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  1. Hey! My right is always slightly larger than my left, I have no idea why though. I haven't really looked much when I'm feeling particularly bad vs. particularly good but I haven't noticed that it changes much depending on that. I would think that this would have something to do with how the ANS is affected, maybe that the different sides of our bodies are affected slightly differently?? I don't know, just a shot in the dark there. Maybe I'm going nuts but I've also noticed that the balance in my left leg is better than my right when I do exercises. I was just thinking that maybe there was a
  2. I got mine a few weeks ago, I did totally fine with it. I have also had 2 others while being sick and didn't have a problem.
  3. I go through spells where night after night after night I have these dreams(not the same one every night) where I start blacking out and no matter how hard I try to open my eyes bigger I can't see any more. The blackness just closes in like when I black out normally. Most of the time (while the blackout thing is happening) I feel like I can't stand up no matter how hard I try. It's weird and I wonder if it is fainting, but then again, I haven't ever fainted upright before or laying down awake. Who knows...
  4. Good for you for looking for the positives in the illness. I completely agree with you, my illness has brought many good things. Although I wouldn't have chosen it, staying positive has helped me so much. I have done things that I wouldn't have ever done otherwise. The best thing I have ever done came because of my POTS. On days when I am doing horribly I think about my good days and the positives. This illness may seem horrible - and it is - but it could be cancer or something else deadly. When I'm down I always remind myself of those 2 things.
  5. I have been taking melatonin for several months now and it is wonderful. I have had no side-effects and it always garantees that I get to sleep within the next hour, so an hour before I go to bed I take it and I easily get to sleep.
  6. Yes, I get SO exhausted after concentrating. I get more tired faster depending on what it is, the hardest things I usually can't go longer than 20 minutes on before I have to take a break the same amount of time or more. Then I only go downhill and am able to go less and less time from there. Needless to say I don't get much done very fast.
  7. I do much better in the winter, the heat makes me more symptomatic and miserable.
  8. Hockey player definitely. I used to play hockey before I got sick, and I will again when I get better. It's just a matter of time.
  9. My symptoms are so much better at night. I usually start to feel better around 9 p.m.(at my worst I actually considered sleeping during the day and being awake at night!) Mornings are tougher though, I usually take an hour or so to start feeling normal for me. Anytime before that I would consider myself the living dead.
  10. Mine are always dilated. I can't go outside without sunglasses, even on cloudy days. It drives me nuts because my family can't turn on very many lights in the house or open the curtains hardly at all. I have a great pair of sunglasses that go around block the light on the side and I have found them a MAJOR help since even the normal ones let in a lot of light on the side so I found them very helpfull! I haven't found anything that makes it go away though but still searching...
  11. The pain suddenly subsided and hasn't occured since. If it occurs again I will have it checked out. Sounds like it could be a dysautonomia thing. Thanks for your input!
  12. Hey everyone! For the past hour I have been experiencing a really strange eye pain, it feels like it is on the eye and it is a stabbing feeling. It has gotten worse over the past half hour and I have called my doctor and they are going to try to get me in in a little while. I was wondering if anyone else gets this and what they do for it. Thanks!
  13. I too go through bouts of having a lot of them. One thing that works(the best I have found) is Acidophilus. It makes them go away much faster and helps to keep them away. One time I took one when I started to get them and it made them go away the next day and kept them away for 2 months. But, yeah, I definitely get them.
  14. I take .1 mg in the morning and .1 in the evening. Like Jacquie said, I think it is trial and error but I'm not sure. I had to start very low because of headaches. Good Luck!
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