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  1. I have just come back from my EEG and the results are negative. I spoke to my Cardiologist as well today and none of the blood tests show or prove anything. As usual, they have no idea what?s wrong with me or what to do. I guess I am very privileged to have such wonderful, honest and caring doctors. But the future does share me immensely. Thank you for your responses.
  2. I have been in hospital again. I was in CT ICU for 4 days. Thursday night I had a bad night with my heart beating very slow and not being able to sleep. Friday morning I woke up with a dead tongue. Silly me went to work and ended up on the floor shaking and passing out for long periods of time. My cardiologist and physician immediately booked me as the suspected a small stroke. I had lots of blood test, MRI and a stress ECG. I don?t show any proof of a stroke but have been put on Ecotrin for the rest of my life. My heartbeat was irregular until Friday afternoon. I started talking again after t
  3. I had a very long hard road these last few months. My health is getting very bad. I have e-mail and told you that I basically going to hospital every few months now. I have been in hospital 7 times since Britney was born. I have my next operation in fourteen days time. I now have a growth the size of a golf ball on my ovaries. This is giving me allot of pain. Plus I am now with out a contraceptive. I will be having the Mariana inserted in hospital this month. Due to the pulmonary embolism I survived I may never be on any form of a pill again. None the less I have turned to Chocolate due to no
  4. Medication is there to help us but nothing is ever going to take everything away. With the years you will learn what best for you and what works and does not work for you. I glad to see you not taken 100 of tablets. Some tips would be eating, sleeping, stress, medication then most of all your emotional well-being. It?s hard to be sick and live in a body that is always up to something new and exciting. Fight it with all you have and just keep on going.
  5. Hi All Do any of you have Reflux Disease? I have just seen a new specialist who diagnosed me with Reflux Disease. I have been coughing and had breathing problems since my pregnancy. 13 months later it is out of control. Is this a pots problem or due to my difficult pregnancy? I also survived a pulmonary embolism. I don?t know if it?s from that. But I have allot of damage to my heart and lungs from the blood clot. My poor husband is paying 1000 for my tablets a month now. Still coughing and having breathing problems. Any advice from the only people who understand what it?s like to always be sic
  6. I just want to cry when I read your mail. I will be thinking of you and have you in my pray's. I took 9 years before I started getting direction on my health. Good luck. Just remember dont trust every doctor you meet. With 13 years of bad health I am sure you know whats right and best for you. Lots of love from Ling and Britney.
  7. The joys of being women. I find personally that I need aggressive treatment. You can go to your loyal pharmacy or contact your gynny. I need to have very strong internal and eternal treatment. Something that is very important is I take interflora tablets for a few weeks after the infection. It works wonders and prevent the problem from starting up again. A few aspects that you need to consider is that you might need to treat your partner as well. Often in these situation it is the partner that is the carrier and starts this wonderful problem us women have. I personally have noticed that I no l
  8. I have battled with my Bladder since a small child. In my 20 the infection started getting worst and more frequent. I have had my bladder pipe stretched twice. I have been on chronic antibiotics and hosptilized. My body stopped after I was hosptilized last year. I have not had an infection since. I have a few rules that I live by to avoid infections. Showers try to avoid baths. No tight fitting pants. White soap and toilet paper. Only cotton underwear. Wipe front to back if you a lady of course. Empty your bladder at least once every hour or maximum every 2 hours. Don?t hold it in. Drink plent
  9. I live in South Africa. You have to go. It is going to be wonderful. A few things I would advice you on are: Clothes, as little as possible the heat is un bearable some days. Water, drink as much water as possible and don?t drink the water when travelling. Not even a little when you brushing your teeth. Food, pack food to eat constantly to keep you going. My next concern would be water and insects. You need to stay out off certain rivers and be prepared for Malaria. Sprays, nets, soap... etc. My husband has just had Malaria and it?s horrible. You have to go Africa she beautiful. She will take
  10. I have reactive hypoglycaemia. I cant eat anything with sugar. Plus after the pregnancy I have gotten worst. Even more sensitive to sugar than before I was pregnant. My daughter is gluten intolerance. Its a nightmare diet to follow. Where I live you don't get any gluten free products. My cousin posts me food so that I can just eat one "normal" meal a week. I am very hungry, but breast feeding is very important to me. Plus you just have to have one session with Britney screaming for 3 hours to never eat gluten again.
  11. I use to take Tripaleen but stop and my Fibro has improved significantly. I use to go for injections at the trigger stops but my pain is considerably less with out medication. Tell your friend to watch her diet. I have noticed if I eat sugar I have more pain. I am not aloud sweets but when I do my Fibro gets worst. Most of all just accept the problem. If you make peace with all you have then things go allot better.
  12. congratulations. Great to hear its going so well. Just remember that no matter how bad you feel. It is worth every second. Being a mother is amazing!
  13. No one knows your body like you do. If you feel that the medication is doing you more harm than good, then leave the medication. If it is safe to leave it of course. As for Doctors get their advice and use what you feel works for you. They base all their treatment and advice on "normal people". Nothing works normal for us and medication is a nightmare. I take Doctors with a pinch of salt and leave medication as much as I can. My health is much better with out Doctors and medication that only causes more problems in our crazy bodies. I have a breathing and coughing problem since Britney has be
  14. Dear All I am finally back at work. I have been dying to write to you all and let you in on all the events of the last few months. Britney was born 23 May 2006. I had a C.Section and fell in love the moment I saw her. My C.Section went well and was glad to end pregnancy. Britney is healthy and the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me in my life. I LOVE BEING A MOM! The last few months have not been good health wise and I had a very hard time physically and emotionally. I had Britney on the Tuesday and landed up in I.C.U the Sunday. I was treated for a suspected embolism, lung in
  15. I normally take Inderal 180 mg. I miss it every day of my life. It is wonderful and I never plan to live with out it again. I found that Inderal truly helps make life that much better. The first 10 days on Inderal are "interesting" but give it time it so worth it. As soon as I have had my children I will go back to that dosage in a heartbeat. I started heart medication at 25 and will be on it for the rest of my life. Give it chance.
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