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YEAH!! Loan dishcarge was accepted!!


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Hi folks!! wasnt sure where to post. then i used some common sense and figure i'd post hear!!!

Well after almost a year of fighting with AES (american education services--student loans) and my forms getting lost at dr.'s offices and in the mail.. then the first 3 app's being rejected for some reason or another.. well my fighting and persistance finally paid off..!!

My PCP filled out another form for AES..a few weeks ago.. and I got a letter in the mail today stating that my application means the "criteria" for total and permanent disabilty discharge".. !!

I was just like floored! I started to cry..I have been worried about how I was going to have to pay such a large amount of money back while living on disabily.. there was just no way for me to do it.

BUt I had to share my news with you.. my loan is being dsicharged b/c of my POTS/Dysautonomia.. with the last application I mailed off I put inside the envelope a POTS brochure and DINET card.. and jotted down a note explaining POTS in laymens term. and so forth.. and said a prayer as i was closing the envelope..

SO thank you gals for designing the brochures!! and the website.. as I really think that it helped things along to explain dysautonomia!!

So all my worrying and fretting this past yr. was for nothing!!

My boyfriend told me that I really do have angels sitting on my shoulders.. b/c while I was going to school..I was living off of less then 200$ a month.. and had I not been inschool.. and recieved the excess money from the loans/student aide I would not have made it.. while I waited those 2 years for my SSI appeal hearing.. that money every semster is how I kept a roof over my head!..

So many blessing...in a weird sort of way

:).. ok I am crying again and the screen is all blurry.. so I am going to go!

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Congratulations! I want to warn you however, that it may be reinstated if you are not careful.. They just reinstated mine because of not having the IRS forms they recently requested (which I requested FROM the IRS) and now I have to have them discharged AGAIN. So, keep meticulous records even though you have them discharged conditionally because it takes three years for them to be formally discharged. Good luck!

It is a pain but worth the work in the end!


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