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This condition is making me very depressed lately. I'm not sure if it's the quantity of beta blocker's that could be triggering it or if it's just really starting to deal with the reality of the situation at hand, that I have been sick for 6 years and that i might not get better. I am definitely a woman of faith and believe that it is possible with God that I can be healed of this and get better. just walking through the storm sometimes, it's hard to keep your head above water.

anyone experience this? probably a stupid question in a forum where people have to deal with being chronically ill.

Just having a rough ride lately and feeling a little alone. seems like my docs have dropped the ball even more lately because they dont know what else to do with me. this was my biggest concern, that after years of dealing with this, that they'd get tired of dealing with a problem they couldnt fix.......

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Hi CardiacTec,

Reading your post was comforting to me, in that knowing I'm not alone with all those feelings of inadequacy and feeling like a burden to others at times and also frustrated with not being well enough to do all the normal things that many people take for granted... I guess sometimes this cross seems heavier to bear than what we can handle, and at times, during a weak moment and when my symptoms are at their worst, I've cried and asked God why me ( and than quickly realize that crying only makes me feel even worse - lovely!) but than will somehow compose myself and think of how when the cross gets more than I'm able to endure, somehow, between faith and family, I'm able to continue with the challenges and struggles hour by hour.

I hope that you are feeling stronger soon and remember that you are not alone in this - we are here for you and most importantly, God is with you every moment of the day.


PS - Keep praying - it will give you the strength you need to accept whatever is in God's plan for you.

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i also feel this way...especially today, so your post really hits home. This is a hard, lonely battle sometimes, and even when we have God and the people around us who care about us, we are ultimately the ones that have to endure the pain, loss, and limitations. It can feel really isolating and discouraging.

I find it comforting that others, here on the forum, share these feelings and that i'm not really "alone." There aren't any answers I can offer or quick fixes, but God is always walking beside us, especially in our darkest hours.


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Do not underestimate the potential for beta blockers to make you depressed. My mother landed in the hospital with depression and didn't find out until later that the beta blockers set her off. I can't take them either. They cause depression in me.

That being said, have you been on BB's for long? Have you increased the dose. Were you all right before (not depressed)?

I pray you find the strength to handle your problems and the wisdom to choose the best course of action.

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thank you both tammy and janeryre for your messages. i appreciate your words of encouragement and hope. I know it's in our darkest hours, that our faith grows.

tammy, it must have been a God sent message that you mentioned prayer and never giving up praying. i have been lately and i know that God wants just as much for me to talk to Him of my battles as he does my victories. His plans are never fruitless and even though living with pots may seen fruitless and anything but a fruitful time, there is a plan in it. His ways are higher than ours, so we cannot even begin to understand why we go through what we do...we must trust that He sees the bigger picture.

janeeryre, i dont know what says it better than your signature "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever" .........this flesh, this body will fail us all some day, not just for dysautonomia people, but for ALL. but thankfully we have a hope and strength bigger than our mortal selves to carry us through the hard times.

God bless you both and everyone else on this forum, that you all would be given strength to endure this battle, to be more than conquerors, that you all would be blessed beyond measure.

hi futurehope,

i do think the beta blockers are causing the depression, or at least a big factor of it......they have increased my dose up by 40 mg's. interestingly enough, i was feeling a little depressed after a few months starting this particular beta (not other ones though, this one is in a different class altogether than of the ones i was taking before)....then when they upped the dose two months ago, i really started a downward spiral with feeling really low. not just "the blues", but really low. that's not me at all. i have done fairly well throughout the past 6 years in dealing with this condition but the last few months, something has changed....and the only thing med wise that has that might be causing this is the increase in beta. i'll definitely mention it to my doc and see what he says. thanks for confirming what i was already thinking about the potential for the beta to be causing or maybe even aggrevating an underlying moodyness we all can get with dealing with chronic illness..

take care.

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My depression waxes and wanes....right now I'm having a real struggle. I', sure my betas are a big part of it, but when that's all that's left, what do you do?

I think we all struggle with this at one time or another, or many times, if you are me. I'm not sure what to tell you. I can't take antidepressants, need the betas, get really mad at God, then it eventually gets better.

I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow to discuss how to get an attitude adjustment, but his thoughts are, things are better physically, so who cares if you feel like hello emotionally. I don't think they get it..... :blink:

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I can totally relate. I was glad to say goodbye to 2006.

I take betablockers and they do not help with the depression issue. I spend most days in my PJ's and just don't feel like doing anything. My husband moved out for a month in November. He is back now and we are trying to work things out.

I miss being healthy and active. Sometimes I am bitter, sometimes just sad.

