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Nausea ad nauseam

Dizzy Dame

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Hi guys,

I know that some of you suffer from relentless nausea, is this a part of dysautonomia? I ask because for the past few weeks I've been having severe nausea on and off and the past few days I haven't really been able to eat because of the constant desire to go hug the toilet (if you know what I'm saying).

Also, does anyone know any non-chemical ways to help nausea? I've tried chewing ice which seems to help a little, but I'm looking for something more effective.



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My neurologist says that nausea is common for patients with dysautomonia. I have slow gastric emptying caused by autonomic dysfunction. Even though my stomach is slow I get nauseated when I'm on my feet for a long time too.....so we don't know exactly the cause of the nausea. I guess it's probally both for me.

I'm sorry your going through this.

A few things that help alittle for me are root beer soda. Pressure point wrist bands that they use for traveling. I just got those and I've worn them every morning for 2 weeks and it helps alittle. Also green ginger tea.

These are just a few suggestions. But I have to take meds to help deal with my nausea. Zofran and reglan (switching to domperidome soon.)

Good luck I hope this is just a temporary thing.


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I have nausea everyday and this past week i was throwing up for three days straight. When it's really bad like that normally can't keep anything down including liquids, meds. But sometimes sipping on ginger ale.. eating plain crackers.. seems to help a little bit. I'm on Phengren and Compazine.. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Hope you find something that will help you.

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Hi, what works for me is a hot water with sugar. I know it sounds weird but it makes me feel better. It's something my great grandmother used to do. I have been known to drink lots of pepto bismol and mylanta though, when I'm desperate :)

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Hi Lauren,

I don't have the chronic nausea like some of the others on the board, but I do get bouts of nausea. Ginger ale and peppermints (or gum) have been great.

Also, I recently bought a Relief Band, an acupressure bracelet. It is a little expensive but worked really well on my nausea. There is a cheaper wristband called the Sea Band, which you can get from the drugstore and also helps.



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Guest Mary from OH

If you'd like something natural. Go the grocery, buy some ginger root. You can find it in the produce section. You don't need a huge piece. Store it in your freezer. You can do several different things with this.

Peel the skin off a tiny section. Slice off a very thin slice to suck/chew on. (some people find this taste too strong - you need to decide for yourself)

You can also slice of several slices and put it in a cup of hot water to make a tea. (Add sugar if you'd like)

Good luck! It really works well!

There is also candied ginger you can buy in the store to suck/chew on as well as lozenges if you decide it works well for you.


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I get nausea quite a bit, although its one of the symptoms that generally sleep when my illness is well controlled. I also get nausea when I eat anything with maize starch in it (I'm allergic). This year I had unreleting nausea for weeks, which I tracked back to the quinoa I'd started eating at breakfast. I also had a couple of weeks of nausea when I moved into a new office at work - the smell of the new furniture, carpets etc, seemed to set me off.

So for me, mostly, dealing with my nausea is a matter of soothing my illness with general management approaches (eg rest and fluids) and, if that fails and the nausea continues, looking carefully at what I've been eating. Meanwhile, like others, I rely on ginger (I buy ginger lollies at my health food shop) and peppermint oil (I put a few drops on a tissue and inhale it). I also find that having something in my stomach helps - when my nausea hits, I eat small bits often (eg nuts). Finally, I see a neurological physiotherapist - a lot of her patients have nausea (apparently its common across a range of neurological conditions), and she's able to relieve it (at least temporarily) by working the thoracic area of the spine. Go figure.

Good luck. Let us know if you find something else that works well.

With best wishes


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