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  1. I know that Dysautonomia awareness is in October but I have found conflicting ribbons for the month. Is the ribbon dark blue or turquoise?
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I am going to start with renting. As much as I hate to admit it I think the time has come.
  3. Thanks Katy. I had not even talked with my husband about this but he just came to me a few minutes ago and said you know you may have to do it. Like you said I would rather use it than sit at home and do nothing. Thanks for the encouragement!
  4. I was wondering how many people use wheel chairs even part of the time. How did you finally decide to use one? I have been trying to avoid it but it is becoming obvious that I am going to need one at least some times when I am out. Just not really ready to face it.
  5. I have that feeling of being on fire too. Even regionally, like my hands will be so hot but not my feet.
  6. I have been looking on the internet all day for an explanation for my recent escalated symptoms and have a theory. Alone with POTS I have MVP. According to some things that I read any change in body chemistry can exacerbate symptoms. For the last several weeks I have been trying to lose weight using Weight Watchers. I thought this more healthy eating style would be helpful to my system but apparently not. Any thoughts? Can this change in eating really be the problem even though the habits are healthy?
  7. Thanks. I was being to think I was losing it.
  8. I have been dealing with POTS for a while now. But lately I have been having terrible bouts of anxiety for no reason. Also I feel like my skin is burning one minute and freezing the next. Am I going crazy?
  9. I have this reaction too. I can feel fine while doing the exercise but the next day (or next few days) it is terrible! Fatigue and pain are awful! I have stopped exercising at all out of fear. I know that is not the answer but it is all I know to do.
  10. Cymbalta helped my pain but within weeks I was very depressed and suicidal. I have had this issue with most meds like this.
  11. Hi! It has been a while since I have been on the forum but I really need some advice. Monday I have an appointment with a new doctor. He (to his credit) says that I know more about POTS than he does so he will follow my lead. I have POTS and fibromyalgia but have not had any medical treatment in a long time because there is no where near me that understands my condition and recently I have lost my health insurance. In the past I have tried Cymbalta, Lexapro, and Neuraton for pain and depression but all made me more depressed and even suicidal. The neuraton made me gain a lot of weight also. I have tried beta blocks for palpitations but nothing helped and all made me extremely fatigued. What else should I try? My main issues are the pain from my fibro and palpitations when I move too quickly.
  12. I have a question that is really bothering me. Has there been any evidence that mother's with POTS have children with health issues? The reason I ask is that I have three children and all have some sort of issue. My oldest and youngest sons have asthma and allergies. The oldest also has severe flat feet, and OCD so extreme that he has been taken out of school and placed on medical leave. He is now 16 which is the same age I was when I started exhibiting symptoms. I see signs of POTS in him but he is in total denial. I don't want to push the issue until it is a problem that we have to address because of course his doctor says that he doesn't see that signs. My middle son is 12 and has ADHD but is for the most part healthy but my youngest is 5 and has a bicupid aeotic valve, had an H-type fistula that needed repair, and a possible learning disability. I just feel so guilty. Did I do this to them?
  13. Hey Toddm, I have gained weight too. When I have a flare up I feel extremely hungry and can not get full no matter how much I eat. My family says this is a sign that they notice just before I get really sick. Do you have the same kind of feeling? I don't understand it at all.
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