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  1. Before I knew I had POTS I went to three different psychologists and none of them helped. The last one said he didn't know why it was so hard for me to get up in the morning, but everyone feels bad in the morning and I just wasn't pushing myself. If you don't know what you have it is very easy to be persuaded in to thinking it's all in your head. I felt worse after a lot of times too and actually started to think that everyone feels like me and I had just become lazy or something.
  2. I get this too! It only happens for a few seconds at a time so at first I thought it was in my head. When I was standing up the other day I got totally freaked because I knew I was standing but I could not feel my feet on the ground whatsoever. Also, when I was standing up,I couldn't feel my hands at all- it was like they were numb.
  3. Now that I have a POTS diagnosis my my Mom is trying to work with the school to get me started in homebound schooling. She called and emailed my schools social worker . The school social worker sent back a nasty email about how my teachers at school needed to keep giving me work and I couldn't start homebound until we get everything in order and for classes like PE and art I couldn't do homebound at all. I just can't believe how mean these people are being... Luckily my principal is nice so we are just going to deal with him.
  4. Two days ago during my TTT I got a new symptom and it was a tight kind of painful feeling in my chest. I tried to go for a walk around the block last night and it happened again when I finished the walk. Does this happen to anyone else?
  5. My cardio thinks my POTS symptoms get severely worse when I am anxious (which is true) and he recommended that I see a physiologist. It is kind of weird that your cardio would diagnose you with anxiety- could it be a mistake?
  6. It stayed above 140 entire time I was up and at the highest point it was 193 bpm. It went in to the 100's and 90's when I went down.
  7. I had my TTT today and I do have POTS. I didn't faint or throw up during it but I felt terrible and turned so purple my cardio brought his intern in to look at my feet. He put on a plan with increased fluids and salt, exercise program, and probably anxiety meds. Oh, and I have to wear compression stockings. He can't give me any meds for being dizzy yet because after my bp drops when I initially stand up it shoots way up and they are not sure why. At least my school will stop bugging me now because I really do have POTS.
  8. Yeah, this happens to me too. I'll just be talking and then I get all tounge tied and it's like I can't pronounce the word I want to say. Also, I guess this is brain fog but sometimes when I'm thinking I just get completely confused for no reason.
  9. I get shivery and I kind of feel like I'm having a panic attack on occasion. It usually only happens for a few minutes. Does this sound like an adrenaline surge or anxiety?
  10. I got one from CVS. It takes your blood pressure and heart rate. It works really well too. The company is Omron. I think they are normally $50-$60 but I got it on sale.
  11. When ever I take a shower I get super nauseous. I occasionally have to stop in the middle of showering and come out I feel so sick. It also makes me dizzy and the blood starts pooling in my arms and legs too. Does this happen to anyone else?
  12. I've never actually fainted before either, but now that I think about it I do things to make myself less dizzy too. I have a phobia of throwing up so I'm hoping it doesn't make me sick. Also, why do people become more symptomatic when they are being tilted on a table than normal? My cardio thinks I have white coat syndrome because my bp and hr shoot up whenever I go to an appointment so hopefully that doesn't affect it.
  13. I have had two endoscopes and a third one scheduled. I take meds for my ulcer, Prilosec, and Zantac.
  14. I have GERD and a stomach ulcer and the reflux and nausea keeps me up all night at least twice per month. I'm taking medicine for both but their not helping very much. Any other ideas?
  15. My Mom found out she had breast cancer about two years ago (I was thirteen at the time). I had been having very mild symptoms before this, not enough to interfere with my life and I didn't even know what POTS was. During and after this time my symptoms started getting progressivley worse. We just decided it must be symptoms of anxiety from going through a difficult time. My Mom is cancer free now and perfectly healthy but I am worse than I have ever been. I was wondering if it is at all possible that this stressful experience kind of "jump started" my POTS?
  16. All my symptoms flare up more often in the winter time too, especially dizziness.
  17. My parents and I have been working with the school and counslers but I guess they have been having problems becuase I have not gotten a definite diagnosis yet (it took so long to get a TTT sheduled). My pedeatrician had wriitten a vauge letter about how I was in the process of finding out what was wrong with me but that was not good enough for the school system for some reason. My parents have been supporting me and advocating for me the whole time. They have a meeting schduled with my principle this coming week. Thanks for being so nice, it feels good to know i'm not alone.
  18. I have been going to many doctors and have had symptoms for about three years. I'm in tenth grade. At first I missed a lot of school, but not enough to where I couldn't catch up. Then I started missing more as my symptoms got worse and my normally good grades started going way down. Now I barely ever make it in to school for one class in the afternoon and I am failing all my classes. I am a perfectionist and I used to get straight A's so this is really hard for me. I wan't to start homebound schooling but I can't until I get an actual diagnosis from my cardio (TTT next week), and even then I can't do all homebound. My school has made all of this very difficult for me, they don't know what POTS is exactly and they act like i'm skipping school. How am I supposed to come to school when I can't walk down the hallway? How do you start homebound schooling, what's it like? Are there any other options? I know there are different rules for different places regarding school but I was just wondering...
  19. Hi, I know how you feel. I was sick all thanksgiving too with horrible nausea. Latley, I have just been barely eating anything and just drinking a lot. One thing that seems to help is if I take a ginger capsule. Also chewing on a piece of peppermint gum. Hope you start to feel better.
  20. My cardio suspects I have POTS due to all my symptoms but wants to do a TTT just to be sure. Its my first one and i'm new to all of this so I am just wondering what it's like? I generally understand what's going to happen, but don't they give you medicine to make you feel worse the second time you are in the upright position? How bad is it? I'm a little nervous...
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