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  1. I used to use ambien until a week into it I started to call people, get on the internet and talk to people without having any recollection of it what so ever. I would not recommend that medication to anyone. I take lunesta now and it doesn't seem to do that to me.
  2. yes we have a few thyroid issues in everyone, but for the most part the cancers have been random such as liver and esophagus
  3. I have never heard the risk, but I know I was exposed to radiation when I was 7. I lived about 100km from chernobyl when it melted down and I know we have an increased rate of cancer in our family since then.
  4. glad I'm not the only one. I do not take midodrine, have tried it in the past and had the weird feeling in my head. I guess its just one more way our bodies freak out
  5. I have been having shivering and goosebumps out of no where. I'm not cold and have no fever. Anyone else have it with hyper pots or regular?
  6. I know I can't function do to the sever surges with the hyper pots, I'm so glad you are able. I don't know if we can change the pots type but I know my BP has gotten worse, on the last ttt it went to 200/110 and the first (6 month ago) it was 168/80
  7. I have had 4 ttt and most were the same reaction so I put that, but three were 10 min or less and one was 17 min and I had much higher elevation in heart rate but I was also up longer and expected that. All the ttt confirmed hyper pots.
  8. That test actually doesn't determine what kind of pots you have it actually checks for neuropathy from what I understand.
  9. Yes he is the exact doctor that is doing it. glad to know its not to bad of a test. Thanks everyone for your replys
  10. So I had my 4th TTT and the doctor seems to be thinking that I have the hyper pots. I also did the breathing test where you blow for like 10-15 seconds and a controlled breathing test. I am now suppose to have a sweat test, and wondering if you had to stand for that, hope not standing and hot places are not my friends? My worst symptoms as of right now is tremors, palpitations, fatigue, insomnia, and calf pain which can be excruciating, I also suffer major migraines and frequent headaches. Any idea as to what kind of medications might help to make me feel a tiny bit better? I just turned 30 and I feel 75, my friends say that my tremors are so bad that they compare them to there grandfathers who both had Parkinsons. Thanks for any advice.
  11. he was trying to see if there would be any more benefit with the higher dose.
  12. I can't do the drops either, they gave me anxiety attack, palpitations, tachycardia, and I stayed dilated for 2 days. Apparently a lot of children react the same way that I do, so my doctor suggested I never get them again.
  13. I have never had a bad experience from anesthesia in fact I have always felt better afterwards and I think it is due to all the extra fluids they give you.
  14. When I took Toprol xl I started out 25mg cut in half. It helped lower the amount of palpitations I had through the day, when we finally got to 50mg after about 6 month my pulse fell down in the low 40 and I couldn't get it to go up. I felt really tired and we decided to stop it. Ever person reacts differently and even at 50mg it is considered a low dose. I also react strongly to medications.
  15. There is a disorder out there that allergic reaction come out of no where. One day you will be fine with a food and the next day it can throw you into anaphylactic reaction. I forgot what it is called, but I saw an episode of Real Life on MTV about a girl that had the disorder.
  16. I have never passed out but I do get very dizzy.
  17. I haven't had shoulder surgery, but I have had several other ones and I have never noticed a big change in my symptoms, except maybe the anesthesia lowered my heart rate for a day or so until it wore off, plus all the extra fluids they give you I think helped.
  18. yeah, I thought that too, but hoping it turn out to be something else. From what I read that condition is not a fun fix.
  19. They haven't said anything yet, they just thought my attacks of nausea and pain are gallbladder related, but the scan showed that my gallbladder is just fine, its just when it gets to the oddi sphincter are it doesn't go anywhere. I am suppose to go see a gastro next Friday but in the mean time I was trying to find out more info.
  20. I had a HIDA scan today to check my gallbladder and liver function since I have been having attack for a few month now. Apparently everything works fine, until it gets to the sphincter area where it drains into the intestines. Anyone ever heard of this? The gallbladder emptied and it stayed in the duct, for 15 minute until the test was over and nothing ever happened. I don't have any stones based on the ultrasound so whats going on?
  21. What my doctor says (he is a POTS specialist) is what ever it is you try for the POTS always start with kiddy doses. No treatment works the same for everyone, but when you do try something try it in child dose. Apparently all of us with dysautonomia are very sensitive to meds. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  22. I didn't notice a big difference with the heart rate when I took Midodrine, also I am not on an ssri either.
  23. Currently I take lunesta since ambien quit working, Then I think after lunesta stops working I will be back on ambien. I wish they really had better sleep meds out there. Its so frustrating at times
  24. The sleep study results should basically that I have a hard time falling asleep, what a surprise. "The patient slept for 248.0 minutes. Sleep latency was prolonged. REM latency was prolonged. Sleep staging revealed a normal percentage of slow-wave sleep and a decreased percentage of REM sleep when compared to normal sleep stage distribution. The patient's sleep efficiency was poor." Any one else have similar findings on there sleep study? What does slow-wave sleep and decreased REM sleep have to do with each other, and why do I have it? Thanks for any help, Yuliya
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