I do force myself to go to church on Sunday morning's, I finally found a small church that is like family. Lots of hugs and a Spirit Filled Pastor.

Morgan is right about getting mad. I don't get mad at God though, he doesn't want us sick. We are his children and he loves us more than we can imagine. Everyday I walk around and say "God is able." I believe I am being healed in "God's time." I refuse to doubt that. I don't want to get on a rant about my faith and offend anyone.

I know it is a struggle. I know it is hard. Sometimes I just don't care about anything. It is those times I pull out my Bible and quote the promises of God. I play alot of Christian music too. It helps. I got a tambourine for Christmas, so even get a little exercise LOL.

Don't give in, draw a line in the sand and say ENOUGH.


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I can relate to this struggle. It's so hard to deal with feeling constantly sick day in and day out. It can be so isolating in differnt ways. It's only harder when your doctors are unsure of what to do or just drop the ball, like you said. I think some of my depresion over the years has been grief over so many genuine losses in my life because on my unending illness. My illness has cost me a lot and I hate that. I think at times there is not way around that grief. I think it's important to proccess it. For me though its hard not to get stuck there. Lately the Lord is really teaching me how watch where my mind goes. I'm also realizing I need to learn to make the most of my days right now, even when I feel so awful and I feel like they are waisted in bed. It's a struggle for me to exept my life the way it is now, instead of just waiting for all of this to go away so I can live again.

I didn't realize BBs can cause depression. Why does it? It's so hard to deal with this kind of depression...caused by meds and such.

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I find that the the toughest thing of all is to deal with medicines and/or supplements. When I take something to help one of my medical conditions, another worsens.

Regarding beta blockers, I have a lot of anger towards the fact that people are not TOLD that they can cause depression, and therefore, people do not even associate the pill with the beginning of their problem. My mother certainly had no idea that the reason she was acutely depressed was because of a pill she had to take for high blood pressure. What a lot of expense and mental anguish she had to go through - - because of a pill, no less. She was actually getting suicidal! BTW, she's fine now and it never happened again, though she knows to watch out for the depression.

On that note, I urge anyone who is ingesting a new medicine or supplement, to monitor MENTAL as well as physical side effects. I can't stress this enough. The prescribing doctor cannot be aware of all the side effects that can affect each person. It is up to you to keep track of any changes to your well-being.

POTS is difficult enough to deal with without adding a beta blocker that is causing depression.

If you suspect the beta blockers are causing your depression, don't wait to report this to your physician. The longer you're on them, the worse it gets. Who knows what it is doing to you biochemically? Maybe there is something else you could take.

I hope I've helped someone today. And I hope I haven't offended anyone. I do not like to see people suffer when there may be something they can do about it.

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I took a low dose bb for awhile and definitely suffered transient depression while I was adjusting. I think it is also normal/expected to feel depressed when you are sick day after day after day. I feel more depressed in the winter the older I get. Both last January and this, I have felt very moody and dark. I find myself dwelling on worries about the future with this condition and my desire to have another child, or adopt, and frustration that I probably cannot handle it. I feel alone in that others in my family and circle of friends have no idea that anything is physically wrong with me or that I have episodes of feeling sick. And I am pretty functional with this condition--can work, have no significant financial concerns. I remember when things were much worse...I can only imagine how hard it must be for anyone disabled with POTS day after day to also face depression--whether induced by the condition itself, medications or just the time of year.

Definitely see if there is a solution--even if you must take beta blockers. Depression can often make us feel physically worse and makes healing harder.

One thing that has always helped me is to get outside. Even if I am feeling wretched and it is cold. Getting some exposure to sunlight and fresh air helps my mood, if not my physical self as well. Also, I live near the ocean--and going to the beach at any time of year, and just sitting, has some healing/restorative power.

Hang in there.


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I became very depressed several months ago, and did not connect it to the fact that I was on beta blockers. It began and progressed slowly so before I realized it I was feeling pretty bad. I was taken off them by my Dr. and began on celexa for my pots. Within a few weeks the feelings of drepression began to lift and I began to feel better emotionaly. I can't tell you that this is the case for you, but I would discuss this with your doctor. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take Care


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My mother's depression crept up on her also without her realizing what was happening. It's slow and insidious.


I couldn't agree with you more. The sunlight definitely has a biochemical effect on us. If you cannot get outside, there are lights you can purchase. The light tricks your body into thinking you're outdoors. My sleep doctor recommended it for helping me get up in the morning. I haven't purchased it yet.

But if you're interested, it's 'Apollo Light Systems" 1-800-545-9667. I can't afford it right now.

