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Update on Oxford


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Hi all!

I'm sorry I've not been about, and sorry I'm not chatting online (James!) but SO much is going on.

THe workload here is crazy- I've been out of the loop for a while I know, but I genuinely think they expect me to do in a week here what I had a term for in St Andrews! Terrifying.

Disabilities stuff STILL isn't sorted out here- I've got no one to help me get to class, although disabilities team here tell me tonight I can have a scooter. (about time!) The last week has been so difficult- imagine walking a mile each time you want to get your mail! Imagine your phone not working and having no mobile/cell reception in your flat! Imagine the pavement outside the flat being so narrow that when your folks take you out in the chair at the weekend, you fall right out on to the road. And when you tell people you're meant to tell- they just say "oh dear." :P:)

But I have some really good news. All is not lost....my tutor is AMAZING! :):) I was shattered by the time it was class yesterday- 5pm is right in the middle of my worst time, but we couldn't reschedule it. I as ok during, but by the time I got to the end, it was no go. I stood up and instantly had to sit down again. She was so lovely- took my bag, offered her arm (an Oxford don carrying MY rucksack and holding me up with her arm- and she's littler than me!) I don't know how many times I had to stop on the way out- but she just kept saying "it's ok, don't rush...all in your own time, no problem". She was LOVELY. And genuinely interested to learn about POTS and dysautonomia. She really empathised and made me feel really at ease- she didn't panic, and stayed with me til I felt better.

Even today after class, this lady asked how I was feeling, if there was anything she could do to help about my disabilities stuff.

There ARE kind people in this University! and they're all in the English department! AMAZING! The English Library staff have been really lovely- they're kind too, and nothing is too much trouble- I'm even getting swipe access to the building so I can get in without using stairs.

So....please don't think I'm rude if I don't chat much at the moment...it's hard enough settling into a new University, let alone Oxford, with POTS, and a totally unsupportive disabilities office...who still haven't sorted stuff out yet! But out of something bad always comes something good- having experienced yesterday, I can see that my tutor is an amazing person as well as an awesome academic. And exactly the kind of person I want to do a doctorate with!

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Glad to hear you've got such a sympathetic tutor! :P It's so exciting to hear you up and about at Oxford -- just like out of Dorothy Sayers' Gaudy Night, English department dons and so forth. :) The book makes it sound like such a stimulating atmosphere.

Hope things move along with your Disability situation soon. It has to be frustrating to have that hanging over you, especially on top of the frantic pace your academic work load demands.

Take good care of yourself and have a marvelous term!

With love (and eager anticipation of Persephone's next volume of Life at Oxford) :) ,


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Sorry to hear that the disabilities offices is being rotton, but im glad to hear you are getting support from your tutor. Sometimes thats more important than the other offices as they are the people you have to deal with the most. Im really happy for you that you got someone understanding :)

Best of luck and keep us updated :P

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pers -

it's good to hear from you. i totally understand being busy with school...i still read all the postings but definitely am not up to posting as much while trying to juggle my readings & paper-writing & the like.

i'm glad things are going as well as they are & that your tutor is such a gem. sorry to hear about the frustrations; i've had some issues here with disability access & the like as well so you're definitely not alone in that regard, but it doesn't make it any easier! hope things get worked out soon (like yesterday!)

:) melissa

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What a relief! My folks came up today as witnesses for my meeting with the Disabilities Office- and it actually looks as if they've gotten off their butts and are doing stuff! woohoo!

I'm getting someone to help me to class tomorrow--hurrah!

And my computer is going to be ordered tomorrow (I think)

So--things are looking a lot better.

w00t :rolleyes:

Maybe now I can start to live like a REAL student!

x x

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Guest Julia59


I'm so happy for you---it's about time you have some things going right for you.

It may not be perfect, but better then is has been.

I am so glad to hear you have such a nice tutor---she sounds supportive---and you need that. Your parents sound supportive also----how cool is that.....

Oxford-----you are fortunate----and now with the support you have it sounds like your dreams will come true. :)

Best of luck to you-----your doing great!

Julie :0)

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pers -

glad to hear that more things are falling (or perhaps more accurately getting pushed!) into place.

:) melissa

p.s. i'd better get to join in on the graduation celebration with you & nina!

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Tomorrow (or should I say later today) is matriculation- which here means wearing a mortar board and gown, with a black ribbon and being shouted at in Latin, or something. Cool beans, eh?

I'll post photos when I have them! :D

THanks everyone for your support. :)

today I had my first really good class where I felt really well- my first class that made me feel like I BELONG here. I actually relaxed for the first time and remembered how much I enjoyed this stuff. What a relief!

I'm trying to organise a lunch for us all in a bar in town so all the people on my course (only 12 others) get to know each other in a more relaxed setting, over a few drinks and not talking about purely Englishy things, so that's cool. The ice is slowly being broken, and I don't feel quite so isolated now. My flatmates are really cool, too. Tonight they cooked dinner for me, and them, and we sat and chatted over a glass of booze, too. I'm really lucky with the people I've landed with- nothing is too much trouble. :)

I was boshing around Oxford today on my new scooter- man they're cool! I couldn't stop laughing- I think people thought I was a half wit! :P laughing to myself, going along the road at 6mph! :)

I love the way I'm in control- instead of being subject to other people's whims or stupidities when they see you and stare, and don't move out of the way for wheelchairs, with this baby you are bigger and faster than them...I just aimed my scooter right AT these people today and went at full speed...they soon moved out of the way then all righty! hahahahaha :lol:B)

My mum says I'm a menace already! hehehehehe

But seriously, I cant tell you the difference it has made to me to have some independence back.

The college itself isn't making access very easy- they expect me to get through 5 sets of inward opening heavy duty firedoors (made of glass) in the scooter- and you need to swipe a card on the other side of the wall, too, before the door unlocks. Hmmm....that's REAL easy, huh?! :)

Anyway, with a suicidal amunt of work to do,and a matriculation at 8.30 am (!) I must be off....but I'll keep in touch and it means so much to know you guys are rooting for me :lol:


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PERSEPHONE!! Girl I am so happy for you!! you got some wheels to!! that is cool... now did you decorate your scooter yet? Give it that Persephone look to it? HAHAHAHA!

My fellow potsy freind said she is going to buy me a mini license plate once I get my wheelchair.. LOL

Also very glad that you have some cool flatmates who are helping you :)



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I cannot find you! give me more hints! hehe :blink:

are you part of a college? if so what one?

or are they mostly for undergrads .... im not sure how it works.

I have seen inside oriel (sp?) and the one they used to film harry potter hehe :) they all looked really pretty though!

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