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  1. I get the "whooshing pulse" sound in my ears. In fact, I'm getting it now. I'm guessing it's related to the POTS, because I don't recall hearing this before. I do recall hearing straight-out "whooshing" from the time I was little and if I was in a quiet place, but the pulsing is a new thing.
  2. Hi,@lieze, in my case, it's the getting upright again *after* bending over! One of the things my doc advised when I was first dx'd was, "Don't bend over and get up too quickly!" Funny thing is that when my symptoms first hit, I actually was doing stuff in which I was repeatedly bending over and returning upright. (Do you become symptomatic while you're bending over the first time, or after you have bent over, gotten up, and then bent over again to pick something else up)? The grabber absolutely helps. If you have a Harbor Freight near you, they have them for $2-$3, or you can order them from their Web site. The type I have won't help if I'm wanting to pick up, say, a can of soup that fell on the kitchen floor, because the grippers don't open wide enough and there's no place on a can you can grab on to, but they help for almost anything you can manage to get a grip on. And, as you said, they make heavier-duty ones, and ones with longer reach, etc. You will probably laugh at this, but I have also used long kitchen tongs with rubber grippers to pick up some things! They're not as long as the grabbers but, in some cases, they get the job done. Another thing that helps me when I'm working outside (when it's not hot and sunny) is one of those little rolling carts you sit on and move along as you do things like pull weeds, etc. I'm wondering if something like that might help you in your home; if the wheels wouldn't damage your floors, you could kind of roll from item to item to pick things up (have a li'l bag with you to put them in). And if you're able, use your feet - I did this pre-POTS anyway just for fun - pick up soft stuff like clothes or grocery bags with your feet or even a broom handle or similar. I'm sorry you're going through all of this frustration with such a houseful - I thought I had a fullish house with a husband and several dogs! I hope things improve for you soon.
  3. Hi, @Yhoun, I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but I've had buzzing sensations where it felt as if there were a phone vibrating in my stomack! A while back, I even felt buzzing in my head. And I have felt it in my legs/feet. These greatly improved (knock wood!!) after I was diagnosed and started on meds. I'm guessing it's POTS-related.
  4. Hi @Ervé Joseph, I have had vibrations in my midsection, as if a vibrating phone were in my stomack! I don't recall any cramping. These improved after I was actually diagnosed with POTS and started on meds. A while back, I actually felt vibrations in my head!! Are you diagnosed with POTS or dysautonomia in general?
  5. Hi, @lieze! Last year, I had a health aide come to my house weekdays for about six weeks. My insurance didn't cover it and I'm not on Medicare - we paid out-of-pocket. However, we were able to deduct the costs as one of our medical expenses (and we had a mess of 'em) on our income taxes - depending on your situation, you may be able to do this, too. Wishing you good luck!!
  6. Hi, @ljfoster, I've never gotten very thirsty myself. (This is all pre-POTS). There have been hot summer days when I craved a lemonade or something but in general, I have to remind myself to drink. I've had kidney stones, which the docs say is in part because I don't drink enough water, but they also tell me they are familial and my older sis has had them. When I mentioned to one doc that I don't drink when I'm not thirsty, she told me that the fact that one is thirsty actually means that they already should have been drinking. In other words, I'm *supposed* to be drinking when I'm not thirsty! I'm not so sure I believe that but I've had kidney stones three times and that was three times too many, so I try to keep on top of the water thing. But, as another poster said, I don't particularly enjoy it!
  7. Hi, @Derek1987, I haven't been through this process but what I do know is that if I had to go through it, I would hire an attorney who specializes in handling SSDI cases. They will know, among other things, how to obtain proper documentation. You could meet with the attorney and decide if you're comfortable with hiring them; you could also try doing the first application on your own and if that is rejected, consult with the attorney then. If I were in your shoes, I would start with the attorney mainly because the anxiety thing is too easy for people to latch onto as a reason to deny the claim, but you may do well without one. However you decide to proceed, good luck!!
  8. This happened to me when I rolled over too fast before I was diagnosed and on meds. Other rapid motions would cause tachy, too, such as pulling off a pullover over my head in one fast move. Then it would calm down after a short while.
  9. Hi, @Cinereous! I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Following is something I posted to someone else who was experiencing GI symptoms. The first thing I will tell you is - DON'T PANIC. I had this (early satiety, no appetite) last year . . . in my case, this was due to gastroparesis and I'm sure any anxiety I was feeling wasn't helping. It happened to me two distinct times last year when I was still being worked up by different specialists and not yet officially diagnosed with POTS or on any meds. It turned around on its own both times. Both times, I lost ten lbs. in two weeks. I'm not overweight so it was scary but, honestly, I think it's scary no matter what someone's weight situation is. Anyway, here's what helped me - I drank broth, Pedialyte, Gatorade, Ensure, Carnation Breakfast drinks (in a bottle, kind of like Ensure), milk, and of course water. And my personal favorite, strawberry milk shakes when I could put more in! I had just baby-small portions of actual food - I literally bought jars of baby food and ate what I could so I would at least have some balance in what I ate - meat, veggies, etc. I could only take a couple of bites and I would feel full. I also ate what soup and broth I could. Don't ask me why, but I had a very frequent craving for chicken soup when my symptoms were intense and I wasn't yet diagnosed. If there is *any* kind of food you really like, that is easy for you to eat, now's the time to eat that, even if you can only take a couple of bites. The second time it happened, I went to a GI specialist . . . he said it sounded like gastroparesis and when I told him I was scheduled to be tested for POTS (TTT), he said it could very well be POTS-related, so go do the test, if it's POTS get treated, and if that didn't help or if it turned out to not be POTS, to come back and see him. I remember he told me I should be getting 1700 calories a day and I was, like, I can barely do 500. It hasn't happened (knock wood!!) since I've been diagnosed and placed on a low dose of a beta blocker. Have you been diagnosed with anything yet, POTS, dysautonomia, anything? Are you taking any meds? As I said, try not to panic because that will only make you feel worse. I know that is easier said than done . . . I know how scary it can be when your symptoms are out of control. I hope you will feel better soon!!
