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Update On Poohbear


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After much consideration and going on gut instinct and reading and asking:

Poohbear is keeping her ovaries. She emailed her doc at Vanderbilt and he quickly emailed her a response that yes, KEEPING THE OVARIES IS BEST. If one HAS to have them removed, then you do what you gotta do. But best to let the body do it's own thing. So, no brainer there.

She has a horrible nagging cough that sounds rough. So hope, pray, send positive energy to the deep south (Don't want to disclose her area unless she does ) that Poohbear gets some sleep, her cough improves and fever goes AWAY by monday morning.

This way she can have surgery on Tuesday.

She will get her laparascopic hyst


A port catheter to her chest the same time. So, double ouch for a few days.

It's much too complicated to get into here...but I just wanted to give an update.



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Thank you so much for updating us on Pooh...It is REALLY appreciated. I will keep checking back for updates.

I know she has so much going on. Glad she did get an answer about the ovaries and what to do.

I am so worried about her.

I've had such a hard time praying lately, but I was able to say a prayer for her tonight. Peace, Love and Healing to you Pooh.

Love, Em

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Man, 2007 has been such a bad year for us on the forum! So many hospital stays and worsening symptoms for so many :)

Pooh, you're in my prayers. I really hope the 2 procedures go well and you're back home and recovering as soon as possible. I'm also so glad you were able to make an informed decision about whether or not to keep your ovaries!



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Really hope you're feeling better soon! I'm glad you got some validation on your gut decision to keep your ovaries. Medical intervention can be just the most wonderful thing in the world, but I tend to believe that it's something that should be done as little as possible to keep it at 'miracle' status! Focus on getting well now!

You're in my prayers.

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OOps..forgot this cut and paste from Poohbear in email to try and explain this ONE complex area for her (the rest are too complicated to explain on a board)

I have life threatening anemia and must remain on coumadin and therefore will continue to lose more blood especially because i'm in perimenopause and having cycles every 21 days and hormone suppression is not a safe option...thus the need for hysterectomy.

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I just want you to know I'm praying for you. I have not been posting as much lately, but wanted to let you know I read all the updates on you, and continue to think of you often.

Wishing you healing energies----good luck on your surgery tomorrow----------------- :)

Continue to hang in there Dear.


Maxine :0)

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Poohbear is due to have surgery 3pm tomorrow, central time..Tuesday if all goes according to plan.

She will not have her laptop in ICU and we will be keeping in contact via phone chains. If there is a change in plans, I will update it here for Emily and others to read.

So please think of her.

Sending prayers and thoughts to you poohbear, even though you probably won't see this for a few days.



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Ok..last I heard the surgery is still on.

the girl is scared...not just the surgery but the other things surrounding it..and the other things that require the need for a Port in the chest.

I few tried to call, one spoke to her briefly, and another called at a busy time.

I just woke up from a rare nap or would've called her myself.

Will post when we hear she is out of surgery in ICU.

Please send thoughts and prayers to all the surgeons and specialist involved in today's surgery.

I am sending warm thoughts and assisting prayers to the entire team and you the patient, Poohbear.

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Just got word, Poohbear made it thru the surgery ok and is in the recovery area..should be moved into ICU soon. Her ovaries were healthy looking and she got to keep them.

We should know later how the port insertion went and pain issues.

YAY!! One project behind her. :)

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Oh Sophia,

That is good news. I know she still has a long road, but so grateful the surgery went as planned and she got to keep her ovaries.

I just logged on before hitting the hay, and this was good news to hear.

Thank you for keeping us up to date. I wasn't even sure how you would find out how she was doing post-surgery if she wasn't up to calling anyone.


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Poohbear is having some struggles...bad tachy last night and oxygen levels dropped. The nurses are nice but the surgeon didn't take serious her problems with lead problems...allergies to adhesives, I think.

She is very depressed, an apparent side effect of general anesthesia for her. Has the blues really bad.

She is in ICU...so please continue to keep her in your thoughts...maybe group energy sent her way and raise her spirits.

I am getting this all third hand...a friend visits Poohbear, then calls somebody else, who emails me...and well, you get the picture.

I will let her regain her energy before I call or wait for her to call me.

That's the latest.

Emily, no problem for me to update...laying in bed as I type.



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Thanks Sophia,

For me, even trying to recline, being on the computer is too much some days and even on good days, just a short bit at a time. So, I really appreciate your efforts...

It's a bit like whisper down the alley with Pooh, eh? At least we are getting some news...it helps a lot.

And I think all the prayers and group thoughts help...I know that when I couldn't log on to the computer but Merrill or someone would post updates about me, just knowing that so many people cared and were thinking of me kept me going.

LOVE SUSTAINS. This I believe. Maybe I should write an essay for the NPR series? Okay, off topic...

I think it is completely understandable that Pooh is really blue--I'm blue and I'm no where near how she's feeling right now! How can she not be down with all that she is going through? Her poor body...I am sending my good thoughts and energy.

When she is able to talk on the phone, please relay to her how much she is cared about and how much she is cherished.


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Guest sonotech


Sorry to respond so late, haven't been on the forum in a while. I am sending lots of warm wishes your way and hoping you are doing well. Sounds like you are going through ALOT right now. I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time right now, it sounds like you have had a bunch of medical problems since last time we talked. Hang in there! I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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