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  1. I was diagnosed with POTS at the Mayo Clinic in October 2010 after my first tilt table was positive. My overall experience at the Mayo Clinic was good but I had a terrible reaction to the tilt table test I couldn't get out of bed for days. I am going back to the Mayo Clinic in early September to get a checkup and work out some of the problems with my medications. I am excited to get everything worked out but I am getting another tilt table test and I am really worried about it. I was just wondering what other people went through with there tilt table tests. Meaghan
  2. Hi, I haven't had shoulder surgery but I have had a surgery since my diagnoses the anesthesia was hard it lowered my heart rate and blood pressure, but it wasn't all that bad. However I do have shoulder and back issues I am currently in PT. I have been in PT before and it has gone well. I have a sports medicine doctor that is big on trying to fix things without surgery. I think that giving PT a chance could be a good idea but if your doctor is recommending surgery I wouldn't worry about the anesthesia just make sure you tell the surgeon long enough in advance that he knows how to handle the way your body might react. Hope all goes well! Meaghan
  3. Last night I put on the T.V and got up to get a glass of water I made it two steps and passed out. I woke up and it turned out that I had been passed out for over half an hour. I have never been so terrified in my life and my Mom is freaking out too. Any tips to help or any experiencing the same thing?
  4. I have the same problem I have been to mass in forever, it makes me really upset but I don't know what there is I can do about it. I would love any suggestions I would appreciate it! Meaghan
  5. Hi Lissy, I have had bad allergies all my life. I had my allergy test when I was 8, I am 17 now, it was pre-POTS but I don't think the POTS will change it much. They prick your skin with something that has the essence of the allergen on it if the skiing reacts you are allergic to the allergen. I'm not going to sugar coat it the test is quite painful and VERY itchy but well worth it. Hope all goes well. Meaghan
  6. Hey Lissy, I have the exact same problem. I was diagnosed with POTS in October 2010 at they Mayo Clinic they told me that I needed to increase my water intake to help with my blood volume. Then they told me that I needed to then increase my salt so I was on the toilet very 10 seconds. It really works for me, I can clearly tell a day when I haven't have enough salt I have to pee much more. Hope it helps! Meaghan
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