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Soooo Thirstyyyyy


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Hi Everyone!! :lol:

Just wondering if anyone has excessive thirst problems. I am pretty sure I am not dehydrated, my urine is as clear as water! I have been soo thirsty today. At the very least I have drank 7 8oz. glasses of water/gatorade. I usually get bouts of thirst that last around an hour, but I have had this problem all day...Just wondering if anyone has any ideas..

I felt alright for a while today, then felt soo dizzy and thought I was going to fall over so I took my second dose of Florinef. I seem to feel a little better now. I am wondering how long the Florinef works in your system...?


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Wow, licorice root - I should try that.

I too have bout of excessive thirst. There was a stage about 4 months ago where I was drinking between 6 and 8 litres of water per day, and still felt thirsty.

I'm now down to about 3 or 4 litres, which is still a lot, but works for me.

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With excessive thirst you should always think of high blood sugar or dehydration. I can't remember if Florinef effects blood sugar or not. You might want to ask your pharmacist. When I took florinef I wasn't thirsty though I never am. It did deplete the sodium in my urine so I had to stop taking it. Be sure to get your sodium and potassium checked often.


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