  10. Hi, @potsiebarbie, Are you staying stationary the entire time? Or does the HR go up when you start moving? (Does this mean it will read 50-something for an hour)? When I first got one of those things last year, I could be sitting down and have a normalish reading but as soon as I got up and started walking, it went up into the 120s. Your heart rate can actually fluctuate quite a bit according to whatever activity you may be doing, even if it's just very minor activity. In fact, it can go up significantly even if you're just sitting there and something startles or scares you, or if you're reading or thinking about something and it makes you anxious. And it can come down just as quickly as it went up. I'm not sure if that is what's happening with you, but that has definitely been my experience!
  11. Hi, @Derek1987! Sorry to hear about this latest bout of dizziness. It really is awful. Just to clarify, did you check your BP right before you drank the Coke, and then re-check it after you finished? Or is there any chance the number was already that low before you drank it? I'm also wondering if the lower-than-usual BP number may have been from something physical you may have done right before checking it after drinking the Coke, such as getting up quickly. Did you eat anything with the Coke? Before I was diagnosed and on meds, my HR would go up after eating, but my BP would go down. Did you drink the Coke "in stages", or did you slam it? If you slammed it, your BP may have reacted as mine did when I ate, and dropped. Re: dizziness and lightheadedness - a lot of people (including, I have discovered, some medical professionals) seem to use the two terms interchangeably but, for me, anyway, they are most definitely two different things. I have had both separately, and both in unison. I experienced some dizziness when this first came on and my BP would go a little high (such as top number in the 150s, which had previously been unheard-of for me). That dizziness was pretty transient. But as the weeks went on, I started getting serious dizziness (although not vertigo-type where the room spins) that would often last all day, *with BP being normal*. Same with light-headedness. And the brain fog; don't get me started on that! I was obviously slow on the uptake, because it took me a while to figure out that these may be caused by hypoperfusion (Thank you, DINET posters . . . ) So I tried laying down on the bed (we have an adjustable bed) with my legs slightly raised, and also tried sitting for a minute or so with my head between my legs. Both brought improvement. Once I started on my beta blocker, the improvement was more consistent. Not sure if that might be the case with you. There are so many individual variables with this thing. Re: the hot baths - seriously, just don't do those until you get your meds adjusted and things settle down. I love hot baths and had to forgo them before I was diagnosed and on meds and even now, although I can stand them hotter, I still don't take them as hot as I used to. I do drink coffee again. I was afraid to even come near it for the longest time after all this started, but I tried a little earlier this year after I had been on meds for a few months and did OK (by doing OK I mean no palpitations, tachy or other weird symptoms that I could tell) then a little more, and then a little more. I will now take maybe 1/2-1/3 of a cup at a time, totaling no more and 1 to 1-1/2 cups per day. SFSG, knock wood. I hope you are feeling better!
  12. @whoami Oh dear, they are impossibly cute!!! Thank you for sharing those and for the smiles!! Their colors are gorgeous . . . I second @Pistol's question - do they interact with one another in a friendly way? Do you ever take them outdoors? I tried but could not guess which is the most spoiled, as they all look as if they are living the good life!!
  13. @whoami Knock wood, definitely better than before I was diagnosed. I mean, it got to the point that I wasn't functional as far as doing everyday things - I couldn't drive when I was having brain fog, dizziness and/or lightheadedness. Pushing a cart of dog food to my car from the pet store, I became tachycardic and my blood pressure also jumped. I had to go back into the store and sit for a while and it took over an hour for things to settle down. It wasn't even that much stuff, maybe 20-30 lbs. of dog food, if that, that I was pushing in a shopping cart. I still have symptoms, and flares, but I can function closer to normal now than I was able to before I was dx'd. I definitely think the med has helped and I am grateful. Part of the nature of this, at least in my case, is that you get an exaggerated autonomic response, which can include feeling nervous physically even when your brain says you're not. This could be why your nerves are getting so shot. Honestly, if your cardiac tests came back normal, I would take great comfort in that, if you can - I am no cardiologist, but it seems to me that if your heart were going to stop from all of this activity, it would have already done that! Try not to let the worry affect the quality of your life any more than the physical symptoms already have. Do things you enjoy, if you are able, and try to distract yourself from those thoughts. You've got this. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will get in soon to see the neuro who is well-versed in dysautonomia because, as I said earlier, I think this will go a long way towards putting your mind at ease. You mentioned nausea - that can be another symptom of POTS. Before I was diagnosed, there was a stretch where I was nauseous almost every single morning. One of my mottoes at that time was, "Pepto-Bismol - not just for breakfast anymore!"
  14. @whoami Would love to see whatever you care to share - I really like the names you have picked out. We have dogs, a cat, chickens and goats, but have never had a reptile! Unless you count the small black snake 🐍who visited our side porch a couple of weeks ago!!
  15. @whoami, I am so sorry about your Mom, and I hope you find much comfort in happy memories of her. Your questions are very good. I can tell you that in the month leading up to my first intense symptoms, I was under some of the worst stress and worry of my life. Looking back, I had other things going on for a couple of years before that I couldn't explain but just kind of blew off, such as intolerance to heat when heat didn't used to bother me. In my case, it's hard to think that the worry didn't play some part in bringing it on "full on". I don't know much about RSD but I do know that dysautonomia can be familial.
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