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Hi all,

First of all, thank you so much for all of the lovely replies and encouraging words, i thought of all of you yesterday as my lawyer and i (i gave him the questions!) cross examined my ex employers, i couldn't believe that they both got up on the stand took the oath and then lied. Luckily for me in tribunals there are also three judges who can stop you and ask you questions at any time and they pulled their statements to pieces. Needless to say at the end of yesterday afternoon i won my case for disability discrimination and was awarded ?4000 for my hurt feelings, i know that the money isn't a great deal but i was completely honest with the judges and explained that i have now picked my life back up from out of the gutter even though i'm still not well enough for work yet, but the fact that i won and can tell people that means so much more to me than any amount of money.

My ex employers had not heard of the Disability Discrimination Act and even though they are quite a big company they did not know anything about employment tribunals, i researched them before i decided that i was going to for it, as you lot know taking on something like this is huge with our restrictions.

After the verdict my ex employers left the court very quickly without even looking at me but their lawyer said good luck with the future well done and shook my hand. i think even he believed me more than his client!

Sorry i've gone on for so long but i am absolutely over the moon at the moment, i've waited for this for a year and a half and i finally did it.

Thanks again for all your support, i'm hoping that now i will be able to get some publicity about this and show more people over here about our condition and the Disibility Act.

Lots of big hugs to everyone and loads of sloppy kisses!


becky x x x

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That is such GREAT news! That is pathetic your ex employer could not talk to you but the fact their attorney did seems good. I bet he admired your spunk.

It sounds like you fought this battle and kept your intergrity in tact!! Brava!!!

This is truly a great post to read ..having the courage and stamina to fight. I know it couldn't have been easy for you but I can only imagine being "over the moon" as you say. Congratulations.

Be good to yourself in the next few days ...and RELAX!!


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Let me add to the congratulations - great job!! When I won the complaints against my daughter's school district, they had to reimbursement me for Rachel's expenses. Most just went to pay off bill but I used a little to buy a victory tree for my front yard (river birch). I see it every day. Find a your victory "tree" - whatever it is.


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congrats :P congrats :D congrats :D

way to persevere....i'm SO happy for you!

:P melissa

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I am SO proud of you. you were right and you knew it. Good on you- this is FANTASTIC! ;)

I knew you could do it- I always knew that you had the strongest case.

You've given me hope, love--it's time to stand up and be counted, and say that enough's enough.

Well done for NOT accepting the unacceptable. As for your slippery slimy former employers--ha ha I bet they felt SO silly.... ;)

you've paved the way for the rest of us, Becky and that is just BRILLIANT. go to the papers- write to everyone...tell the WORLD!

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Have they made you sign anything to keep quiet? My mum is not allowed to talk about her case, im not sure she is even allowed to tell people she won... but if thats not the case then yes as persephone suggested ..... GO TO THE PAPERS! :)

Then they will be really cranky lol.

Although i suppse winning or even knowing that you perservered is satisfaction enough :angry:

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