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  1. PS, I'm not pregnant!! (thats what everyone has asked me so far when I tell them that I only have this in the mornings!!) oh and I've started taking my contraceptive pill Microgynon packets back to back on the advice of my gynecologist to prevent pots flair ups at that time of the month so I've not had a period for 4 months, could that be the problem?
  2. Hi all Sorry its been a long time since I've been on here but with an active 8 month old I don't get much chance. I'm hoping you can help. For the past three weeks I have been suffering the most horrendous nausea in the mornings. It has now progressed to include vommiting and diarrhoea and I have had to resort to anti-sickness tablets just to be able to look after my son. I can't cope with this much longer. I started feeling worse with pots following a bad case of gastroenteritus in May when I ended up on IV fluids, but I only started getting bad with the nausea three weeks ago. This was also
  3. Congratulations thats great news! I had my baby last October after many faints during pregnancy. The concern my doctors expressed was that when fainting the baby was being starved of oxygen which could potentially of effected his development. By being very very careful, basically doing nothing, I managed to not faint for the first 6 months (also I felt really good thanks to all of the extra blood you have at that stage). I started fainting when it got hot in about June (I was due 6/11/06, probably similar timing to you?) and was offered meds that I had come off before getting pregnant. I refus
  4. GOOD NEWS!!! Flop is out of hospital and on her way to relax back at her mums! She is feeling better and looking forward to getting home. The results came back from the MRI showing no signs of a stroke, epilepsy or any other nasties, the bad news was that the neurologist she saw was an absolute idiot who didn't believe pots exsists and waned her refering to a psychologist!!! But hay, at least shes getting out! Thank you to everyone who has posted and I am sure that she will be on here herself just as soon as she can! Hope that you are all well, getting back on here has reminded me how good it
  5. Hi all Once again a massive thank you for all of your messages. I called in to see her today and unfortunately she seems a little worse. The movement in her hand as become dificult again and her POTs has returned just to make matters worse! She has had the MRI scan and was waiting for the results and to see the neurologist this afternoon. The good news was though that the stroke doctor doubts very much that it was a stroke and the problems with her hand are more likely to have been caused by the fits following surgery. I haven't heard from her this evening which probably means she will be in a
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind messages. I visited Flop again today and she is doing much better. Shes had the bandages off her nose and all is well there. She is starting to get movement back in her hand now but is still not sure whats wrong. Hopefully tomorrow she will see the neurologist and get the MRI scan she is waiting for and get some answers. I know that all of your messages are really helping so a big thank you from both of us. I will be visiting again tomorrow afternoon so keep thoses messages coming! Healthy wishes to you all Katie x
  7. Thank you so much for the swift replys. I'm going to look up the hemiplegic migraines now. I will pass all of your thoughts onto her tomorrow, I know that she has been feeling quite down today and I am sure that all of your messages will really help! Lets see how many well wishes we can get in the next few hours to really cheer her up tomorrow!!
  8. Hi all I've not posted on here for some time as I have been a bit busy with my new baby but today I'm posting on behalf of Flop. I hope you guys can help! I've just been to visit her after surgery yesterday and things aren't going quite as well as hoped. The actual op went fine, on the ENT side of things she is doing well. She is even doing well from a POTS point of view too and is up and about on the ward. Problem is somewhere along the line there has been a reaction causing stroke like symptoms. She has had several fits and initially the doctors suspected a stroke though a reacent scan has p
  9. Thanks Katherine We are aware that complete bed rest is bad. At present as I am home I am having a combination of bed rest (9pm to 11am) and then the rest of the time resting but up and about to keep me upright. When I am downstairs in the day I sit as much as possible but am currently still able to make myself a drink etc. When I go to hospital they hope to monitor me walking for short periods and after the birth will gradually increase my activity. All of this will hopefully prevent rest induced pots/vvs. Anyway I think I have come to a decision! After resting this week I am not feeling as b
  10. Thank you everyone for your replys. It is good to hear that some of you did have success without meds and even though you were unwell your baby didn't suffer. The big concern for my docs now is that my BP is so low that it could be effecting the baby. In the past I have suffered the drop in BP when standing but as soon as I lay down it would go up again. Because it used to go up again we had planned on just using bed rest, therefore preventing the vasovagal episodes and avoiding any risk to the baby. Also avoiding the need to risk taking meds. Now that even in bed my BP often stays low they fe
  11. I have no great tips but I just wanted to sympathis with you- Since having POTs I have had frequent urination but try being 27 weeks pregnant too!! I live in the bathroom!!! Every hour even during the night is the norm for me now!! At least I have some relief to look forward to, I hope you improve soon too!! Katie
  12. Thank you for your story Susan. It is really great to speak to someone who was in something of a similar position and to hear that everything worked out for the best. After having such a great first 2 trimesters I was not very prepared for such a quick downfall! Was there one particular medication/activity that helped you most during pregnancy? Were you put on bed rest or did the medications manage your condition? Did you make it to 40 weeks? Also, I hope you don't mind me asking, but did Abby suffer any symptoms of stunted growth at all and if so how did it effect her/how quickely did she ge
  13. This has happened to me twice- though not so extreem as the examples given. I am limited to a strict 3 ltrs per day even though I am pregnant. Last summer when suffering badly with pots I drank lots of water as I thought that it was helping but it was all in my head. I was actually damaging my kidneys. Its great that you have brought this to everyones attention. I hope no one else here suffers this summer!
  14. Hi all Just wondering if you can help. I am 27 weeks pregnant and after a great initial 5 months am now stuck on bed rest til D day! Unfortunately after putting it off this long it looks like I have no choice but to start meds on Friday so I am looking for some tips. Beta Blockers have been dismissed as my BP is so low that they would cause growth issues so we're looking at Fludrocortisone but I am really not happy about it. Does anyone have any experience of drugs in pregnancy, good or bad, and/or any experience of coping with the effects on the baby once born. Obviously if the benefits out w
  15. Hi I was very interested to reed in this seasons newsletter that research has taken place into managing anaesthetic during labour/ c-sections. I am pregnant and meeting with my anaesthatist in July to discuss options for my c-section and this article would be very useful. Does anyone have access to the full article or can you tell me how to get more information. Many thanks Katie
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