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Please help ~ chest pain question...

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My chest has been hurting on and off since I woke up this morning. It is hurting right under my left breast, kind of a sharp pain. Seems to hurt mostly when I take a deep breath in and am up and around. It seems fine when I am sitting or resting, but as soon as I get up to do anything it starts again. It is not horrible, but definitely noticeable. My tachy is up 30 bpm like usual when I stand, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Is this kind of chest pain normal? Please ease my fears of having a heart attack!

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Hi jennifer,

I have been having similar pain in my chest, usually when I inhale. Sharp and not too painful (as you described). I saw my EP and got an ECG and it was normal (for me). They concluded that it was just random muscuar pain, and blamed it on my fibromyalgia.

However, you should call your doctor in the morning. Better to be safe about this stuff.

I know the symptoms of heart attack are crushing, radiating chest pain (it has also been described as feeling like bad indegestion), sweating, feeling of doom etc. My doctor basically told me that if I were having a heart attack, I would be very aware that something was very wrong.

Hope you feel better. Just try to relax, but if you're really worried, it never hurts to go to the ER (well, maybe it does, but you know what I mean ;) ).

Take care,


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Maybe you pulled something, have a muscle spasm. Especially since it hurts when you move around. Heart attack I would agree that it would hit and happen and you would know. I don't think it would be reduced by sitting or resting.

Call your dr. in the a.m. for reassurance. Of course if it worsens or you are really worried a trip to the e.r. or a first med type of place would hopefully put your mind at ease also.

I had a pain once after reaching to get something under my bed I could not move or breathe in without being in pain. I layed on the floor for a while, then finally was able to painfully get on the bed. I could not lean forward because the pain would be awful. It eventually got better, but it frightened me, it was on my left side and went to my arm, but it hurt when I moved or breathed. An ekg at my dr office showed no changes.

Hang in there, try some moist heat or heating pad to the area. ;)

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I'm not going to comment too much here but you should consult with your Doctor about anything like Chest Pain and see what he/she thinks.

You might want to read about about the misconceptions of women and heart attacks, heart disease in women is all to real and completely underrated!


and if you would like to learn more about women and heart disease here are a few good websites



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I agree with everyone else that anything new or different should be mentioned to your Dr.

I have had similar pain to what you are describing and just like Lauren mentioned, they told me it was muscular and most likely Fibromyalgia.

If it only hurts when you move or with your breathing then it may very well be muscular. You may want to try warm, moist heat and see if that makes any difference.

Sometimes when I've gotten this way the culprit has been a knot at the back of my left shoulder blade and the pain was referred to the front of my ribs.

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Thanks everyone. I just got off the phone with the on-call nurse at my cardiologists' office. She had heard of POTS, but I don't think she was that familiar. Anyway, I have an appt. for tomorrow. She said it was not life threatening. She said it sounded muscular/skeletal. I didn't think it was life threatening or I would have been to the ER by now. I have just been to the ER so many times in the last 6 years with chest pain that was absolutely nothing.

thanks again for the replies ~ you guys are a wonderful support system to have!

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Hi..my cardio's have told me that my chest pain comes from my heart beating too fast... and that it aggrivates the muscles and stuff in the chest wall...but it can be painfull and scary at times.. especially if it is more intense the ususal...

last week or the week before I was having very bad and high tachycardia.. for days ata times.. and my chest hurt so bad..it actually hurt to have clothing rubbing on the skin.. and my eyeballs hurt badly too.. it did go away a few days later once my heart rate settled down..

I agree.. its always good to double check with the doc... hope your feeling better soon


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My chest pains are from Barlow Syndrome. I am glad you are having this checked out so that you can understand the pain better next time you get it. I have taken Inderal 160 ml and it worked great for my chest pain. Made the world of difference for me. I take two Magnesium tablets at nighttime. It helps with the heart cramps as well as our sleeping problems. My Cardiologist is fantastic and understands pots. He explains why my body does everything it does. The cramps are part of pots. Having two heart conditions just makes it worst for me. Plus the part of my brain that controls pain is way oversensitive. That is why my body always makes my pain worst than what a normal person would experience it.

I am presently off my beta-blocker to have a family. I would NEVER do this in my life again. Try and find out about beat blockers if they are suited to your condition. It makes life allot easier. :P

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I have this same exact kind of pain on occasion. It usually goes away with changing my position. I don't know what causes it but can tell you that for me, it does go away. I don't think it feels musculoskeletal, but rather heart-related -- but not a heart attack or anything. Sometimes the left ventricle can be the source of pain, from what my cardio told me, and no test will explain why. And that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the ventricle, just that it's where the pain is occurring.


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