Since I'm not supposed to be pushing one compnay over another on this forum, I am not promoting this light system over any other.

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I think when my POTS symptoms are acting up, it physcially affects my emotions. I feel unhappy and mean and I am convinced that this is related to whatever is going wrong with my body. There have been a few times where these feelings have literally vanished along with my symptoms shortly after taking my meds.

I didn't realize that betas caused depression. In addition, they make us lethargic and not feel like doing anything. This doesn't help our mental state any. I will say that I was on a higher dose of betas for a long time, and the side effects do wear off over time. This is something to consider. I have read that betas are only effective for 50% of us. There are also lots of other meds out there - each one has its adjustment period issues, so it's never an easy decision. One thought would be to try an SSRI which could help with both POTS and depression.

Although I've been having a bad flare up right now, in the past I have been able to function at a pretty high level. My life is still a big struggle. I find myself comparing myself to healthy people and envying that their lives are so much easier and that there are many things that are easy to them which I can't do and may never be able to do. We all have our way of pushing through these moments - faith, family, positive actions, indulgence. In the end, though, these things only help so much and I think it's natural to feel some depression. I think that if you repress these emotions, they will just build and fester.

Have you considered seeing a therapist? I have been working with somone for the past 18 months and it has really helped me to cope. Feel better soon.

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thanks for your message rqt9191,

I totally agree with you that it is only normal to feel depressed about being sick. i hate when docs constantly try and shove anti-depressants down your throat because of it too. since i believe it is normal to feel depressed about chronic illness or any chronic issue, i really dont understand why they try and wipe out those feelings, that are only normal, with anti-depressants. i really feel that 3/4 of the population are way too dependent on anti-depressants when there are other means out there to help deal with our saddness or upset. YES, there ARE people who truly DO NEED anti-depressants and i respect those people for seeking the help they need, but for me personally and i bet for a lot of people who ARE on ant-depressants ( i am not), i think they just need to simply BE ONE with what is a normal response for anyone going through chronic illness....and as you suggested, to seek out someone, a counselor, a therapist, to talk about it, to vent, to cry...

thanks for offering suggestions to see someone to talk to about all this. i think this is a WAY better alternative, FOR ME PERSONALLY, than anti-depressants. i actually have been seeing my PCP for the past few months, simply just to vent and unleash, and nothing more. i have been trying to get in to see him today, even though he is booked solid....hopefully he'll free up some time for me, he said last time i saw him, that if i really started to feel miserable emotionally, just to call and he'd squeeze me in. i hope he sticks to his words and tries his best to get me in to see him.

as for the beta, i do think it is partially the culprit here as to why i'm feeling so down. this is not me at all, even with dealing with normal emotional rollercoaster rides in living with chronic illness.

thanks for your post. take care.

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No question is a stupid question-------I fully understand how all of this can make you feel. This is a place to come and vent all you need to. This is such a frustrating and depressing illness to deal with. This illness screws with our heads, and the ANS is so fickle it can change for good to bad in minutes.

Just all the medical testing, denials of physicians of the seriousness of this alone can make one feel depressed---then you add the day to day struggles and it can really mess with your mind. Another thing it can mess with is our confidence, and we feel like a burden to others at times, even when expressing our feelings. We can never feel this way---if we can't get the support we need, then we have to look elsewhere. This is just the way it has to be----we deserve the support and understanding of others.

It's not about entitlement---it's about respect.

Sometimes anti-depressants work, but I have seen others get worse on them. I think it depends on each individual. I go to therapy to help me deal with this---I have been with this therapist on and off as I need him for the last five years. My husband and I also see another therapist together, as ths stuff can be a struggle for the caregiver as well. My husband sometimes feels a lot of pressure---especially when there are only a couple of people in my family who are trying to get this stuff. I get lonely. I'm was used to working 50 hours a week, going to school, having a social life and being able to walk 5 miles-----and now reduced to worrying if I can make it though a department store.

I'm sorry your going through this bad spell right now, but we are here any time you need us-- :blink:

The beta blockers can make us feel depressed-------------but you have a lot going on, and it might help to talk to therapist who has experience in chronic illness.

A BIG HUG to you.

Maxine :0)

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I knew for me it was a combo of BB and being told so many times I was "merely anxious" instead of tachycardic. I also went to three therapists who each wanted to search my past for issues. Sometimes it helps to talk with someone, but not if the someone fails to grok what role chronic illness and the medication prescribed for it plays.

