz 57. Crazy mix
  10. Thank you all for the lovely feedback. It went really well today, we will have to see on Wednesday if they amp my workout a little more. I finally felt like I was heading into a good direction. Cuz we all know, by tomorrow that good feeling vibe just might be suckered right out of us....lol
  11. I am a little nervous about starting this tomorrow....lol I have always been a busy person and I still try to "pretend" that I am up to everyone else's speed. I do pay for it though. This is what I am worried about, everyone who will be there tomorrow is in the senior category who have suffered with heart issues. I on the other hand am 35, with no heart issues other than the POTS. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through a program like this and how did you feel about it. I am very grateful for being selected to join,but leary. Will they expect more of me because of my age and not the condition. Here is my brain working overtime.....lol And it doesn't help that for the past couple of days I have been symptomatic, I really hope tomorrow goes well. Thanks for reading, even my venting post helps I hope you are all doing well in this journey....
  12. It's very frustrating, believing all these years that I had anxiety (never did though) and then one day boom! Full on symptoms. If I find anything that helps will definitely pass it on. Where you dx as a teenager or as an adult?
  13. Try doc.Higginson. I know he's a cardiologist, not neurologist, but he may get you into one. Oh, C. I am really praying something will just click with the doctors. I am here if you need me. Hugs Tara
  14. Funny, (not in the laughable way). I have had those exact test, and I ended up with a benign tumor on my liver as well.(With the typical check back in 6 months ). Everything else that has been poked and probed I get so tired of being somebody's lab rat! I guess the next thing would be to push for more autonomic testing. I wish you all the best Hugs
  15. 35 now, 34 when I symptoms hit hard. However doctors figure I have had this (whatever "this" is) since I was 16. Right after I ended up with mono.
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