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Some good news about Grad School


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Hi everyone. I thought I share something really cool: my advisor approved me doing 6 credits worth of independent study this summer... in CROATIA :) Because one of my goals is to live there and help with the development of better special education services, especially for autism, I proposed that I go to the University of Zagreb for a 4 week language intensive course. It's 120 hours of language instruction--it's actually the equivalent of more than 9 credits, but I was pretty sure my advisor wouldn't approve that many so I asked for 6, and he said it sounded reasonable!

Now, the biggest next hurdle will be the money! I have applied for school loans for the summer--but those will only cover me registering for 6 credits at Temple... I still have all the tuition and room/board for U of Zagreb to come up with. I know I'm 41 now, but I think I may ask my mom :lol::D

Here's to an international summer...

Oh, and for Valentine's day, Teri bought me a "Cool Vest" with an extra set of cooling packs in case my student housing doesn't air conditioning--I can stay cool :) COOL. :)


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Nina that is very COOL!! I hope that this everyhting you want and more!! WOW how exciting!!

I wanna come too!! I''l bring my own suitcase to crawl in.. its on wheels!! LOL

very awesome news Nina!!

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CONGRATS Nina! What a great opportunity! : ) There is internet there right?! LOL

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Guest Julia59

GREAT NEWS NINA! I hope it all works out for you-------I heard it is very beautiful there.

The cooling vest-----I'm so glad you brought that up---what a nice gift. It reminded me that it will be a very welcome thing to have around this summer.

Keep us posted!

Julie :0)

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It *is* very beautiful. We were there in 2004 and it's just amazing. If you want to see some awesome photos of the country, here are some links.




Teri has relatives in Skabrnje, Krk and Zagreb. These cities/villages fall in the Dalmatia and Kvarner regions.

This is the Krk website


and Zagreb


Happy travels! (even if it's just on the web!).


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Hi Nina,

this is such cool news!!!!

when you will travel via amsterdam and have some time left in between your flights, please let me know. maybe i can make it to the airport to come see you!!!

actually, i think you deserve the 9 credits because you take the challenge to travel to croatia and are going to work in a different culture!!

corina :(

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