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There Are Good Docs Out There


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Aw, i was so blessed to get an email from my doctor (PCP) yesterday. I have been very upset over all this POTS/tachy stuff and he has been so great over the past few months with letting me come in and talk/vent to him about everything. i thought recently that perhaps he didnt want to be the one to have to "listen to it all", but when i asked him about it - this is what he said. how nice! just thought i'd post this/what he said and let you all know that there ARE docs out there that truly care and want to help in any way they can. dont give up on finding a good doc, cuz their out there.

this is what he said :


No worries from this end at all. I am happy to have you vent and be

part of your care that way. Please do not feel as if you are burdening

me in any way with that. Sometimes caregivers may get frustrated in a

perception of an inability to help solve a problem, but I am actually

quite comfortable in the current role that I have helping you. It is

critical that you have an outlet and I feel fortunate that I can provide it."


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I am soo happy you have a great PCP!! Yay!!! :D

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That is GREAT!!! I am new here and before I registered I have been reading some of your postings. Before I got hooked up with Dr. Grubb, my PCP did more for me and my tachiness than my local cardiologist and EP Dr.s, so I know how you feel. There are great doctors out there, you just have to keep on trucking and searching for that special one.

I too have really high heart rates when I work but not when home lounging around (wish I could do that all day). I had an ablation on Oct. 23. They ablated A-flutter and AV Node Re-entry tachycardia. So far no real change in my POTS status. I am still the same. I dont have as much palpatations as before, but that is the only symptom it really got rid of. It was supposed to make me feel "a whole lot better" but it did not. I was like you ....begging for an EP, etc. Well, I got one and not much came out of it. There was something there to ablate, but it did not make a significant difference.

I am not saying to give up on an EP, because technically I had something big to ablate. I am just letting you know not to get your hope up for an all cure like I did, because you might just get let down like I did.

Good luck to you and keep pushing for what you feel is right. It took me 4 years to find someone to do an EP study on me.

Susan f.

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Oh my gosh!

I'm very happy for you-------------------------- :)

I love hearing positive things like this----gives me a little hope that some of these docs are getting it.

Unfortunately here in my town---they are not. I have to travel somewhere else to find Docs that get this stuff. My PCP would not allow that at all----she got irritated when I called about severe pain after going through a physical FC exam that should have never been ordered. I needed to get something for pain, and called during the weekend to see if she could suggest something Non- narcotic. She was really upset sounding. When she called, you could hear her kids in the background----they were by a pool becuae you could hear splashing. She was very snotty, and your could hear a deep sigh, then she said take double doses of motrin. I didn't go beyond that with her----she could have cared less about the severity of my problem.

When I went to the EDS specialist later in the early fall I found out that I should have never had the FC exam---and that I shouldn't lift beyond 2 pounds, and do NO physical activity until further evaluation of my cervical spine/cranial instability. This is serious stuff, she has this in my file----and yet she didn't take the time to see these were red flags waving in her face----and I should have been immediately examined for further neurological deficits.

The EDS Docs were so nice it virtually saved me from sinking deeper in to an already deep depression.

After being stalked by the nurse on this forum, and possibly another from another docs office I took a big nose dive and fell into a deep depression. Thank god for those nice EDS docs---I don't know where I would have ended up.

Good for you--I hope you continue to get the same kind of luck.--------- :)

Maxine :0)

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