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I Just Got Home!


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Hello All,

I wanted to thank everyone for there thoughts and prayers. As most of you know I ended up in the hospital with sepsis. I had to spent 7 days in the hospital :blink: . I just got home and am very tired and worn out but I wanted to post that I am finally home!

The doctors said it could take 3-4 more week to get back to where I was when I got sick. It's kind of depressing as that wasn't a great place. ( But it could always be worse, and I will get keep going and betting this.)

I finally got a new PICC, so I will be able to due fiulds again at home. This was a hard one as many of the doctors didn't want one placed again as I got sepsis. SO they did a test the held fluids, other the the antibiotics, and I ended up on the bathroom floor by noon, so they started me back on fluids. ( I guess they learned a little about POTS!)

Well I am off the hook up to fluids, and take my antibiotic!

Again thank you all for your support!


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glad your home amy.. hope that the remainder of your recovery goes smoothly and that you get to feeling better



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Glad you are home.

I hope that you regain your strength back. I had a medaport for chemo. I was also using it for fluids in the months following chemo. When I saw Dr. Grubb, he told me to get the port taken out immediately if not sooner. He said that it was extremely dangerous to use a port when you have a pacer. Makes the risk too high for getting sepsis and then being transported directly to my heart via the leads. I made a beeline to get the port taken out as soon as I got home from Toledo.

Dr. Grubb even told me that he would not get a port when he had chemo--even though he did not have a pacer. He said they are extremely dangerous.

Good luck with your port. Please be careful!


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WoW! That is so scarey to hear about ports and the fact Dr. Grubb didn't want one....I do know folks with pacers are at higher risk...so many rocks and a hard place.

Amy I hope you feel better and I am sorry to hear you were in the hospital for so long.

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hi amy,

glad that you're back home again!!! take your time to recover (ha, i think your body doesn't allow you anything else!!!) and be gentle to yourself, everything else can wait now!!! (i think that's what you meant with the burner thing emily ??? )

smoothly recovery,

corina :)

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