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so I went and saw Dr. Khurana last tuesday and after 2 1/2 hour appt he diagnosed me with pots. he wanted me to take salt pills but i forgot how many he wanted me to take. Does anyone ever get nauseus after exercising? I just started to resume my exercising today and got reallllyyy nauseus.. I wonder what that means. Now, I have to visit him for another tilt table test and have to go see an endrocrinologist... hope to hear from you all soon:)

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Hi welcome to the forum..

you should contact you doc about your salt tab doseage.. and write it down somehwere.. like you calendar or something.. where you can have easy access to look if you forget..

again welcome!

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First of all, congrats on getting diagnosed! I know that it is a long road getting there. Also, welcome to the forum, we're glad to have you here!

As for the exercising, I'm not able to do it now but before I got sick I played hockey and I frequently got nauseous(not usually bad) when I pushed myself really hard.

Once again, welcome!

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cbaha -

it's good to "see" you again & i'm glad that your appt with dr. khurana was productive. i know how - in the midst of a super long appt - you can realize you have add'l questions as soon as you leave, forget something, etc. i always make sure i write things down at appts - before i go to discuss while there & while i'm there to remember after. it doesn't always solve the problem but definitely helps.

it's good that you have follow-up testing/appt scheduled but re: the salt tabs you should find out from dr. k. if you call & don't hear back just keep calling until you get an answer as it should be in your chart! when you call if you make it clear that you're just looking for a reminder rather than a "new" question it MIGHT be quicker as they may only have to check your chart rather than talking with dr. k. since he's at three offices it can take a lot longer if you actually have to track him down.

re: the nausea, i pretty much agree with steph. and also couldn't tolerate the salt pills but put salt on most all of my food. and lots of it. but we're all different so definitely at least give them a try if that's what the plan is.

i generally don't get nausea after exercise unless my other symptoms are flaring as well &/or i'm already fighting nausea beforehand. but i don't think it's too unusual amongst the POTS crowd.

hang in there,

:) melissa

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I get sick when I work out too. I am going to be starting cardio rehab on friday so we will see how it goes. As for the salt pills I can not take, so I try to eat as much salty foods as I can. Good luck and I hope you find a treatment that works for you!


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For me, nausea sets in when my blood pressure is getting too low, followed by a breathless feeling and dizziness.

You should probably call the doctor's office for recommendations on the salt doseage. BTW, for me, salt tabs bothered my stomach, so I did better when taking them with a meal.


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Welcome to the board! I occassionally feel nauseous if i exercise too hard. I was told during my stress test that that can happen if you are breathing super hard and swallowing air into your stomach. I know my dad (who is perfectly healthy) has felt nauseous after heavy exercise too...same with a (healthy) good friend of mine.

As for the salt tabs, I also prefer to use the real thing rather than the tabs. I love salt and hate the thought of swallowing big tablets :)

Glad you found this board for support!


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Putting a name to the condition was a relief for me. Finally, someone could explain why my heart was going so fast, the sweats, the nausea, etc. I hope you have not had a long time of non-diagnosis before now. I also hope you feel relief that you now know what it is and you can work on it.

When I walk a flight or two of stairs (up or down), I become very nauseous. I would say that sounds similar to your nausea after exercise. I do have nausea at other times as well.

Don't worry that you forgot the dosage of the salt tablets. Memory can be a problem with this. It *****, but you will probably become very good at coping skills. I have my daughter go with me when I talk with the doctor, take the tests, etc. That way there are two of us to hear and remember the details. (Also, she's young and smart!!) In addition, I use post-its for everything now. Even if I think I'll remember something, I still make a note to myself. Also, if needed, I call my own phone and leave myself a message on my answering machine (i.e. "remember to go have your blood drawn on Tuesday"). I then leave the messages on my machine until I've completed it. Also, if you do forget something, calling and asking the doctor (or his/her nurse) to remind you of a dosage or other directions that were written in the chart will actually be appreciated. Most doctors and nurses appreciate patients who are trying to comply and would rather you ask again than simply make a guess at it.

I hate having POTS but I do believe that I have received some gifts from having it. I have gotten a lot of clarity about what really matters in life (right now, breathing is really important to me...little silly things like someone cutting me off in traffic are just that now, little and silly). I have found out that many people at my job love and admire me. I had not heard that from them before I got sick. Everyone treated me well enough but no one had shared with me how valuable I was in their lives. There are numerous other gifts that come with this illness. I hope you will find that as well. I once read a book called THE GIFT OF DYSLEXIA. I saw some real parallels in the book with what I am going through. It made me realize that since POTS is a reality for me (just as dyslexia is a reality for the author), and thus, my life has changed. However, it does not mean that all the changes are bad.

Best wishes to you.

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