I know I keep recommending books by Sherry Rogers, but she is experienced as a patient and doctor and a prolific writer, and her suggestions are often practical. She has a book called Depression, Cured At Last which is marvelous. Maybe you have real depression from the chronicity of the illness, the failure of the medical profession to recognize and change your cardiac experience, the BBs, etc. But that doesn't mean that you should not try some extra amino acids, minerals, B12, blood sugar or hormonal management, etc. -- whatever applies to you.

Your faith is inspiring.

I hope your year improves.


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I agree that anti-depressants are way overprescribed. The oversubscription aspect wouldn't deter me personally, b/c they are used (off-label) to treat POTS and are known to be effective. I am only mentioning this because my dr had suggested I take Paxil a couple of years ago. I didn't try it then because there is an adjustment period which I didn't want to deal with. I'm currently thinking about trying an SSRI as a next step -- although I am hoping no next step is required, LOL. And if the side effect of taking an SSRI would be to help my state of mind, I would consider it an added benefit.

I do realize that meds are a personal decision and would never suggest that anyone take SSRIs (or any other med) that they are not comfortable with. I think it's important for each of us to find our own way to deal with the physical and emotional aspects of this horrible condition...no easy answers here.


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thanks all for your responses/replies. i just got in to see my doc in about an hour. i am GLAD cuz im really having a rough one. i will suggest to him the possibility of the beta that could be contributing to the already burdensome trials of dealing with this condition. i looked up SOTALOL (which is the beta i am on) and it doesnt say anything about it causing depression as a side effect, so........i dont know......i do know that other beta's can cause depression though, as some of you have confirmed your stories about beta's and depression either with you personally or with someone in your family......

i'll let you all know how the appt goes. thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and hugs.


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Hi folks--this is just a general note to folks who want to discuss religion and religious healing with each other--I would request that you do further discussions of such issues via private messages or email. As a reminder, the forum guidelines specifically request folks refrain from discussions of religion directly because it tends to be a "hot topic" that can be likely to offend people even if you think what you've said is not offensive.

You will find the following under the forum guideline for respect for others:

"You agree to refrain from flame wars, debates and the discussion of "hot topics," which are likely to provoke debates. Common hot topics include, but are not limited to, politics, abortion and religion. Asking for prayer is allowed, but please do not use this forum to promote your religious beliefs."

This moderator moment now concludes...

thanks for your understanding. Nina

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had my doc's appt. he said i really sounded depressed....moreso than at any other time we've met to chat....he said i didnt sound like myself at all. i think he got the wrong impression though because he started to go down the "dont want you to hurt yourself" convo. i totally slapped him back into reality and told him i'd never do such a thing. he just said i sounded so bumbed over everything. it is true, i am really depressed but I WOULD NEVER hurt myself. i made that perfectly clear to him. he said he wants me to see a psychologist to discuss the emotional aspects in dealing with this medical condition. he is such a nice doc. he then said "and that doesnt mean i'm dropping you off or passing you on to another doc to get you out of my hair, i still want to see you like we've been doing, i just want to make sure you are getting all you need from an emotional standpoint in trying to help you cope and since i only have so much training to help you out in that arena, i feel you'd benefit most to see a psychologist and just continue to follow me as well"........he said he hoped that i didnt feel like i was just being passed around like a sack of potatoes cuz he doesnt want to get rid of me at all, cuz he cares.

he is so nice. made me feel better to talk to him......wish he was single, i'd snatch him up! hahaha! <_<

anyway, i asked about the beta blocker and depression, he said that a lot of beta's can cause depression but the one i'm on shouldnt. he said that he really just feels that because i have been dealing with this so long, and havent had an upswing yet (it's been like 4 months since i have felt "okay", usually i have highs and lows but they are more frequent in change than a 4 month period - 4 months straight of feeling like CRAPPOLA)...........

he also said that some of the new symptoms i have been having he feels dont fit the "pots" profile at all and is going to get ahold of mayo and see what their reccomdations are for further testing/evaluation.

anyway, thanks to you all for listening me ramble!

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What a great doctor! Wish I could clone him! Sounds like a good idea to see a pyschologist, it is tough to figure all this out by yourself. Glad you are feeling more positive. Thank you to all who posted as I have been very down today and it has helped me also. <_<

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Guest tearose

Just was thinking about you and wanted to send you some warm happy thoughts.

Remember that you are not alone. We need to recharge ourselves from time to time and dealing with chronic health issues is VERY draining.

Let's see, today is friday and you've got a lovely weekend before you. Maybe you can get some movies from the library and do a comedy marathon over the weekend?

Visualize yourself in a comfy chair and pampering yourself this weekend. Can you do that?

And hey, you mentioned a "sack of potatoes"? How about making some potato pancakes? <_<

...have a peaceful day...tearose

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