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Finally Some Relief!


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hi folks I thought i would finally share some good news with you for a change!!

I went for an Iv this morning/all day event... and when i got to the hospital i felt pretty bad.. i almost didnt make it ot the hospital b/c I was feeling that bad..

But i got hooked up and fell back to sleep.. my initial Bp was 94/61.. so not to terribly bad.. and before i went home they checked it again.. and my Bp went up to 117/78.p.75.. and i felt really good!!

the nurse ddint wan to let me leave b/c she said that my face was really flushed.. and my eyes had that funny look that they et some times.. blood shot.. but I'm like I'm ok really.. a flushed face and blood shot eyes are ok for me.. i'll be fine.. she made me sit there a bit befor eshe would let me leave.. but I'm home now.. and I stiilll feel decent... I'm getting abit tired.. but I'm trying to enjoy the little bit of energy that i have! its such a beautiful day!!

But I'm thanking god for giving me half a good day!! hopefully it will last into tomorrow or the weekend too that would be great!

Asmileynot so dizzy happy girl!

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hi thaks guys!

I'm still feeling ok!! YEAH!!

the moving is going VERY slow! my brothr came by yesterday evening to help move stuff.. and we chitter chattered more then we moved things! thoughwe moved a few things

But hopefully by next weekend at the altest i should be alll moved in!

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When did you notice that you get bloodshot eyes? Is that a symptom of POTS? Several of my coworkers have seen me during an attack and have commented that my eyes are bloodshot so I was wondering if there is any relationship.

This may seem like a stupid question, but how do you get the hosptial to admit you for an IV? Before diagnosis, Iwas in the ER more times than I can count. I always began to feel better once the IV was administered. I have often wondered how I could just go get an IV when I am feeling really bad. Usually I would have to wait in emergency for hours before I am even seen.

It's great to feel good all day isn't it? Here's to many more great days ahead..


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Um-- I dont know my eyes often get blood shot.. I think its b/c sometimes my hr is too high. and my BP is all over the map.. also when my pain level is up my eyes are blood shot.. and pretty much when ever they get like that.. I chalk it up to a potsy thing..

i didnt even notice it.. the nurse did.. I can remember going to apply for SSDI and my right eye was severe blood shot.. blood vessels actually burst in ym eye it was horrible!...

About the IV's I have been after t his for quite along time now.. back in 2003??? I would find that after an ER trip and they would pump full of fluids that I would feel better for a while.. and then I read info on one of these sites that IV fluids help.. so i talked to my doc (cardio) about it.. and he agreed to give it a try and see if it helped.. he admitted me for an infusion.. and at that time it did not help me on that particular day..so he didnt persue it..

however over the past year they help me dramtically.. so I talked to my potsy doc about it IV's.. and after a while he agree'd that I could get them a few times a week.. we tried to get them so that I could get them done here at home.. and have a nurse come monitor things.. but insurance would not pay for at home IV use..

so my cardiologist here at home.. talked/worked with my potsy doc.. and they agree'd that i could have it done over at the hospital 1-2 times a week.. and they do it thru a short stay unit..at the hospital.. and I'm there about 9-10 hours at a time.. so far they have not had to keep me over night.. but they option is there if I'm not doing well..

it baffles me that insurance companies will pay for me to be admitted multiple times a month to the hospital.. but they wont pay for in home use of IV fluid!!

I guess I dont mind going to the hospital.. they typically give me my own room... and I' have the same nurses everytime.. and theya re nice.. and atleast have some inderstanding and care..!

Also after i refused to go to the ER any more.. b/c they are so rude!..i told them that if they wanted me to go to the hospital from now on they have to direct admit me..b/c the ER is just a nightmare!

But you could start with seeing if your doc would agree to Iv for treatment.. and then check with your insurance company about if they will pay for it... and a home health nurse.. good luck to you

and yes I hope for many more "GOOD DAYS"!!!!!!!!!!!! hooray!!

I'm still feeling good!! 9 hours later!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Linda...I am so glad that the IV's are helping. How many litres do you get? I get 2 litres at a time. My POTS doctor gave me a standing order so that I can get 2 litres a day if need be. I get it at my oncologist office. However, I am set up to get the IV's at the Infusion Center at the hospital.

If you think you might be getting IV's on a regular basis, you might want to consider getting a medaport inserted. With a medaport, the infusions can go faster. I have bad veins so getting the IV in was always a problem. With the medaport, there is a stick and that is it.

Keep the fluids flowing!!!


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I'm still feeling good!!

only complaint I have is my legs are not working quite right..(kinda stumbling along like a drunk person).. :ast night at walmart.. I'd been on my feet to long waiting in line.. and low and behold.. I got potsy and I fell into a display of lightbulbs!!.. and my legsa started to give way.. that was embarrassing more then anything.. people looked at me like I was wacked out.. Inwas standing there. and next thing I know.. I greeting lightbulbs....

But I slept exceptionally well last night... and am hoping that i will keep feeling good thru out the day... I'm not dizzy ot tachy today !! YEAH!! thank god for IV"S!!

Lois~~ is a medaport the same as a medline?? I was going to ask about one of them.. b/c the IV's..yesterday was bit hard .. and the IV HURT!! normally they dont really bother me.. .. But i tink that consistantly getting poked with an IV weekly is starting to reak havoc on my one good vein!.. going to call dr.g's and see about a medline or medaport.. would make things so much easier!!

How are you doing lois??? you ok??

take care folks!!


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Hi, Linda...Outpatient surgery is required for a medaport. It is less involved that a pacemaker insertion and less painful as the surgeon/radiologist does not need to create a pocket for the port. It involves two incisions--one for the port; the other, for the catheter into the jugular vein. It was sore for a few days. The only time it bothered me after the first week was when I had to get a mammogram. The port is like a little container. They also need to make an incision for the catheter to take the fluid from the port to the jugular vein. My doctor prided himself that his incisions were closed like those done by plastic surgeons so that the scarring would be minimal. Frankly, given the 4 pacemaker scars, lymph node scar, lumpectomy scar, and now the medaport scars, who cares??? I have joked that I should be closed up using velcro or a zipper--it would be much easier.

When I get fluids, I do feel a sharp stick when they initially insert the needle. It is nothing compared to hunting and fishing for veins. Moreover, they can also take blood for testing via the port.

The big advantage is the time. They can infuse fluids faster via a port than with a regular IV. My cardiologist tells me that since I do not have cardiac problems (other than POTS), they can infuse 2 liters in slightly less than 2 hours.

Of course, nothing is without risk...infection, clotting that would close up the port, etc. are all possibilities.

While I could learn to do self-infusion, at this point the port is working well and I have been infection free.

If you want to talk further, email me.

All the best, Lois

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hey thanks lois!

that is smething to consider! I am going to bring this up to my doc.. as ir eally think that the IV's help and my BP's are improveing after a treatment and i feel better!!

So if they are going to let me do this long term I def. think that this is worth looking into...

I thnak you for the infodear!!

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Glad the IV's are helping you! :)

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